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Amnesty Bill Contains $150M To Sign Up Citizens

From Fox News:

Bill allows for $150M in grants to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens

May 5, 2013

A Washington group is criticizing the Senate immigration bill because it allows for up to $150 million for organizations to advertise citizenship opportunities and to help illegal immigrants sign up to become citizens.

The nonpartisan Center for Immigration Services calls the money “slush funds” and earlier this week cited several concerns — particularly that the money can go to the same groups that helped craft the legislation and that the spending appears to have no cap or oversight.

“It’s virtually a blank check,” Jon Feere, a Center for Immigration Services legal policy analyst, told FoxNews.com. “And the groups that helped draft this bill can now give themselves taxpayer dollars.”

The money is divided into two parts. The first is $100 million in grants to public and private nonprofit groups for programs that help people apply for provisional immigrant status, which includes assistance with completing applications and gathering proof of identification.

Or creating "proof of identification." Which is already a multi-million dollar cottage industry.

The other part is $50 million for additional assistance that includes legal help and public-awareness campaigns that tell illegal immigrants about the “eligibility and benefits of registered immigration status.”

That is, telling them how to get welfare benefits pronto.

The 844-page bill calls for the grant programs to run through 2018 and be administered by the secretary of Homeland Security through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services…

What could go wrong with Big Sis in charge?

Though the bill guidelines are specific regarding amounts and which types of groups are eligible, the Center for Immigration Services is also concerned about a provision that leaves open the possibility of addition taxpayer funding and another that says the money can be spent on “any other assistance” considered “useful or necessary.” 

“It seems to me, there’s a need for more guidelines,” Feere said. “Certainly this pro amnesty law is hard. … But one would think there would be volunteers to help immigrants fill out the paperwork.”

Why is any funding necessary? Where is the DNC? Won’t they do this for free?

His group calls those that helped draft the legislation “pro amnesty lobbyists” and includes such names as La Raza, Casa de Maryland and the American Immigration Lawyers Association…

Yes, it’s probably fair to call them ‘pro amnesty lobbyists.’

By the way, some brave Republican Senators are trying to plow through the 844 page bill. Sen. David Vitter, for instance, is tweeting about some of the disturbing details he has found so far.

Via Pajamas Media:

Sen. Vitter Tweets ‘Red Flags’ as He Reads Giant Immigration Bill

By Bridget Johnson | May 3, 2013

Just in case anyone is concerned that senators aren’t reading the 844-page immigration reform bill from the Group of Eight closely before returning from recess next week, note that Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) is tweeting as he goes, calling out concerning elements of the legislation:

[We’ve extracted the relevant comments from Senator Vitter’s posted tweets, for readability:]

pg 83 says Sec of Homeland Security can waive citizenship processing fees for illegals
page 165 says Ag workers c…an be exempted from fees for work authorization cards
page 71 lets Sec of Homeland Security waive citizenship eligibility for illegals who have been ordered for deportation
bill uses “unreviewable” 7 times
bill uses “waiver” 94 times
page 65 says Homeland Security Secretary can waive inadmissibility for humanitarian purposes and public interest
page 11 says that Secretary of Homeland Security can alter legal immigrant status of #DREAM and ag. workers
pg 102 lets Sec of Homeland Security waive employment and education requirements for illegals
pg 69 says Sec of Homeland Security can extend time allowed to apply for legal status
page 131 lets Sec of Homeland Security give $50,000,000 grants to assist illegals in citizenship apps
pg 112 lets DHS Secretary define what counts as “compelling circumstance” in citizenship app

Note that Senator Vitter is just one eighth of the way through the bill at this point.

You can follow Senator Vitter’s spade work on Twitter here.

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