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Al Qaeda In Mali Counter Attack, Threaten France

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Mali Islamists counter-attack, threaten France

By Bate Felix and Alexandria Sage | January 14, 2013

BAMAKO/PARIS (Reuters) – Al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebels in Mali launched a counter-offensive on Monday after three days of strikes by French fighter jets on their strongholds in the desert north, vowing to drag France into a long and brutal ground war.

But, but… we thought Obama told us that Al Qaeda had been defeated and were on the run?

France intensified its air raids on Sunday using state-of-the-art Rafale planes and Gazelle attack helicopters to pummel training camps at the heart of the vast area seized by rebels in April, while pouring hundreds of its ground troops into the capital Bamako.

Paris is determined to end Islamist domination of northern Mali, which many fear could act as a launchpad for attacks on the West and a base for coordination with al Qaeda in Yemen, Somalia and North Africa…

So why did the French stop helping us in Afghanistan? (In as much as they were ever helping us.)

A spokesman for the MUJWA Islamist group, one of the main factions in the rebel alliance, promised French citizens would pay for Sunday’s air strikes in their stronghold of Gao. Dozens of Islamist fighters were killed when rockets struck a fuel depot and a customs house being used as their headquarters.

"They should attack on the ground if they are men. We’ll welcome them with open arms," Oumar Ould Hamaha told Europe 1 radio. "France has opened the gates of hell for all the French. She has fallen into a trap which is much more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan or Somalia." …

He left out Vietnam.

France has said its sudden intervention on Friday, after Mali’s president appealed for urgent aid in the face of a rebel advance, stopped the Islamists from seizing the capital Bamako. It has pledged to continue air strikes in coming days…

Where is the international outrage? Don’t French bombs ever hit civilians?

Hollande’s intervention has won plaudits from Western leaders but raises the threat level for eight French hostages held by al Qaeda allies in the Sahara and for the 30,000 French expatriates living in neighbouring, mostly Muslim states. Concerned about reprisals at home, France has tightened security at public buildings and on public transport.

You mean there is a security risk to allowing untold numbers of Muslims to live in your country?

Meanwhile, from an unquestioning Agence France Presse:

US played ‘limited’ role in botched French rescue bid

14 January 2013

AFP – The United States said Sunday it played a limited support role in France’s botched bid to rescue a kidnapped secret agent in Somalia.

"United States forces provided limited technical support to the French forces in that operation, but took no direct part in the assault on the compound where it was believed the French citizen was being held hostage," President Barack Obama said in a letter to Congress.

So who lost their job over this ‘gutsy call’ after it failed? Remember, Obama practically told us that if the mission to kill Obama had failed it would have been the end of his administration.

In any case, here we go again. Just like with Libya, Obama is committing our military to other country’s battles, and without Congress or anyone else even knowing.

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One Response to “Al Qaeda In Mali Counter Attack, Threaten France”

  1. canary says:

    France was worried about bad publicity.

    Seriously, it was reported that an Islamic extremists had threatened to attack a France Embassy;
    possibly the same Al-Qaeda that the US and Libya let get away that attacked and murdered those at the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi.

    And aside the known international invasion planned for Sept. by the US and other countries being moved up sense the global heads up led to more Islamic slaughtering such as destroying Timbuktu and taking over precious minerals that belong to France, the following news that U.S. and Great Britain might move up their aid with drones and military aircraft comes with newer reports that U.S. drones were already used in the attack by France.

    So, you have to wonder with once the election over the Democrats went from Al-Qaeda being scarce, defeated, on the run, to the several years of promise that troops would be out of Afghanistan by 2014, to the reversal that U.S. troops would stay indefinitely. This announcement led to the killing of more U.S. troops, but what the heck if it got a Democrat president reelected.

    Now it’s thousands of US troops being sent back to Iraq as it was a mistake to withdraw them.
    The point is the liberals are mum.

    While, the media obeyed the new law not report on injuries of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan; only deaths; now the number of deaths of U.S. Troops is quiet.

    Not surprising is the former forced to retire General McChrystal for saying Afghanistan was a bleeding ulcer to taking the talk show and media circuit to plug his book and say how modern and liberated Afghanistan is today. What a sucess of his career, and you will have to read the book to learn about the fire he started in his dad’s garage at 5 years old. His verbal complaining he should not have been pressured to resign and worse, his complaining about having to do so much re-editing of his book to weaken the truth to please the white house editor police prosecuting the retired Navy Seal for his book, is nothing compared to Republicans demanding what the CIA leaked to a movie production company. And maybe, the female reported to have found OBL portrayed by the fair skinned, freckled faced, light red headed blond sticking out like a giant headlight in the dark, was really a dark CIA agent who spoke Arabic.

    Shocking is the retired General McChrystal on Huckabee’s show Sunday January 14, 2012
    saying he’d just spoken hours before to the Afghanistan President Karzai here in the US to literally save his own skin, on US tell the World that Afghanistan is taking total control of their war and US troops.

    I suppose General McChrystal would only breech such security speaking with Karzai who isn’t dressing very moderate still using the same tribal hat, dress, & robe designer as Rev. Wright, was giving him a heads up on the untruths he was forced to write.

    Then again, the two had such a close relationship that General McChrystal demoralized an already demoralized U.S. Military base Ft. Campbell, KY forcing U.S. Troops to listen to President Karzai lecture them on harming too many civilians. Then General McChrystal further pacified the corrupt Karzai by escorting to defame a U.S. Military Cemetery of fallen U.S. soldiers.

    But, what a breech of security for the nation for Karzai on his US tour he could have done from anywhere in the world to be calling a former General talking non-stop to the media.

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