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Al Qaeda Destroy Muslim Shrines In Timbuktu

From the Agence France-Presse:

Timbuktu shrine destruction a ‘war crime’: ICC

By Serge Daniel | July 2, 2012

Islamist rebels in northern Mali smashed four more tombs of ancient Muslim saints in Timbuktu as the International Criminal Court warned their campaign of destruction was a war crime.

Notice that they are destroying ancient Muslim shrines.

The hardline Islamists who seized control of Timbuktu along with the rest of northern Mali three months ago, consider the shrines to be idolatrous and have wrecked seven tombs in two days.

Muslims seem to be the same all over. From Afghanistan (where they blew up Buddhist shrines in 2001) to Timbuktu. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for Egypt.

By the way, WikiIslam has compiled a list of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu temples destroyed by the famously tolerant Muslims. It is a very long list.

Mali’s government and the international community have expressed horror and outrage at the destruction of cultural treasures in the fabled city, an ancient desert crossroads and centre of learning known as the "City of 333 Saints".

"My message to those involved in these criminal acts is clear: stop the destruction of the religious buildings now," ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told AFP in an interview in Dakar.

"This is a war crime which my office has authority to fully investigate."

We hope the ICC is also sending along a stiff note of protest.

On Saturday the Islamists destroyed the tombs of Sidi Mahmoud, Sidi Moctar and Alpha Moya, and on Sunday attacked four more including Cheikh el-Kebir’s mausoleum as residents stood by helplessly.

Crying "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greatest), the men carrying chisels and hoes smashed the tombs

He said the destruction at the Djingareyber cemetery ended in the late afternoon, with four tombs in total destroyed. The Islamists also destroyed earthenware jars and other artifacts around the tombs

Another resident of Timbuktu, a former tour operator, said the Islamists had also threatened to destroy the ancient mosques.

"This morning (Sunday) the Islamists told us that if there are saints inside the mosques, they will also destroy these mosques."

Is nothing sacred? Besides, if they destroy these mosques where will they keep their weapons?

Several saints are buried inside the city’s three historic mosques. Timbuktu is also home to 16 cemeteries and mausoleums, according to the UNESCO website.

The Islamist fighters from Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith) are among the Al-Qaeda-linked armed groups which occupied the north of Mali in the chaos that emerged after a March coup in Bamako.

AKA their local version of ‘Arab Spring.’

Their presence in Timbuktu and continued violence in the region prompted UNESCO on Thursday to list the city as an endangered site.

"It is Islam which is good," Ansar Dine spokesman Sanda Ould Boumama said when asked about the outpouring of anger and emotion over the destruction of the mausolea [sic].

"God is unique. All of this is haram (forbidden in Islam). We are all Muslims. UNESCO is what?" Boumama said on Saturday.

He said the group was acting in the name of God and would "destroy every mausoleum in the city. All of them, without exception".

Mali’s Culture and Tourism Minister Fadima Diallo on Sunday urged the United Nations to take action to preserve her country’s heritage

Hysterical laughter ensued.

The international community fears the vast desert area will become a new haven for terrorist activity and the Islamists have threatened any country that joins a possible military intervention force in Mali…

You think?

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5 Responses to “Al Qaeda Destroy Muslim Shrines In Timbuktu”

  1. Curiosity says:

    The link above actually isn’t Wikipedia (though it looks like the same engine). It is another website devoted entirely to Islam and its impact on society, information that doesn’t seem to flow as freely as it should. Looks like a good read. Thanks, Steve!

  2. canary says:

    Al Qaeda bombed their famous muslim 7th wonder India Taj Mahal. Couple of bombings with not too much damage to buildings and tourists so it didn’t get much notice like all the others.

    And I think the biggest Mosque in Mecca may be at risk in Saudi Arabia, because they allowed Obama in there and took pictures of the tour.

    QUESTION? Anyone got an update on that mosque near 9/11 where the airplane and body parts fell on?

    I heard the white hair guy lead that got a job with Obama team traveling and recently got canned.

    But, I am asking about the NYC Mosque’s construction, opening, how the indoor swimming pool is coming along?

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Yes, it won’t be long before the pyramids and icons of ancient Egypt are destroyed. No images of any religious significance are allowed in the medieval cultures of the sand people. The Sphinx will probably be the first to go. However, the pyramids may survive, with some damage after they realize the time and cost of trying to destroy them with explosives.

    On a personal note, I, like many others, have to figure out a way to continue with happiness and try to smile while the world, and our very own nation, descend into an abyss that will possibly last a long, long time.

    I said some years ago that I would leave this country if Obama was elected. He has wrought grave damage on this nation. I am currently reading David Limbaugh’s book, “The Great Destroyer” and though I have noted over time each bullet shot from the Obama gun that has left a mark, Limbaugh’s book compiles them in an anthology of sorts. It is very depressing. But it is also true.

    His anger, and the co-anger of fellow travelers has set into motion the path to a socialist nation with a very few at the top, reaping the good life, soviet style, while the rest of the nation suffers, as he intended.

    He cares not for the poor, the infirm, the aged, or anyone. He cares for no one at all. He is Caligula, a sick inbred misanthrope absorbed by his own anger and self-satisfaction. He is proven dangerous and will engage in all out murder if left to his own devices.

    You may think me hyperbolic but, people like him, when kept in check, still show outward signs of being civilized but when let loose, engage in the most heinous acts that humans can commit. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE and the foundation has been laid.

    He must go. He must be destroyed politically. My fervent wish is to have him locked away, permanently. But, I would submit that warrant for Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, all the national socialist operatives who intend to destroy this nation.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    Mali is today one of the world’s poorest nations, but was once an most important crossroads for trade and as a result has numerous shrines but also written historical manuscripts, some in museums but many in private hands:


    This destruction of history and culture is the same mechanism used in the Cultural Revolution and by the Khmer Rouge; wipe out the past and write history and the world as you see fit, so there are no challenges and questions to your authority. In the end this “succeeds” only by brute force, and will always fail.

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