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Al Qaeda Calls For Musharraf’s Overthrow

From Al Qaeda’s comrades at Reuters:

Topple Musharraf, a Qaeda leader tells Pakistanis

Wed Aug 1, 2007

DUBAI (Reuters) – A leader of al Qaeda called on Pakistanis to overthrow President Pervez Musharraf accusing his regime of helping Washington kill Muslims in Afghanistan, where the militant said he was in a video posted on Tuesday.

O’ jihad people of Pakistan … rise as one to remove this apostate and corrupt tyrant and remove his secular rule and destroy the bastions of his frail army,” said Abu Yahya al-Libi.

Pakistan was not created to be an ally and supporter of America, the guardian of the cross, and its lackeys … whose weapons are killing thousands here in Afghanistan,” he said…

Libi’s 21-minute video statement was produced by al Qaeda’s media arm al-Sahab and posted on a Web site used by Islamist groups including Iraqi insurgents. Sahab also posted a version of the statement in Urdu.

Quick, somebody get this news to Mr. B. Hussein Obama.

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