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Amazon Is The Wrong Place To Brag About Jobs

From the online magazine, The Week:

Why an Amazon facility is the wrong place for Obama to talk about jobs

By Keith Wagstaff  | July 30, 2013

… First, there is the irony of Obama pushing for corporate tax reform against the backdrop of a company that reportedly avoided paying $700 million in taxes by creating a complicated tax shield centered around its office in Luxembourg.

Obama doesn’t notice such irony. After all, he is embedded with (sic) GE and Google, who makes Amazon look like amateurs when it comes to avoiding taxes.

Then there is the issue of the quality of the "middle-class jobs" Obama says he wants to create. Amazon has announced it is adding 5,000 new full-time employees to 17 fulfillment centers around the country. As Tim Fernholz writes in Quartz, these jobs aren’t exactly the key to a stronger middle class.

They are also adding 2,000 part time jobs. Probably to avoid Obama-Care penalties.

"The gigs involve assembling the customers’ Amazon orders for delivery, and the company says the jobs pay about $11 an hour — not quite above the poverty line for a family of four," writes Fernholz…

Once again, even this article fails to mention that Washington, DC is demanding retailers with corporate sales of $1 billion or more pay their employees no less than $12.50 an hour. And Democrats are pushing this so-called ‘living wage’ movement all across the country.

Booksellers also aren’t happy with Obama’s choice of Amazon, which is reportedly responsible for one of every four new books sold.

In a letter to Obama, the American Booksellers Association complains that Amazon doesn’t charge local sales tax in many states and accuses the company of selling books at a loss to lure shoppers into buying big-ticket items.

But Amazon claims they do things like this because they just don’t care about profit.

"At a time when Main Street retailers, including indie bookstores, show promise of recovering from the recession, we are disheartened to see Amazon touted as a ‘jobs creator’ and its warehouse facility used as a backdrop for an important jobs speech, when, frankly, the exact opposite is true," the letter reads, claiming that "every $10 million in spending that shifts from Main Street retailers to Amazon results in a net loss of 33 retail jobs."

Pickers of nit.

Meanwhile, we have this editorial from Chattanooga’s Times Free Press:

Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough

July 30, 2013

President Obama,

Welcome to Chattanooga, one of hundreds of cities throughout this great nation struggling to succeed in spite of your foolish policies that limit job creation, stifle economic growth and suffocate the entrepreneurial spirit.

Forgive us if you are not greeted with the same level of Southern hospitality that our area usually bestows on its distinguished guests. You see, we understand you are in town to share your umpteenth different job creation plan during your time in office. If it works as well as your other job creation programs, then thanks, but no thanks. We’d prefer you keep it to yourself.

That’s because your jobs creation plans so far have included a ridiculous government spending spree and punitive tax increase on job creators that were passed, as well as a minimum wage increase that, thankfully, was not. Economists — and regular folks with a basic understanding of math — understand that these are three of the most damaging policies imaginable when a country is mired in unemployment and starving for job growth.

Even though 64 percent of Chattanooga respondents said they would rather you hadn’t chosen to visit our fair city, according to a survey on the Times Free Press website, it’s probably good that you’re here. It will give you an opportunity to see the failure of your most comprehensive jobs plan to date, the disastrous stimulus scheme, up close and personal.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 helped fund the Gig to Nowhere project, a $552 million socialist-style experiment in government-owned Internet, cable and phone services orchestrated by EPB — Chattanooga’s government-owned electric monopoly…

In reality, though, the gig, like most of the projects funded by your stimulus plan, has been an absolute bust. While the Smart Grid will cost taxpayers and local electric customers well over a half-billion dollars when all is said and done, there has been little improvement in the quality of EPB’s electric service…

What the gig has brought, however, is that shocking price tag. Because of your unwillingness to balance the budget, Mr. President, the $111.6 million federal handout to subsidize the Gig to Nowhere will actually cost federal taxpayers $158.2 million, due to interest…

So excuse us, Mr. President, for our lack of enthusiasm for your new jobs program. Here in Chattanooga we’re still reeling from your old one.

What miserable ingrates.

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One Response to “Amazon Is The Wrong Place To Brag About Jobs”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I believe the middle class jobs he wants to create are the the jobs Nazi Camp Guards forced Jews to do. Dig graves and then fill ’em.

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