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Ambassador Tells S Koreans: Fast Over Killings

From the UK’s Telegraph:

South Koreans told to fast over massacre

South Koreans living in America have been asked by their ambassador to fast for repentance after the killing spree by their countryman Cho Seung-hui.

With the massacre at Virginia Tech viewed at home as bringing shame on the nation, senior officials in Seoul have held a series of emergency meetings to determine their response to Cho’s murder of 32 students and academics on Monday.

“I and my fellow citizens can only feel shock and a wrenching of our hearts,” said President Roh Moo-hyun, as he expressed his condolences to the victims, their families and the American people on Wednesday.

“I hope US society can get over such immense sadness and find a sense of composure as soon as possible,” he added.

The massacre has sparked soul-searching in South Korea and dominated local television and newspapers.

“Koreans can often view the world through a nationalistic lens and they will feel a sense of responsibility,” said Michael Breen, a Seoul-based analyst and author.

South Koreans mourned the victims at Myeongdong Cathedral in central Seoul today, some fighting back tears from the sense of collective guilt. Members of the Roman Catholic congregation casts their heads low as they sang hymns and prayed for the souls of those killed.

“As a South Korean, I can’t help feeling apologetic about how a Korean man caused such a shocking incident,” said Cardinal Nicolas Cheong Jin-suk.

“It is beyond my understanding how such a thing can occur – especially to think a Korean is responsible for this. Bang Myung-lan, 48, one of the worshippers, said: “As a mother myself, my heart really aches as if it happened to my own children,” said “As a Korean, I am deeply sorry for the deceased.”

Lee Tae Sik, the ambassador to the United States, was reported today to have called on parishioners at a Korean church in the Washington DC area to fast for repentance…


(And aren’t the North Koreans already fasting enough for all Koreans?)

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