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Al Gore Exposes His Communist Leanings

From the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal:

Toward Sustainable Capitalism

Long-term incentives are the antidote to the short-term greed that caused our current economic woes.


Mr. Gore, a former U.S. vice president, and Mr. Blood are co-founders of Generation Investment Management.

JUNE 24, 2010

There are several well understood advantages inherent in capitalism that make it superior to any other system for organizing economic activity. It has proven to be far more efficient in the allocation of resources and the matching of supply with demand, far more effective at wealth creation, and far more conducive to high levels of freedom and political self-governance. At the most basic level, however, capitalism has become the world’s economic ideology of choice primarily because it demonstrably unlocks a higher fraction of the human potential with ubiquitous organic incentives that reward hard work, ingenuity and innovation.

For these reasons and others, markets lie at the foundation of every successful economy. Yet the recent crisis in global markets (following other significant market dislocations in 1994, 1997, 1998 and in 2000-2001), has shaken the world’s confidence in the way modern capitalism is now operating.

Moreover, glaring and worsening systemic failures—such as growing income inequality, high levels of unemployment, public and private indebtedness, chronic under-investment in education and public health, persistent extreme poverty in developing nations and, most importantly, the reckless inattention to the worsening climate crisis—are among the factors that have led many to ask: What type of capitalism will maximize sustainable economic growth? At the very least, the last decade has clearly demonstrated that free and unfettered markets, as they are currently operating, have simply not been delivering optimal long-term results.

Where are these “free and unfettered markets,” Mr. Gore? Name one country without extensive financial regulation. Not even Communist China has free and unfettered markets, even though their brand of capitalism is far more free than ours.

Before the crisis and since, we (and others) have called for a more long-term and responsible form of capitalism—what we call "sustainable capitalism." Sustainable capitalism seeks to maximize long-term value creation. It explicitly integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into strategy, the measurement of outputs, and the assessment of both risks and opportunities. Sustainable capitalism challenges us to generate financial return in a long-term and responsible manner.

Precisely because the energy unlocked by incentives is the true source of capitalism’s strength, we believe that the building of sustainable capitalism should start with careful attention to the nature and design of the incentives that businesses use and public policies encourage.

Did Adam Smith realize that “the energy unlocked by incentives is the true source of capitalism’s strength”? We thought it was that evil notion of ‘self interest.’ 

In his book, "The Big Short," Michael Lewis identified the real cause of the subprime mortgage debacle (which triggered the Great Recession) as one factor above all else: "Greed on Wall Street was a given—almost an obligation. The problem was the system of incentives that channeled the greed."

So how do we best motivate business leaders to manage for the long- term and compensate them for creating sustainable wealth? To begin with, compensation should be aligned with long-term objectives, and financial rewards should be linked to the period over which results are realized

Notice that Mr. Gore wants to put himself and his peers in charge of managing business leaders. This is what is commonly known as a ‘command economy.’

Fascism and Communism also call for a ‘command economy.’ Indeed, any kind of dictatorial government requires that the economy is under the thumb of its leaders. 

In the rest of his editorial, Mr. Gore goes on to cite Thomas Paine and Ralph Waldo Emerson to justify his desire to control our market system.

But we thought we would cut to the chase and direct our readers to the real source their beliefs, the Environmental Program Of The Communist Party USA:

It is the CPUSA’s lengthy screed on the need to create a ‘sustainable economy.’ But it is very enlightening. Though, not surprising to anyone who has been watching the ‘environmental movement’ over the last thirty years. For as we have often noted before, ‘Green’ is the new ‘Red.’

And just like the Communists of old, the so-called environmentalists (the Communists of new) simply want to kill off capitalism and thereby eliminate the troublesome middle class (the bourgeoisie) everywhere in the world. Starting first and foremost in the United States.

For it is the middle class, especially the American middle class, who stand between people like Mr. Gore and his fellow travelers and the glorious rule of the proletariat. Meaning, of course, the rule of a tiny rich elite in the name of the proletariat.

(And if you have any doubt on this score, check out Mr. Gore’s and Goldman Sachs alumnus, David Blood’s bank accounts — as well as their money making racket, Generation Investment Management.)

In the final analysis, the ‘environmental movement’ is just the Communists’ latest front. Their latest attempt to destroy the greatest engine for improving the lot of human beings the world has ever known.

And, of course, the ‘green movement’ is also an easy way for some greedy ‘useful idiots’ to make a tidy bundle of green along the way.

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7 Responses to “Al Gore Exposes His Communist Leanings”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    “The control of the production of wealth is the control of human life itself.” — Hilaire Belloc

  2. proreason says:

    If cow patties begin to fall from the sky, marxists will use that as proof positive that they need to command the economy.

    Or if cow patties don’t begin to fall from the sky.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    What’s surprising to me is that America is so penetrated by Communist influences, agents and provocateurs and no MSM ever reports on it. I keep expecting them to own up to is and I keep beinf disappointed. Of course Al Gore is a Communist!

    Al Gore was raised in homes paid for by Armand Hammer. Comrade Hammer was known inside the KGB as their American Black Prince, their #1 agent provocateur. Gee … that’s a trail of bread crumbs the size of boulders.

  4. Rick Caird says:

    Whenever I hear (or see) someone say ” At the very least, the last decade has clearly demonstrated that free and unfettered markets, as they are currently operating, have simply not been delivering optimal long-term results. “, I shudder. The implication is the speaker or some other saint could do a better job of allocating and controlling economic activity and/or output. We have known since the days of Adam Smith and the “invisible hand” that no centralized attempt at control can ever work. We have seen it in all Communist states. We see it in Cuba. We see Venezuela crumbling before our eyes. Yet, the Al Gores of the world keep trying to argue the problem is not with central control, but rather the people who are doing the controlling. That is flat out wrong. The idea of central control is the problem. No person or organized group of people can ever, ever know enough to exercise the control Gore envisions. There is no need to bother “fisking” Al Gore’s op ed. All we need to do is laugh at the hubris.

  5. Chuckk says:

    And who does Mr. Gore envision running this centrally planned utopia? 3 gusses.

  6. canary says:

    Once again, Al Gore looks like he’s spent his capitalism on some plastic surgery.
    I think Gore noticed that half of America is still stupid, but the trees to make that book died in vein. No one will buy it.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Jimmy Carter, – God Rest His Soul- would be proud of this nonsense.

    Out there hammering poverty away 1 nail at a time. -Poverty gone yet?

    All the Democrat Nobel Prize winners are communists.

    I bet all the tea in China, communist Bill Clinton will win the prize in the next 5 years. They have been polishing up his image since the Lewinsky incident…

    Gore / Clinton (+his mangy wife) = scumbag (rich) commies

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