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AmeriCorps And ACORN Work Together

From the (great) American Spectator:

First Lady Michelle Obama (C) greets YouthBuild AmeriCorps members while touring an energy-efficient home construction project on the National Mall March 17, 2009 in Washington, DC.

AmeriCorps and ACORN Go Way Back

By Matthew Vadum on 6.17.09

The cynical, politically motivated, and apparently illegal firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin shocks the conscience.

I’m not going to examine here the circumstances surrounding the termination of Walpin but I do wish to remind readers that AmeriCorps has long been ripe for abuse.

ACORN took advantage of the federal agency a decade ago. As I wrote previously, ACORN, which is now notorious for its commingling of funds within its network of affiliates, used government resources to promote legislation.

A congressional report noted that there was "apparent cross-over funding between ACORN, a political advocacy group and ACORN Housing Corp. (AHC), a non profit, AmeriCorp [sic] grantee" that is a major affiliate of ACORN.

The government-funded AmeriCorps, which promotes public service, suspended AHC’s funding "after it was learned that AHC and ACORN shared office space and equipment and failed to assure that activities and funds were wholly separate."

The report noted that, "AmeriCorps members of AHC raised funds for ACORN, performed voter registration activities, and gave partisan speeches. In one instance, an AmeriCorps member was directed by ACORN staff to assist the [Clinton] White House in preparing a press conference in support of legislation." ("Report on the Activities of the Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities During the 104th Congress," Report 104-875, January 2, 1997)

Aware of this kind of abuse, earlier this year Sen. David Vitter (R-Louisiana) tried to block ACORN from using AmeriCorps funding to promote its own political objectives, but ACORN allies, including Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Maryland), helped to defeat Vitter’s legislation.

Incidentally, as I write this, ACORN donors are celebrating the 39th birthday of the radical activist group at a $250 a ticket gala reception at the National Education Association. Center for American Progress president John Podesta, SEIU union boss Andy Stern, and corrupt former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros are expected to attend.

Given all of the other news of the past couple of days, this bit of research has not gotten much attention.

Of course it should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed either organization closely.

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11 Responses to “AmeriCorps And ACORN Work Together”

  1. proreason says:

    More Inspector Generals are being fired.

    Obamy needs to re-write their job descriptions to be more along the lines of Approval Generals.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “…..more along the lines of Inspector Second Lieutenant.”

      Butter Bars are a lot easier to push around than Generals!!

      (Hope you don’t mind me hyping your byline, pr)

  2. bronzeprofessor says:


  3. Celina says:

    Totally off topic but what the heck is up with her hair? It looks like she just rolled out of bed with that oddly placed bump there. I thought she was paying a make up artist. No hairdresser?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      We are lucky she don’t prance around in slippers and a tattered housecoat with that nap in curlers. Soooooooooo ghetto slummin’!

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Not surprising at all. ACORN feeds off of other ‘legitimate’ leftist programs because it’s taken so much public flak over the years. They do it with a corporate sized web of affiliates that are constantly shuffling and making money disappear without a trail. It’s estimated about $3B was appropriated to ACORN in the stimulus, of which $2B was supposed to go into ‘the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed’ like Flint, MI, and $1B into Community Development Block Grants, which everyone knows means ‘activism for whatever is necessary at the time.’ Source: http://spectator.org/archives/2009/05/21/barney-frank-lies-about-acorn/

    “AmeriCorps members of AHC raised funds for ACORN, performed voter registration activities, and gave partisan speeches. In one instance, an AmeriCorps member was directed by ACORN staff to assist the [Clinton] White House in preparing a press conference in support of legislation.” (“Report on the Activities of the Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities During the 104th Congress,” Report 104-875, January 2, 1997)

    And from AHC’s website: “ACORN Housing provides one-on-one mortgage loan counseling, first-time homebuyer classes, and helps clients obtain affordable mortgages through our unique lending partnerships.
    By joining AHC (ACORN Housing Corporation) you receive:

    * Lower down payments and closing costs.
    * No Private Mortgage Insurance.
    * Banks generally require 3 months of mortgage payments in the bank at settlement.
    * With our program, they don’t, which allows you to buy a home sooner.
    * Most banks won’t count public assistance or voluntarily child support in determining if you’ll qualify for a mortgage.
    * With our program, all steady income counts.

  5. canary says:

    This explains even more how the National School system bought Obama’s writings and will pay for the current abridged copy he’s writing on, when he’s not sleeping and eating with dictators. “$250 a ticket gala reception at the National Education Association” I guess the low-paid criminals on the payroll won’t be able to afford to go. Beats those 10,000 dollar plates.

  6. Steve says:

    Mr. Limbaugh is discussing this article as we type.

  7. canary says:

    Steve, I heard Rush refer to your writing on Sweetness. Obama wore a mustache
    during his visit with his VBBF the King of Saudi. Obama has fallen for bad boys his entire life. Obama needs to read a book The Real Reason Good Girls Fall for Bad Boys, for a male author’s view.

    pg 168 barrack obama’s audacity of hope
    “Our dependence on oil doesn’t just affect our economy. It UNDERMINES OUR NATIONAL SECURITY. A large protion of the $800 million we spend on foreign oil every day goes to some of the WORLD’S MOST VOLATILE REGIME – SAUDIE ARABIA, NIGERIA, VENEZUELA, and indirectly at least IRAN. It doesn’t matter whether they are DESPOTIC regimes with NUCLEAR intentions or havens for Madrassas that plant the seeds of terror in young minds – they get our money because we need their oil.
    What’s worse, the potential for supply disruption is severe. In the Persian Gulf, Al Qaeda has been attempting attacks on poorly defended oil refineries for years; a successful attack on just one of the Saudis’ major oil complexes could send the U.S. economy into a tailspin. Osama bin Laden himself adivises his followers to “focus your operations on [oil], especially in Iraq and the Gulf area, since this will cause them to die off”.
    And then there are the environmental consequences of our fossil fuel-based economy. – …if all that doesn’t constitute a serious threat, I don’t know what does.”

    ? answer: the great DESPOTIC OBAMA, who curtsies in feminine submission, with the brownest nose into the bottom of the world, only rising it high on the globe, to snub the United States of America who nursed him since birth.

    The above edits are from his speech linked below. His 1% tax increase is a joke, as it’s gone up 33% but this is intentional.

    We should strike a grand bargain with the Big Three automakers where the government picks up part of the tab for their retiree health care costs – a tab that ran almost $6.7 billion just last year – in exchange for the car companies using that savings to invest in more fuel-efficient cars.

    It’s time for them to install those tanks in every single car they make, and it’s time for the government to cover this small cost, which currently runs at just $100 per car.


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