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Sex Expert: Criticism Of Obama Is Racism

Yet another one of our (many) moral betters weighs in, from the opinion page of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Racism underlies rage at Obama presidency

It shows itself in attacks against each and every act.

By R. Danielle Egan

It started with a nagging feeling in my stomach as I watched media coverage of people screaming at so-called town-hall meetings that were purportedly about health-care policy. Seeing that some of those people came armed with handguns – and were allowed to join a public gathering where the president of the United States was speaking – didn’t help. And when South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled "you lie!" at President Obama as he addressed a joint session of Congress, I reached my personal tipping point.

So I have decided it’s time that what I’ve been watching be called what I believe it is: racism.

Situated as I am, it’s very easy to feel removed from the fray. I am a thirtysomething white woman living in the village of Canton in northern New York, south of the St. Lawrence River, north of Syracuse, and 200 miles from any metropolitan area, in one of the poorest counties in the state. As a sociologist who has taught and researched issues of inequality, particularly among those considered socially marginal, I have a unique perspective on the fomenting fury covered nightly on our airwaves.

Watching those town-hall meetings, I could not recall another such scene, especially at an event where the president was speaking. The feeling intensified with the cries of indoctrination and schools’ refusing to air the president’s recent speech on the value of education – a speech very much like one given by former President George H.W. Bush. What, I wondered, is going on?

The realization was slow in coming, because this isn’t the obvious or overt type of racism that our parents and history have told us about. This is a different and, I think, more insidious kind – one that smolders under the surface, unnamed but present all the same. Calling it what it is – racism – may help explain some of what I’ve observed, as well as better explain the seemingly over-the-top rage being vented lately around the agenda of the Obama administration.

Discussions about revamping health-care systems tend to be highly contentious, causing deep divisions among doctors, politicians, and citizens. That was true during the health-care debates that took place in Canada in the 1930s, England in the 1940s, and here in the United States in the 1990s.

But it seems that the current debate goes beyond mere disagreement – even if the subject is, as Rep. Wilson explained in his morning-after apology, "emotional." The level of rage being expressed is different and out of sync with what we know from the past.

Racism has a long and complicated role in our nation’s history, and it is far from dead. However, in this era after the election of Obama, we’re evidently not supposed to talk about racism, particularly as it relates to the man elected to the highest office in the nation. But not mentioning it doesn’t mean it’s gone away.

The election of Obama marked a transition in our culture for many, young and old. On election night, even President George W. Bush said the historic outcome was "exciting." One result of this is that any expression of distrust of the president based on race would be subject to such negative public sentiment that it would cause a maelstrom in the media. So those who would attack Obama because he is African American instead transfer their rage to a more acceptable target: each and every policy, decision, proposal, and action of his presidency.

Also a part of our nation’s history is the legacy of distrust and racism within poor white communities, one of which I happen to come from. It should come as no surprise that many of these communities are in particularly dire straits at the moment. If we look below the surface, we can see how deep economic hardship has mixed with fear and racism to produce rage, silencing more thoughtful conversations, as well as the development of public policy that would be in the interests of many of the poorest people in our country – of all races.

Health care is a great example. Statistics from the 2008 census show that the ranks of the country’s uninsured include 19.7 percent of the African American population, 31.7 percent of Native Americans, 32.2 percent of Latinos, and 10 percent of whites.

Until we as a nation begin to face and deal with the feelings of disempowerment, pain, and impotence that emerge with economic desperation, and to focus on the bigger picture of economic inequality, we’re going to see rage increasing. And people of color will continue to be scapegoats, overtly or subtly. Obama won the election, but he continues to fight a different kind of campaign.

Well, Ms. Egan is being modest when she says she has a unique perspective.

Here is a little more background on this Solon, from her biography at the St. Lawrence University website:

Dr. R. Danielle Egan

St. Lawrence University

Courses I teach regularly:

Gender and Feminist Theory; Making Sexualities; Gender and Society; Sexuality, Society and Culture; Feminist Postcolonial Theory; Flesh for Fantasy

My research interests:

My current research interest is on cultural constructions of childhood sexuality. I am involved in two projects on the topic: the first is a discourse analysis of childhood sexuality in medical, reform and academic discourse from the mid 19th to early 20th century which is featured in scholarly articles and in my forthcoming book Theorizing the Sexual Child in Modernity; the second explores contemporary debates on sexualization. My previous research focused on the sex industry in general and exotic dance more specifically.

Sample student projects I have supervised:

The Role of Social Networking Websites in the Presentation of Female Sexuality

Co-Supervised: Able-ing Ambiguous Desire: A Multi-Layered Memorial of Queerness and Disability

Co-Supervised "Not Even Once" Horror, Danger and Reformation: Exploring the Crystal Meth Discourse in the Media

Examples of presentations, exhibitions, performances and published work:

R. Danielle Egan and Gail Hawkes. forthcoming. Theorizing the Sexual Child in Modernity. New York: Palgrave Macmillan

R. Danielle Egan and Gail Hawkes. 2008. "Endangered Girls and Incendiary Objects: Unpacking the Discourse on Sexualization" Sexuality and Culture

Egan, R. Danielle and Gail Hawkes. 2008. "Imperiled and Perilious: Exploring the History of Childhood Sexuality" Historical Sociology

Egan, R. Danielle. 2006. Dancing for Dollars and Paying for Love: The Relationships between Exotic Dancers and their Regulars. Palgrave Macmillan Press.

Hawkes, G. and R. D. Egan “Complexities and Continuities: Discourse of Childhood Sexuality 1830-1940” in Sexuality in the Age of Empire (1820-1920) edited by. Ivan Crozier, vol. 5 of The Cultural History of Sexuality, general ed. Julie Peakman (Oxford: Berg, 2009) forthcoming.

Egan, R. Danielle and Gail Hawkes. 2007. "Producing the Prurient through the Pedagogy of Purity: Childhood Sexuality and the Social Purity Movement" Historical Sociology 20 (4) p. 443-461.

Egan, R. Danielle. 2006. Dancing for Dollars and Paying for Love: The Relationships between Exotic Dancers and their Regulars. Palgrave Macmillan Press.

Egan, R. Danielle. 2006. "Resistance Under the Black Light: Exploring the Use of Music in Two Exotic Dance Clubs" Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 35 (2) p. 201-219.

Egan, R. Danielle, Katherine Frank and Merri Lisa Johnson (eds) .2006. Flesh For Fantasy: Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance. Thunder’s Mouth Press

Obviously, armed with a curriculum vitae such as this, Ms. Egan is perfectly prepared to judge who is and isn’t a racist.

Who can doubt her? After all, she is a doctor. (Well, a PhD.)

It used to be said that everyone had two jobs, their real job and show business.

That has all changed. Spotting racism is now everyone’s second job.

At least for those on the left.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, September 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

36 Responses to “Sex Expert: Criticism Of Obama Is Racism”

  1. proreason says:

    Modern definition of racist:

    “What they call you when it’s clear you have won the argument”

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    When I tell my dog to “go lie down”…it is clear that I hate dogs.

    When I tell my daughter to hush when I’m on the phone, it is because, obviously, I hate kids.

    Whenever I do ANYTHING, from driving my truck to the groceries I buy, I find it is impossible to function without at least touching on my deep-rooted racism (just ask Newsweek) that I’ve had since I was 6 months old. I wouldn’t be able to function without it, and need my “racism” fix every waking hour of every day.

    Morgan Freeman said, “You wanna stop racism? Stop talking about it”

    Brilliant. The most succinct, most direct and salient point I’ve ever heard on the subject.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    What?! Now affirmative actions must be applied to political protests? – Because liberals look at a march & determine that because the protestors’ race BEING WHITE means they’re racist?

    OK – Just Checking. Rhett Butler said it best. This one’s for you Daneille!


  4. Confucius says:

    Criticism of Obama is not racism Ms. Egan.

    Calling you a “dumb little whtie girl” would be. (It would also be sexist.)


    Dumb little white girl.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      I’m on board with you, Confucius!

      Could we add to “dumb little white girl” with a grandiosity problem(?).

  5. Charges of racism are meant to end the discussion! They seek to intimidate us into silence, They seek to strike fear in the heart of any liberal who may be reconsidering his support for Obama. They seek to feed their delusions of superiority over conservatives.

    To be silent is to give validity to the charge. Speak louder! Remember what these self-righteous wind bags did to George Bush. Remember that they are supporting an ACORN who had no problem with aiding a pimp finding a house in which to ply his trade with under age, illegal alien, sex slave trade, girls.

    They have no facts. They have no arguments. They have no recovery. Jobs are heading further in the toilet. Afghanistan is going badly. Gitmo has to be dealt with. ACORN is in trouble. GM is doing poorly. Cap and trade is DOA. Nothing has been done to prevent another financial melt down. Iran is building nukes and suppressing a freedom movement. South Korea is more arrogant than ever. Russia is building up her military. China is weighing in on our monetary policy and threatening a trade war. Bin Ladin, candidate Obama’s #1 target, is heckling Obama from the peanut gallery, Kanye West is a jackass, the BCS college football rankings suck, government option health care is still sinking in the polls.

    It’s all because of racism.

  6. http://boortz.com/nealz_nuze/2009/09/so-now-we-all-know-this-is-jus.html

    We would be more than willing to welcome cap-and-trade with open arms, even if we paid a thousand dollars or more extra every year for our energy use, if Barack Obama were only white.

    We would be dancing in the streets celebrating the dawning of government control of our health care if only Barack Obama were white.

    It would be just dandy if government bureaucrats rationed health care for our parents, as long as the president is white.

    We would jump at the chance of the government owning ALL of the auto manufacturing companies .. not just General Motors … if the president just didn’t have dark skin.

    We would applaud those ACORN workers giving tax avoidance advice to a pimp and his prostitute if the workers hadn’t been black.

    Most Americans – even ones that don’t pay income taxes now – would be more than willing to give 70% of everything they earn to the federal government when asked … so long as they are asked by a white president.

    We would have been thrilled, I tell you … THRILLED to have all of those Islamic goons being held at Guantanamo be not only released, but sent to be school resource officers at our local government schools, if only a white president put that plan in motion.

    It would be OK if a white president stood back and allowed Iran to build its coveted nukes … we’re only unhappy about that because a black president is doing it.

    Deficits? We don’t care about deficits! Make our children and grand children and great grand children pay through the nose for our president’s spending habits … just so long as the president isn’t black.

    Government pork? Like we actually care? Look … you folks in Washington can spend all the money you want – how about more studies of the mating habits of Polish Zlotnika pigs? – just make sure it’s not a black president who signs the spending bill into law.

    We wouldn’t care if all illegal aliens were counted twice in the next Census … just so long as the president isn’t black.

    Those Black Panther thugs who threatened voters in Philly? The ONLY reason we’re upset that they were given a pass is because Barack Obama is black.

    Every single member of the president’s cabinet could be a tax cheat as far as we’re concerned … just so long as the president is white.

    Forced unionization? Bring it on! We love card check! We love the idea of union goons threatening and intimidating workers to sign a card saying they want to belong to a union! What we don’t like is that a black president is pushing this idea.

    Single-party talks with that Gargoyle that runs North Korea? It’s about time we legitimized that little pipsqueak. We’re only mildly upset here because the person who is doing that happens to be black.

    More regulation of the finance sector? We could care less! For all we care you can nationalize the banks and decree that only the government can make home loans .. .and you can even apportion those home loans on the basis of race if you want to … just so long as the president is white!

    Minimum wage? Like we care about that? Raise it to $15 an hour if you want! Just give us our white president back.

  7. beautyofreason says:

    I am so sickened by these polished academians and so-called “intellectuals” whose entire philosophy centers on demonizing the opposition as racists. To change our entire system of government by creating nationalized health care and regulating doctor salaries is radical. It has nothing to do with the amount of melanin in someone’s body. It’s about questioning a radical change from America’s foundation of individualism. And I am

    We must fight these smears. The left is consolidating power by intimidation and simplifying opponents by a crude race / gender / ethnic philosophy. They support freedom of speech only for themselves.

    The forecast does not look good. I’m not a racist. I’m angered by the breakneck changes that are expanding government authority under the guise of taking care of the people.

    Obama is in favor of socialism. Fewer Democrats dispute socialism than they did even a few years back. Just today in an art course, my professor spoke off topic about the virtue of socialism and how U.S. health care would become like European medicine under the administration. Not even the liberals hide the philosophical underpinnings of their movement – unless a political opponent points them out.

    • proreason says:

      “I’m not a racist. ”

      But by their definition, you are.

      So why sweat it.

      If they thought you were an ax murderer, you would laugh.

      So laugh at being called a racists as well. 99% of the time, the person calling you racist is the real racist.

      We should just igore them. If they persist, agree that by their definition you are. Then tell them that they are the real recist.

  8. catie says:

    So, she’s taught and did research! Well, well, well-who the hell cares?

  9. wardmama4 says:

    Actually what we are seeing is

    Barack Obama is the prime example of a man raised without a father – angry, bitter, a chip on his shoulder, mean and dismissing of the women who raised him and eager to exact his revenge on everyone he can.

    Dr. R. Danielle Egan is the prime example of a woman raised without a father or sexually abused by her father – angry, bitter, the whole world (most especially childhood) seen through a prism of sex, and eager to exact her revenge on everyone she can.

    It is a shame that people like this exist in positions of power – they are going to distort and possibly destroy our society during the next 3.5 years. Unless one of the adults in DC stands up and shouts – You Lie. Oops sorry -shouts No.

  10. katmeredith says:

    Okay, a bit off topic, but I’d like to point out something I just realized. I get most of my news from the internet, picking and choosing what I want. I don’t watch TV, I don’t even typically view videos online or look at the pictures accompanying articles. I’m a compulsive reader. My point is this: until people started telling me that Obama was black, I didn’t even know. I would now, obviously. But such a point was made of his being a black man, that even before I saw a picture of him, I knew he was black. Why is ‘he’s black’ a necessary written descriptor?

    • proreason says:

      Because identity politics is how Liberals have divided the country to win elections and shove their agenda down the throat of the majority, who have been too cowed in the last 40 years to question a black person’s capabilities and motives like they would a white persons capabilities and motives.

      It worked.

      We have an incompetant black idealogue who is being used to cram a fringe agenda down our throats, an agenda that probably less than 10% of the country agrees with.

      Not only is he incompetant and an idealogue, he is a member of and the tool of a criminal political gang that intends to destroy the greatest country that has ever existed.

      But you can’t say that.

      He’s such a nice black man you know.

    • caligirl9 says:

      Katmeredith, you bring up an interesting point.

      Medias today bring up a person’s race unless its describing a crime. The local papers here in the Bay Area are real good at that. They will write about a crime, usually a shooting, and as far as describing the perps, describe them as (for example, in a recent shooting on a community college campus) “four young males who drove away in a purple Ford Escort.”

      Okay, so the purple Escort is a giveaway; can’t be too many of them. But let’s say you want the public to help find the perps. Pretty hard to do by that meager description.

      By reading the name of the victim and/or the location of the incident you can usually figure out the skin color. However, if the perps happen to be white, the article usually freely mentions that. Heaven forbid a newspaper label a black or Hispanic or Asian person as a “possible perp.”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, in the Charlotte, NC area, they get around that little problem by using their “man on the scene” reporter. If the “man on the scene” is asian, the perps were asian. If the “man on the scene” is latino….and so on.

      This, they do to avoid any criticism of racial bias…but once you notice what they’re doing, it’s downright comical.

  11. VMAN says:

    I am not a racist but I do play one on TV

  12. Petronius says:

    My name is Gaius Petronius Arbiter and I am a racist.

    I have been clean for about 25,000 days.

    That is until about 5 minutes ago, when I realized that I harbor the insidious, smoldering kind of racism against lunatic feminists who are into constructions of childhood sexuality.

    Before that I was only prejudiced against terrorist-loving, commie-loving, anti-Semitic, puny pip-squeak sharecropper ex-Presidents.

  13. President Barack Hussien Obama told me to tell you: “I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking; I don’t mind cleaning up the mess, just don’t do a lot of talking”. So you need to shut up and let him clean up the mess.

  14. proreason says:

    Astute comment by James Lewis of Am Thinker:

    “It is not an accident when all the Lefties say the same thing on the same day. It is coordinated by Axelrod, Obama and the White House. ” bolds are mine


    This guy is becoming one of my favorites. He is always spot on.

  15. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    The race card will always be played until Obama leaves the White House. So why hasn’t the White House been renamed? I’m sure the race baiters from the left consider it to be the symbol of white power and oppression.

  16. canary says:

    Riddle: Philidelphia Enquirer, New York Times, Egan, you lie. Congressmen have been reporting that prior to the radical Obama’s speech, he sent anger provoking transcripts to all the representitives. Obama created and bred a hostile environment prior to opening his lying deceptive mouth. Obama egged it on, just like a typical bully.

    What’s the difference between the Fort Worth Zoo and the White House?

    The Zoo Has a African Lion……….The White House has a Lyin’ African……..

  17. imnewatthis says:

    Sure, just because we’re creeped out by a Saul Alinsky acolyte running the country, we’re racist.
    Why is it so hard for liberals to understand, hard-working Americans who are just trying to keep their own families afloat don’t want our gov’t throwing our money to the four corners of the earth?
    I bet most S&L fans, myself included, would be thrilled to have Thomas Sowell running for president.

  18. P. Aaron says:

    I find it interesting and confusing that so called ‘Human Behavior Experts” can on one hand help people to come full circle with their problems, and yet on the other hand advocate legislation of bureaucratic processes that work against the very human nature these so called “Experts” say humans beings need to express.

  19. mjwooten says:

    Did you look at this woman’s bio? The subjects she teaches, papers written and other aspects of her “career” are a bit “out there”. Does writing about theory based on research make one a definitive expert? Look at her current interest: “current research interest is on cultural constructions of childhood sexuality”. WTF is that anyways? This person appears to be someone who has never left the world of academia. A bit of a “sheltered” world to say the least.

    Well, let’s see, I am an oppressed over 50 white guy…so I guess that makes me an expert on….what?

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