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Maliki Lashes Out At Hillary And Carl Levin

From an unabashed Associated Press:

Angry Iraqi leader lashes out at Clinton

By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s beleaguered prime minister on Sunday lashed out at Democrats who have called for his ouster, saying Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Carl Levin need to “come to their senses.”

Nouri al-Maliki, who is fighting to hold his government together, issued a series of stinging ripostes against a variety of foreign officials who recently have spoken negatively about his leadership. But those directed at Democrats Clinton, of New York, and Levin, of Michigan, were the most strident.

“There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin. They should come to their senses,” al-Maliki said at a news conference…

A Reuters article on Maliki’s remarks makes it even more clear:

“There are American officials who consider Iraq as if it were one of their villages, for example Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin,” Maliki told a news conference.

“This is severe interference in our domestic affairs. Carl Levin and Hillary Clinton are from the Democratic Party and they must demonstrate democracy,” he said. “I ask them to come to their senses and to talk in a respectful way about Iraq.”

France’s AFP reports it this way:

“Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin are democratic people and should respect democracy. They talk about Iraq as if Iraq is their property,” Maliki complained at a news conference in Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone.

“Leaders like Hillary Clinton and Carl Levin have not experienced in their political lives the kind of differences we have in Iraq. When they give their judgment they have no knowledge of what reconciliation means,” he said.

It’s a good thing Mr. Maliki finally mentioned Ms. Clinton and Mr. Levin by name.

Our watchdog media has been insisting for the last several days that the Iraq Prime Minister was taking swipes at George Bush.

Of course we know it was an honest mistake on our media’s part. They would never purposefully set out to mislead us.

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