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Alan Grayson Compares GOP To Al Qaeda

From the Politico:

Grayson likens GOP in charge of Congress to terrorist in pilot’s seat

May 21, 2010

Alan Grayson says putting the Republicans back in charge of Congress would be like putting a terrorist in the pilot’s seat of a jetliner.

“Why would you want to put people in charge of government who just don’t want to do it?” the Florida Democrat asks in a new interview with Orlando’s WTVF. “I mean, you wouldn’t expect to see al Qaeda members as pilots.”

Republicans are pouncing on the latest from a man who once said the GOP health care plan is for Americans to “die quickly.” NRCC spokesman Andy Sere says Central Floridians are “deeply embarrassed by Alan Grayson and would characterize his freshman term in Congress as a reign of terror.”

But Grayson’s office is standing by his comments. The point he was trying to make: If Republicans want as little government as possible, why put them in charge of it?

Where is Mr. Clinton? Isn’t this dangerously inflammatory rhetoric?

And never mind that the comparison doesn’t even make sense as an analogy. (Of course we are talking about an obvious lunatic here.)

Actually, Mr. Grayson was probably just trying to top his idol –that other post-partisan politician, Mr. Obama.

Lest we forget, Mr. Obama recently pronounced (paraphrasing) that ‘the GOP drove the country into the ditch and now want the keys back.’

Which was hilarious in its own right.

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5 Responses to “Alan Grayson Compares GOP To Al Qaeda”

  1. proreason says:

    Post-partisanship is great, isn’t it.

  2. canary says:

    so, Alan Grayson accused muslim U.S. president Barack Obama of being the U.S. leader of Al-Qaeda? Barack Obama is the epic-center leader of Al-Qaeda on the planets in the universe.

  3. Petronius says:

    We had Ronald Reagan. They have Alan Grayson.

    Says it all, doesn’t it?

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    And this “isn’t” considered hate speak?

    Can you say, “Hypocrite”?

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