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Al Jazeera Shows Prep For Ramadan Offensive

From the terrorists’ media outlet, Al Jazeera:

Taliban readies Ramadan offensive

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Taliban says it is launching a major Ramadan offensive amid claims by US and Pakistani forces that they have killed about 75 suspected fighters of the anti-government group.

And for the first time, the Taliban claims to control a large area north of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul…

The group also says that it now has a foothold in Kapisa province, about 50km north of Kabul, and claims most of the northeastern district of Tagab is under its control.

Al Jazeera filmed a group of about 50 Taliban fighters travelling unhindered in NowRoz-Abad, in Tagab.

And the unit’s commander said there were 25 more groups just like it spread throughout the province.

Qais Azimy, an Al Jazeera producer, witnessed the fighters being greeted warmly by locals.

But the Taliban said they stop and search any unrecognised face owing to fear of spies.

Oji Mullah, a Taliban commander, said: “All of Tagab except the centre of the town is under control of the mujahidin. The government has no control at all, they are sitting in the centre and they run the market.

“Hundreds of mujahidin are in this area. If we want, in two hours, God willing, we could take all of Tagab.”

The group was well armed with rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. And they claimed to buy the weapons from the very people who are trying to stop them.

“We have old stores of ammunition and the national army are also selling us weapons because they have very poor discipline,” Oji Mullah said.

Even the national police are selling to us, maybe the Americans will start.” …

While filming, a young boy appeared and told the Taliban he had seen some Americans – five Humvees nearby.

A ripple of excitement spread through the group and Oji Mullah ordered his men to move out to prepare and attack.

The fighters scanned the main road in the distance and then began to move through fields of hashish to take up their position.

At that point, the Al Jazeera camera pulled out…

Isn’t it amazing the amount of access granted to Al Jazeera by the terrorists? Or maybe it isn’t so amazing after all, since Al Jazeera is promotes the terrorists’ propaganda.

Anyway, remember the days when our politically correct media had convinced our generals to stand down during Ramadan?

The sacred Muslim holiday could not be desecrated by military activity.

How naïve we were.

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