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American Terrorist Calls For Attacks On Bush

From his fans at ABC News:

American Al Qaeda Leader To Bush: ‘We Will Be Waiting For You’

Native Californian Al Qaeda Leader Makes Threats Against Bush Middle East Visit


Jan. 6, 2008 — American Al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn told his followers to welcome Bush “with bombs and traps” upon his upcoming visit to the Middle East this week.

“The occupied territories are awaiting their first visit by the crusader Bush and the mujahideen are also waiting for him,” said Gadahn, a California native and now an Al Qaeda spokesman.

Gadahn is the star of the latest al Qaeda propaganda video to be posted online by the group’s media wing, As Sahab.

In his newest dramatic gesture, Gadahn tore up his U.S. passport in protest of the imprisonment of fellow al Qaeda followers Abu Zubaydah, John Walker Lindh and Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman.

“I don’t need it to travel anyway,” he said afterwards…

He said the United States has been “unmistakably defeated” in Iraq in Afghanistan and has lost the battle for hearts and minds “in spectacular fashion.”

“They’re about to hand the whole mess over to local proxies who, if they haven’t already, shall soon rue the day they sold their souls and religion to the American devil,” Gadahn said…

Despite his rejection of U.S. citizenship, Gadahn made reference to the mortgage crisis in the United States, saying that it was triggered by right-wing fanatics trying to usher in the “end days.”

Mr. Pearlman’s Gadahn’s hatred of President Bush is making him so crazy he is starting to sound like Nancy Pelosi.

Of course if Mr. Pearlman Gadahn is ever arrested and brought to justice, all of this will be forgiven and forgotten.

He will just be another confused and misled youth.

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