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Al Qaeda Tried To Kill Dane Cartoonist

From those defendres of the faith at the Agence France-Pressee:

Somali charged with attempt to kill Danish cartoonist

By Slim Allagui (AFP)

January 1, 2010

COPENHAGEN — A Somali man was charged Saturday with the attempted murder of a Danish cartoonist whose caricatures of the Muslim prophet Mohammed sparked riots and protests around the world.

The axe-wielding 28-year-old broke into Kurt Westergaard’s home late Friday, screaming for "revenge" and "blood." The cartoonist hid in a panic room with a five-year-old granddaughter and called the police.

The suspect is alleged to have thrown the axe at one of the policemen who arrived on the scene, just missing him, then attacked with a knife before being shot and wounded in the arm and thigh.

He was brought bandaged into court at Aarhus, northwest Denmark, Saturday on a stretcher wearing a hospital gown and covered with blankets, the Ritzau agency reported.

"He was charged with double attempted murder," a court spokesman said, adding the suspect was remanded in custody for four weeks, the first two of them in solitary confinement.

The accused, who has not been named, had one arm bandaged, a leg in a splint and a towel over his face to avoid identification, media reports said, while describing him as bearded with a shaved head.

Denmark’s PET intelligence agency said he was linked to Somalia’s radical Shebab Islamic movement and leaders of Al-Qaeda in east Africa. He lives on the Danish island of Seeland, where the capital Copenhagen is located.

Westergaard is one of 12 cartoonists whose drawings on Islam were first published in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005. His cartoon depicted Mohammed wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb…

Westergaard, 74, was clearly shaken by the attack at his home at Viby, near Aarhus.

He described on the Jyllands-Posten’s website how the attacker smashed the front door with the axe, screaming "revenge" and "blood" in poor Danish.

"I hid in the secure room when he entered the house. I knew I had no chance of stopping him so I called the police," Westergaard said.

"It was horrible. The most important thing was that I had the reaction to secure myself. But it was close, very close."

Bent Preben Nielsen, chief police inspector for East Jutland, told AFP that police who went to the scene fired at the aggressor as he threatened them with the axe and a knife, hitting him in the hip and the right hand.

"The person arrested… has close links with the Somali terrorist organisation Al-Shebab as well as with the heads of Al-Qaeda in East Africa," Denmark’s intelligence service said.

"He is also suspected of being implicated in terrorist activities when he was in east Africa. The individual arrested has also been a member of a terrorist network implanted in Denmark that has been under surveillance by PET for a long time."

But of course they let him roam free because as of yet he had done no illegal acts.

This is the problem between fighting a war and operating under regular law enforcement rules.

Somalia’s radical Islamic Shebab group hailed the attack.

"We appreciate the incident in which a Muslim Somali boy attacked the devil who abused our prophet Mohammed and we call upon all Muslims around the world to target the people like (him)," Shebab spokesman Sheikh Ali Muhamud Rage told AFP in Mogadishu.

"It is a general obligation for all Muslims to defend their religion and the prophet. He really did what was to be done by any other Muslim," he said, while not directly confirming the suspect’s links to Shebab…

Two Tunisians were arrested in Denmark in 2008 on suspicion of planning to murder Westergaard but released without trial after they appealed a government order for their expulsion on national security grounds

Denmark’s 200,000 Muslims make up 3.5 percent of the population and are the country’s second largest religious community.

Oddly enough, a number of other reports about this attempted murder downplayed or even failed to note the Somali’s links to Al Qaeda.

Such as this article from BBC News.

Why is that?

(Thanks to Debjeet for the heads up.)

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15 Responses to “Al Qaeda Tried To Kill Dane Cartoonist”

  1. rakkasan says:

    Story, AP, an hour ago….

    Police shoot man attacking Muhammad cartoonist

    COPENHAGEN – A Somali man wielding an ax and a knife was shot by police as he attempted to kill an artist who drew a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad that sparked outrage in the Muslim world, the head of Denmark’s intelligence agency said Saturday.

    Rak: These people are damned intolerant. Their presence is in direct conflict with democratic values. The West seems suicidal.

  2. Petronius says:

    “It is a general obligation for all Muslims to defend their religion and the prophet. He really did what was to be done by any other Muslim,” said Sheikh Ali Muhamud Rage.

    If this is true, then why do our Western governments insist on importing millions of these Muslim immigrants into our countries?

    And why do the Muslims wish to be here?

    • JohnMG says:

      …..“It is a general obligation for all Muslims to defend their religion and the prophet. He really did what was to be done by any other Muslim,” said Sheikh Ali Muhamud Rage………

      Well let me try this on…..you know, a little word and phrase substitution.

      “It is a general obligation for all free men to defend themselves against attacks by those adhering to the religion of the prophet (Muslims). We really must do what needs to be done by all freedom-loving individuals, and attack this scourge wherever it is found to exist. It must be erradicated from the face of the earth.”

      When will someone give voice to the obvious? Only when that force (Islam) is met with overwhelming force will this pox be purged from the earth. If there ARE any peace-loving muslims somewhere, they have my sincerest apologies, but ‘ya gotta expect some collateral damage’.

      General John “Black Jack” Pershing understood this, as did General George S. “Blood-N-Guts” Patton. With rare exception we have had nothing but feckless leadership since their time.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Good point, Petronius!

      And, John .. I like your version best!

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Death threats in the funny papers is nothing new. Check it out.


  4. Reality Bytes says:

    Oh I dunno know MG, I remember a certain clanging whenever Reagan walked past a microphone.

    • JohnMG says:

      I did say “with rare exception”. Where IS the next Reagan? And how will he/she get elected?

      The most distressing thing about the dearth of intelligence of the current White House resident is that he apparently IS more intelligent than 52% of the voting population. As evidence, consider the last election.

      So once again, how do we elect another Reagan, assuming we can even find one?

  5. Reality Bytes says:

    Hey MG – check out my post on SG’s Rush update thread. Quotes from a guy who, though more liberal than I economically & sometimes in regards to China, but heady thoughts none the less. Hint: His mother was a saint (too). ;-)

    • JohnMG says:

      I replied on the other thread. By the way, thanks for the tribute to your Mother. Very uplifting.

      Also, know that there are a lot of others out here whose Mothers are/were saints, including yours truly, though you stated it most eloquently. Once again, thanks.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Gee thanks, MG. I thought I’d torqued you off & would have to reply with another quote, “Lighten up, Al. Inhale.”

    Dan Quayle to Al Gore during their 92 VP debate.

    Thanks for the kind words. As for mine, as Obama once said, “Just words”. The true gift is the love & warmth from which they came & for which I pray we all share in common.

  7. GetBackJack says:

    When they shave this Islamic bedpan’s head for lice in prison they won’t find the fabled tattoo of 666 … they’re going to find the word IRONY….

  8. wirenut says:

    The face of the harmless cartoonist is publicized, yet the face of the would be murdering muslim is covered. Huh?
    This is an outrage in so many ways.Whats the old saying. Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslim.
    Really? Unless the rest of the “religion” comes out against this sick act. All muslims are terrorists. An old man and his granddaughter at home.Sick just sick.

  9. canary says:

    How come police who should have shot to kill, won’t release his name.
    The Koran is nothing but reasons to kill non-believers and kill or punish sinners.

  10. AcornsRNuts says:

    How come no Christians went to kill Larry David after he “urinated” on a picture of Jesus in an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm? Why have no Hindis goen after Matt Groening for Homer feeding peanuts to a statue of Vishnu? What Jews came out and attacked Seth Green and co for the family guy episode in which Peter prays to God for a Jew to fix his financial problems? Seems only the religion of peace is going to kill you for mocking it.

  11. Chuckk says:

    Oh those zaney Muslims and their religion of peace.

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