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Allegations Haven’t Hurt Cain Yet (Dammit)

From USA Today:

Harassment allegations haven’t hurt Cain’s support yet

By Jackie Kucinich and Catalina Camia, USA TODAY
November 8, 2011

WASHINGTON – Sharon Bialek of Chicago became the first woman to publicly accuse Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual misconduct, saying on Monday that it occurred while he was the National Restaurant Association president during the late 1990s.

Sharon Bialek is the fourth woman to accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment.

So far, the burgeoning scandal surrounding accusations of sexual harassment has not eroded Cain’s support, but that could change, according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released Monday.

A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say they wouldn’t vote for a candidate proved to have sexually harassed employees, a warning sign for Cain as Bialek became the first accuser to put her name and account on the record.

Which at the very least shows how Republicans differ from Democrats. Democrats voted for sex harasser Bill Clinton in droves – twice.

If accusations were proved, 53% say they definitely would not vote for that candidate; 42% say they would consider supporting him or her

For the record, we have searched both the USA Today and Gallup sites and could find no link to the full poll to see the data that supports this claim. But we suspect the questions were posed in such a way as to give them the results they sought.

Meanwhile, this is how Gallup reported this same poll yesterday:

Cain Ties Romney Atop GOP Field

Republicans tilt toward position that charges against Cain are not true

by Frank Newport
November 7, 2011

PRINCETON, NJ — Herman Cain now ties Mitt Romney as the leader for the GOP presidential nomination in USA Today/Gallup polling on Republican preferences conducted Nov. 2-6. Each receives 21% support from Republicans nationwide. Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry follow, with 12% and 11% support, respectively…

Majority of Republicans Believe Charges Against Cain Are Not True

Republicans were asked a series of questions about the allegations against Cain in USA Today/Gallup polling conducted Nov. 3-6, and it appears that Republicans are more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Fifty-three percent of Republicans are inclined to believe that the charges are not true, with most of these hedging their bets by saying the charges are "probably not true" rather than "definitely not true." A little more than a third (35%) say the charges are probably or definitely true — again, with most of these in the probable rather than the definite category.

Republicans with an opinion are inclined to say Cain has done a good job (45%) rather than a bad job (36%) of handing the charges, although almost one in five don’t have an opinion.

About half of Republicans are following the news stories about the sexual harassment allegations against Cain very or somewhat closely. This level of attention is lower than the average attention all Americans have paid to news stories Gallup has tracked over the last several decades.


The group following the news very or somewhat closely is about as likely to believe the charges against Cain are true as are all Republicans more broadly


Cain has not lost ground from where he was a month ago in this latest round of tracking Republican nomination preferences…

Cain thus appears to have largely survived the storm of news coverage of the sexual harassment charges for the time being. This could change in the days and weeks ahead, particularly given that a fourth accuser on Monday held a news conference to outline her allegations of Cain’s behavior when he was head of the National Restaurant Association


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2 Responses to “Allegations Haven’t Hurt Cain Yet (Dammit)”

  1. artboyusa says:

    “And so he mauled me in my chestal area and then he seized me in his brutal arms and he sneered “You want that job, baby, you gotta gimme some payback for slavery, you untried, blushing flower of Southern womanhood you” and he pushed my face toward his groinal area and he tried to get me to perform an act of race pollution on him and hey, where’s everybody going? Don’t you believe my story? Gloria does; she helped me make it up. Don’t walk away. What about my book contract? What about my made for TV movie, what about meeeee meeeee meeeee…”

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    The more something pisses off the MSM, the more I’m for it! Go Herman Go!

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