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Alvin Greene Releases First Campaign Ad

From a bemused New York Times:

Alvin Greene’s ‘On the Scene’


July 22, 2010

Alvin Greene, the Democratic candidate for Senate in South Carolina, who emerged at a public campaign event for the first time last weekend, is now out with his first campaign video. The video, called, “Alvin Green Is On the Scene,” is a 3-minute hip-hop mix, featuring extensive footage of LeBron James — perhaps an allusion to how Mr. Greene intends to make the Nov. 2 election a slam dunk.

Mr. Greene credits himself as producer, director and editor, and lists “Dad” as “first camera” and himself as “second camera.” Music, the credits say, is by “MC Grassroots feat, The Real Americans, mixxed by Defeat Demint Posse” (with the double-x in mixed and that reference to his Republican opponent, Senator Jim DeMint)…

More and more, we are coming to the conclusion that Mr. Greene cannot lose.

After all, he is following the traditional Democrat campaign strategy of hiding his positions on the issues, while counting on his image to carry the day. This tactic has worked amazingly well for the Democrat Party over the years.

And just look what it did for Mr. Obama.

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3 Responses to “Alvin Greene Releases First Campaign Ad”

  1. proreason says:

    It turns out that Mr. Greene left the military because he was unable to do routine tasks without a daily checklist.

    If him, why not Obamy? At least Mr Greene can create a campaign ad. Obamy can’t do anything. Or to be more precise, he has never done anything. I guess that doesn’t prove he can’t. It’s just that he hasn’t had the time between golf outings, parties, spectacular dinners, and quality time with his body man.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Here in SC…we get the Charlotte, NC stations for “news” and they have actually been flaming the guy. Almost makes it hard to know who to believe.

      However they did go to the mall, during the week, and polled hyphenated Americans about their opinions. They largely said, “give the guy a chance”.

      And, when it all falls into ruin, what then?

      The blanket hall-pass works for them, I guess.

      However, in places of business, this guy is already the brunt of many snickers and snide remarks. Yup, worked with people like him in the USAF. Yup, quickly found a way to go around them completely.

      The $10,000 to put his name in as a candidate is still suspect. Nobody’s really asking the question as to where it came from since he’s been unemployed for some time. If, he was separated from the military in the best interests of same, then they might have given him some money, as required by law. He might have sold back some accrued leave as well.

      In any case, if the voting public does so strictly along the color line, we’re in for a lot of trouble.

    • proreason says:

      In my profession, they put these guys in special enclaves and give them one of their own kind to manage them. That way they don’t feel abused by people doing the work trying to show they are superior.

      Kind of like they do it at the Department of Agriculture.

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