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Al Jazeera: “Pentagon Planning For Iraq Pullout”

From the terrorists’ mouthpiece, Al Jazeera:

Pentagon planning for Iraq pullout

The Pentagon has made contingency plans for a gradual troop withdrawal from Iraq a “priority”, the US defence secretary says.

Robert Gates said this week that “such planning is indeed taking place with my active involvement as well as that of senior military and civilian officials and our commanders in the field”.

“I consider this contingency planning to be a priority for this department.”

He was responding to Hillary Clinton, the New York senator and presidential candidate, in a letter this week after she asked the Pentagon if such plans existed…

Democrats in congress have been demanding firm plans for a pullout and the American public is growing increasingly impatient with a war that seems to be going nowhere as US casualty figures have passed 3,600.

Gates said he would try to keep senators informed about the “conceptual thinking, factors, considerations, questions and objectives associated with drawdown planning”.

Undoubtedly the Pentagon has also made contingency plans for a nuclear attack on Iraq. And a thousand other scenarios. That’s what they do.

But hopefully Hillary is now happy. This is exactly the headline she wanted her allies to see.

Never mind how many more of our soldiers will die for her having given the terrorists hope.

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