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Amazon, Microsoft Offered To Fix Obama-Care Site

From Reuters:

U.S. passes up firms’ offers to help healthcare website: committee

By Susan Cornwell | October 29, 2013

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration appears to have passed up offers from Amazon and Microsoft to help fix the federal government’s troubled healthcare enrollment website, according to documents released on Tuesday by a Republican-led congressional investigating committee.

An October 7 inquiry from Amazon’s subsidiary Amazon Web Services Inc. was turned down by two senior officials at the Department of Health and Human Services, which is overseeing implementation of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law, according to copies of emails provided by the House of Representatives Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Microsoft also contacted HHS and the White House with offers of "technical expertise and assistance," but the company has not provided any such services, a Microsoft representative said in an October 25 letter to the committee. The letter did not say whether the administration had responded to Microsoft’s offers.

One wonders, where was the offer of help from Google? Or do they think they already did enough getting Obama re-elected?

Representative Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the committee… last week wrote to eight technology companies asking whether they had been involved in what the administration had called a "tech surge" aimed at fixing the website, Healthcare.gov…

"We wrote to these companies because the administration said there was a tech surge underway but was hazy on the details," said Caitlin Carroll, an Issa spokeswoman. The responses "raise even more questions about who at HHS is doing what to solve the problems" with the website, she said…

An Amazon representative wrote to the committee on October 28 to describe the company’s contacts with the administration about the website.

Amazon sent the panel copies of emails, showing an employee of Amazon Web Services Inc (AWS) emailed two HHS officials on October 7 saying, "I hear there are some challenges with Healthcare.gov. Is there anything we can do to help?"

HHS’ Chief Technology Officer Bryan Sivak replied to Amazon by email on October 8: "I wish there was. I actually wish there was something I could do to help." …

Issa has written to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Oracle, Expedia, Apple, and Kayak, Carroll said.

Who needs them? The government knows the best way to run a website. Besides, maybe the Obama administration doesn’t really want these ‘glitches’ to be fixed. At least, not anytime soon. If the glitches are fixed how are they going to explain their abysmal sign-up numbers?

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7 Responses to “Amazon, Microsoft Offered To Fix Obama-Care Site”

  1. captstubby says:

    any” Minor Setbacks” in The Five Year Plan will be the doings of Tea Party saboteurs.

    but the Party will prevail.

    kind of like

    Capricorn One

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Okay, thank you God.
    Now, WTH is Bezos thinking? You want to dip your toes in this cesspool? You nucking farklehead …
    Gates I can understand. He’s happy being hollowed and replaced with a Soros One Worlder clone. That way he doesn’t have to make moral choices.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Can’t have competent people fixing Gov’t incompetence, No way!

    • captstubby says:

      i catch myself doing it all the time.

      ” -Gov’t incompetence”
      this could be considered pleonasm in writing .

      definition ;
      “… is redundant phrasing.”

      redundant ;
      “needlessly repetitive.”

      but in this case i belive its just a Descriptive Phrase.
      “Descriptive phrases are written to help the readers envision how a certain thing looks or feels. These phrases are also known as adjectival phrase or adjective phrases. The adjectives are used to modify the nouns to describe something in details. For example, they will give more meaning to the nouns.”

      see, it would still be the same if you said;
      “-Gov’t As.holes.”

    • GetBackJack says:

      Capt – you’ve demonstrated a word I did not know. Thank you!

      No, not that one. Not that one. The other one …

  4. captstubby says:

    well try this one on for size,

    “I’ll be superamalgamated!”

    heres one i never could get a real definition for.


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