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Americans Are The Most Conservative In Decades

First, we have this from an outraged Washington Post:

Americans are more conservative than they have been in decades

By Larry Bartels | September 30, 2013

James Stimson knows as much about public opinion as anyone in America. He has been tracking the nation’s policy preferences for more than 20 years using a “policy mood” index derived from responses to a wide variety of opinion surveys involving hundreds of specific policy questions on topics ranging from taxes and spending to environmental regulation to gun control.

The latest update of Stimson’s policy mood series suggests that the American public in 2012 was more conservative than at any point since 1952. (Actually, since mood in each year is estimated with some error, it seems safer to say that the current level of conservatism roughly equals the previous highs recorded in 1980 and 1952.) While the slight increase in conservatism from 2011 to 2012 is too small to be significant, it continues a marked trend that began as soon as Barack Obama moved into the White House…

Stimson’s data show, the public was already more conservative than usual in 2008, and a good deal more conservative by 2012…

Which is born out by this, from the Washington Examiner:

76% of GOP now ‘conservative,’ pick Cruz for 2016 nomination


This won’t surprise Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid or GOP old bull Sen. John McCain — the largest chunk of the Republican Party is now very conservative.

According to a new PPP poll, which has Sen. Ted Cruz the top choice for the 2016 Republican nomination, those who describe themselves as “very conservative” make up 39 percent of the splintered party. Add in those who consider themselves “somewhat conservative,” and the right-leaning voters comprise 76 percent of the party.

In the new poll of 743 Republican primary voters, 1 percent called themselves “very liberal,” 4 percent “somewhat liberal,” and just 18 percent as “moderate.”

Among the conservative voters, Cruz is the leading choice for the GOP nomination. He won 34 percent of that group. But he also shows remarkable crossover as 32 percent of the “very liberal” crowd also prefer him.

His likely rival, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, wins just 4 percent of the “very conservative crowd” and 38 percent of the “very liberal” group.

The overall results of the presidential preference poll:

— Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: 20 percent.
— Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul: 17 percent.
— New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: 14 percent.
— Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: 11 percent.
— Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: 10 percent.
— Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan: 10 percent.
— Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: 4 percent.
— Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum: 3 percent.
— Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: 3 percent.

Not that any of this will matter. The Republican Party fathers will probably select whomever they think is due for ‘their turn.’

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3 Responses to “Americans Are The Most Conservative In Decades”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I repeat my Comment from above – the data don’t matter. The Republican Patriarchy will nominate as the Party’s candidate someone as dull and unlikable as John McCain. None of this data is relevant.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    After reading the past three stories, I must conclude that the media believes that they can make the republicans believe they will not face much blame for the shutdown, but they are wishing they do shut the government down so these same media idiots can blame them at every turn.

    ADVICE FOR THE GOP: Stop reading the damn polls and worrying about what the independents or the media thinks, and just stand on the priciples that you promised us you would uphold when you ran and we supported you. OR ELSE!!

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