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Al Qaeda Threatens New, Deadlier Attacks

From an encouraging Associated Press:

Al-Qaida warns of new attacks deadlier than before


June 21, 2010

CAIRO — Al-Qaida’s U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones.

In a taunting, 24 minute message that dwelled on Obama’s setbacks, including the loss of Massachusetts Senate seat to the Republicans, Adam Gadahn set out al-Qaida’s conditions for peace with the U.S., including cutting support for Israel and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Gadahn said that if you compared the number of dead Muslims "with the relatively small number of Americans we have killed so far, it becomes crystal-clear that we haven’t even begun to even the score," he said, dressed in a white robe and turban.

"That’s why next time, we might not show the restraint and self-control we have shown up until now," he said. Even if al-Qaida was defeated, "hundreds of millions of Muslims" would still fight the U.S., he added.

Al-Qaida offered the same conditions for an end to hostilities to then President George W. Bush in 2007, including the release of all Muslim prisoners and cutting off aid to Middle East governments.

Gadahn’s statement was notable for its mocking tone, in which he described Obama as "a devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim name," and seemed to delight in his setbacks.

"You’re no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so," he crowed, ascribing his drop in popularity to the escalation of the U.S. wars abroad

Gadahn is wanted by the FBI since 2004 with a $1 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction. He is also known as Azzam al-Amriki, Arabic for the American.

You can see the rest of Mr. Gadahn’s tidings here and here.

If you must.

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4 Responses to “Al Qaeda Threatens New, Deadlier Attacks”

  1. sheehanjihad says:

    Well, jerkimer ameriki goddam sumbitch…..here’s a clue for ya, you hog licking chub sucker…..if you really want to know the ratio of your scum of the earth Muslim butt buddies to Americans…it should really be like a thousand to one…..and work up from there.

    The great thing is, fat boy bacon rind licking pipe smoker, is that even though there is a million dollar reward on your tubby vacumn filled jihad head, word is that nobody considers your life worth it. You will cost approximately the going rate for a magazine of 5.56 burned into your skull….and it will be done happily for free.

    Eventually, you will die, you economy sized shrivel meat…and you will die a violent death. That is why you hide over there, instead of actually fighting your enemy like a real man, instead of a fat little boy playing jihad dress up so you can get revenge for being ignored by girls, and beat the hell out of by the boys of every school you tried to attend. Waaaaaaaaa! Mommmmmy!!

    You ridiculous ignorant tool…..Mohammed would be sick to his stomach over a blob of crap turncoat mind numbingly stupid traitor like you are. Now go back and get on your knees, face the east, and dont forget to dab your chin this time, ok there Porky? Human vomit….and a very sick individual. You need to be put down.

  2. proreason says:

    We’ll have to form a commission to study these threats, which bushhitler caused.

    Mr. Obamy will appoint a nobel laureate (perhaps fellow genius and world citizen Paul Krugman) to investigate and if all goes well with the study, taxes will be raised.

  3. canary says:

    Obama needs to understand all his muslim prayers, hugging, & honoring the muslims is not going to work. I figure Obama can’t be this stupid, and all his patronizing, inviting Ahmadman to 4th of July picnic, and all is Obama doing everything to signal to the Al Qaida “hey I’m secretly on your side, give me a chance”. Muslim Obama & all his experience, can not possibly be so dumb to think being nice will win over the terrorists. Something is wrong.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Yeah, all that bowing and boot-licking hasn’t done him a thimble full of good has it?

      Remember during the campaign? Barak Obama. Then when he went lap-dogging to the Arab countries it was barak HUSSEIN obama.

      I am still in shock and awe that this inexperienced affirmative-action, white-guilt, knee-jerk reaction, thin skinned rookie is our current president.

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