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America’s 5th Columnists: On Being Republican

In the spirit of looking back at the stories that were missed over the last year, there could be a library filled with articles written by "Americans" for our enemies.

The following still appears on the official Iran state website:

What It Means To Be a Republican

Saturday April 8, 2006

The following article is by Larry Beinhart the author of Wag the Dog, and The Librarian.

The US vice president shoots one in the heart and in the face. Then he apologizes for all the trouble it’s caused him. That’s what it means to be a Republican.

Despite almost hysterical warnings the US president stays asleep at the wheel. He does nothing about terrorism and 9/11 happens. He responds by running away to Nebraska. Three days later he makes a supposedly impromptu speech with a bull horn [sic] on the rubble of the World Trade Center. He is universally cheered as a hero. That’s what it means to be a Republican. The president puts together false claims to go to war with the wrong country. His party universally supports him. The Bush administration mismanages the war in Iraq so that it creates chaos, a breeding ground for insurgents. Along the way, the reasons for going to war are exposed as false. The president runs on national security as his main issue. He is re-elected. That’s what it means to be a Republican.

The president cheerfully gives away the surplus to the richest people in the U.S. Then he runs up record debts, just to throw more money their way. He claims it has helped America’s economy. People act like they believe him.

The Bush administration continues it’s [sic] magnificent tradition of going to sleep when it is warned of disaster. It does nothing when Katrina is coming. It continues its record of doing nothing when disaster arrives. As New Orleans was lost, just as when the World Trade Center was lost, the president got as far away as possible. But he can’t be blamed for what nature did. That’s what it means to be a Republican.

The U.S. president orders wiretaps without warrants, a straightforward violation of the constitution. When the U.S. Attorney General is called to bear witness, the head of the Judiciary Committee insists that his proof not be under swear [sic]. The head of the intelligence committee suggests that the law be changed, now, to make it legal after the fact.

Alberto Gonzales helped come up with the program that rejected the Geneva Conventions, that permits torture, that says that the president is above the law and that “he was only following orders” should be a defense against a charge of war crimes. Ah, if only the Nazi war criminals who were hung [sic] at Nuremberg had Gonzales there to defend them. The president nominates Gonzales to be his new Attorney General. He is confirmed with little debate and no outrage. That’s what it means to be a Republican. And this needs to be understood.

What it implies is that Republicans can’t be dealt with as if reason and facts will sway them. Because it wont [sic]. It’s hard for reality based people, regular Democrats and Liberals to understand that.

What has been done by Republican Leaders in the U.S. government? Let’s American people to know the fact that, [sic] they have to take more vigorous and rigorous stands. If not they have to accept the reality that real American values and the American landscape will disappear, not just temporarily, but forever.

Remember, this has been written by an American.

A man made rich beyond his wildest dreams for his very limited contributions to the world.

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