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Al Sharpton Vows To ‘Close The City Down’

From his fans at the Associated Press:

Rev. Al Sharpton vows to ‘close the city down’ after cops’ acquittal in Bell trial

Friday, April 25th 2008

They waited for hours, singing spirituals, praying and chanting for justice, but in a flash, the crowd gathered outside a Queens courthouse Friday erupted in anger and grief.

Men cursed and shouted. Women wailed and covered their faces. “Oh, no! No!” they yelled, as word spread that three police officers had been cleared of all charges in the 50-bullet shooting that took Sean Bell’s life on his wedding day in 2006.

To some, the acquittal seemed like more proof that blacks can’t get a fair shake in the criminal justice system…

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who represented the Bell family, angrily denounced the verdicts on his radio show later and called on his followers to protest the outcome, but without violence.

He vowed to lead a campaign of “economic withdrawal” and civil disobedience that could include demonstrations at police headquarters and outside the judge’s home.

“We are coming back to demonstrate to the federal government that New Yorkers will not take this abortion of justice lying down,” Sharpton said. “We are going to close the city down in a nonviolent, effective way.”

Bell was black, but so were two of the three officers charged in the shooting, including the one who fired the first shot

Supporters of the Bell family began arriving early at the courthouse. Few were able to get inside. Most waited in a long line on the sidewalk, leaning against police barricades.

A few carried signs reading “Justice for Sean Bell.” One group held a banner proclaiming, “50 Shots. 50 More Reasons We Need Revolution.”

Word spread immediately to the crowd outside, and the reaction was intense.

William Hardgraves, 48, an electrician from Harlem who brought his 12-year-old son and 23-year-old daughter to hear the verdict, paced angrily.

“I hoped it would be different this time. They shot him 50 times,” Hardgraves said. “But of course, it wasn’t.”

Calvin Hunt of Harlem shared his anger.

“This was a disgrace, what happened today,” he said…

How is it that a threat to “close the city down” is not considered domestic terrorism?

It might be also instructive to look at some of the people who were demonstrating, and what they really want.

The “People’s Organization For Progress” lists the following demands on their website:

Core Demands of the Political Platform of the People’s Organization for Progress

1. We demand reparations for the descendants of Africans enslaved in America. We want full and just compensation to all African Americans for the centuries of brutalization and forced labor that their ancestors were made to endure.

3. We demand an end to police brutality, and demand the establishment of elected civilian review and control boards with subpoena and prosecutorial powers over all police forces at all levels in the U.S.

4. We demand an immediate end to all racial inequity and racial discrimination in all areas of life in the U.S.

5. We demand the immediate creation of jobs programs that will eliminate unemployment and provide jobs at union ages [sic] for every person that is willing and able to work.

5. We demand a guaranteed minimum income for all people of working age that will allow them to adequately support themselves and their families and eliminate poverty and hunger in this country.

6. We demand the establishment of a system of universal free health care in the U.S. which will enable all people to receive adequate and proper medical and dental care at all times.

7. We demand the establishment of a system of free higher education that will enable all students to attend colleges and universities free of charge.

8. We demand that all federal government fully subsidize all child care programs so that working parents will not longer have to pay for this service.

9. We demand the abolition of the death penalty.

10. We demand adequate food, clothing, housing, employment, health care, education, legal represenation [sic], recreation and culture for every person in the United States of America

Anything else? Nothing about pillows being properly fluffed?

There really is no pleasing some people.

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