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Al Roker’s Prediction For ‘DiBlasio’ — ‘One Term’

From the Politico

Al Roker hits Bill de Blasio on NWS remarks

By: Tal Kopan | February 13, 2014

Al Roker … the NBC meteorologist and “Today” show host took New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to task on Thursday for criticizing the National Weather Service, tweeting that the mayor’s “poor policy” was to blame for the city’s snow response.

Al Roker [tweeted]: "@NYCMayorsOffice says snow was faster/heavier than expected. No, Mr. Mayor. It came as predicted. Don’t blame weather for YOUR poor policy"

Roker was responding to a press conference de Blasio held Thursday morning into the afternoon defending his administration’s snow response amid the winter storm snarling much of the East Coast. He was tweeting while the press conference was happening, and de Blasio was asked about his criticism.

“I respect Al Roker a lot, watched him on TV for many, many years, it’s a different thing to run a city than to give the weather on TV,” de Blasio said, saying he had just spoken with the National Weather Service. “I respect all the meteorologists out there, but the one I respect the most is called the National Weather Service, and this did, and they just affirmed to us on the call before we came out to you, that this went faster and heavier than their projections last night.”

Roker followed up that de Blasio was throwing the Weather Service “under the school bus.”

Al Roker: "How dare @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools throw NWS under the school bus. Forecast was on time and on the money"

Roker was especially critical of the mayor’s decision to keep schools open, complaining about his daughter’s school going to an early release day.

Al Roker: "I knew this am @NYCMayorsOffice @NYCSchools would close schools. Talk about a bad prediction. Long range DiBlasio [sic] forecast: 1 term" …

Al Roker: "Mr. Mayor, I could never run NYC, but I know when it’s time to keep kids home from school"

By the way, yesterday morning, even as kids and parents were making their way through the snow to school, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for New York City and the surrounding areas, warning people to stay in their homes if possible.

In fact, Gov. Cuomo said: “New Yorkers should stay off of the roads and remain in their homes until the worst of the storm has passed.” But we suspect Mr. de Blasio was listening more to his base than the governor. And his base wants free daycare.

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2 Responses to “Al Roker’s Prediction For ‘DiBlasio’ — ‘One Term’”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Blame the NYS republicans for not putting up candidates.

  2. canary says:

    They showed the NYC streets of snow on the news to show it was not that bad as Roker was blasting. Is Roker new to living in NYC?

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