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Algeria “Fires” Ten Imams For Preaching Violence

From Italy’s AKI:


Algiers, 5 Dec. (AKI) – The Algerian minister of religious affairs has fired ten imams in the past six months who were charged with preaching violence in their mosques, reports said Tuesday. According to Algerian daily al-Khabar, another eight clerics were fired for the same reason last year. The ministry has reportedly withdrawn the imams’ licences to preach in the country and suspended their salaries.

According to sources quoted by the Algerian paper, the ministry approved the measure after receiving complaints from citizens and police reports.

Another 80 imams received formal complaints from the ministry for supporting opposition parties and raising funds for groups considered fundamentalist. Among them is a group of clerics who refused to lead prayers last year for Algerian diplomats Ali Belaroussi and Azzedine Belkadi who were kidnapped in Baghdad and subsequently killed by al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Algeria was wracked by a brutal civil war in the 1990s in which an estimated 200,000 people died. The civil war broke out in 1992 when authorities canceled a parliamentary election that radical Islamists were slated to win.

Were any of them on a plane?

It’s hard to believe that Algeria is cracking down when the countries in the West won’t.

Maybe we can learn from Algeria’s bitter experience.

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