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Al Qaeda Execute Five Iraqi Soldiers In Video

From France’s AFP:

Qaeda claims ‘execution’ of five Iraqi soldiers

DUBAI (AFP) — An Al-Qaeda front claimed on Saturday to have “executed” five captured Iraqi soldiers, and posted a short video on the Internet allegedly showing their killing.

The video, entitled “Execution of a Divine Judgement,” purports to have been made by the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and was distributed to a number of websites used by Islamist groups.

It showed five uniformed men, blindfolded and hands tied behind their backs, kneeling as they were shot with pistols from behind by a hooded executioner.

Beforehand, they were shown seated beneath a black banner emblazoned with the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Muslim profession of faith: “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.” …

They are such good salesmen for their faith.

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