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Anarchist Signed Lease For Occupy Cleveland

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Suspect in bridge bombing plot signed lease on Occupy Cleveland warehouse

Michael Sangiacomo
Saturday, May 05, 2012

CLEVELAND, Ohio — One of the five self-described anarchists arrested last week for attempting to blow up a local bridge signed the lease for a West Side warehouse where about a dozen members of the Occupy Cleveland group live.

In a one-hour recording of a Friday evening general assembly meeting of the group posted on its website http://occupycleveland.com/live-stream/, occupy leaders expressed concern about Anthony Hayne’s name being on the lease, which strengthens his link to the group.

"We have a person facing terrorism charges on the lease of our warehouse," said one of the leaders. "If this gets into the media, it would be a disaster."

The Occupy people don’t seem to realize how much our one party media loves them. Or how far they will go to will protect them.

When announcing the arrests last week of Hayne and four other men, federal authorities described them as members of a radical fringe of Occupy Cleveland

We don’t recall federal authorities describing them as members of Occupy Cleveland. In fact, most reports went out of their way to put some distance between these ‘anarchists’ and the Occupy protesters.

Hayne, 35, of Cleveland, has a criminal record dating to 2000

Joseph Zitt [sic], spokesman for Occupy Cleveland, told The Plain Dealer Saturday that when they learned Hayne was arrested in the terrorism plot, the organization started working to get his name off the lease at the 3619 Walton Avenue property.

"The landlord said it would be fine to change the name. We’re working that out now," Zitt said

In other words, the first thing they thought of was a cover-up.

Occupy Cleveland is thinking about moving from the warehouse.

During the general assembly meeting, one leader asked the group, "Is it just me? Aren’t you uncomfortable living in a warehouse where a guy has been arrested for terrorism? I don’t want to live in a place and have the FBI show up."

Notice what really bothers these people is not that some of their members have turned out to be terrorists. They are bothered at the idea of the FBI coming around.

Zitt stressed the Occupy Cleveland movement is dedicated to non-violence. He said if they had known Hayne and the other four men were considering terrorism, they would have thrown them out.

"These people participated in aspects of the movement, but once we discovered what was going on we decided they could not be part of it," Zitt said. "I wish we had learned earlier."

So they could have started their cover-up earlier.

At the time of his arrest, Hayne was wanted by Cuyahoga County for violating his probation. In January, Hayne pleaded guilty to theft and breaking and entering a Lakewood restaurant and stealing $2,000. He was placed on probation for 18 months. A judge issued a warrant for his arrest in April.

He served a year in prison starting in 2007 for beating his wife.

You can see why Mr. Hayne would have been chosen to sign the lease. He probably was the most upstanding citizen they had on hand.

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4 Responses to “Anarchist Signed Lease For Occupy Cleveland”

  1. untrainable says:

    Why would a guy who is planning to blow up a bridge, who beats his wife, who has been convicted of B&E and theft, associate himself with a group that is “dedicated to non-violence”? That’s like a skinhead signing a lease for the rainbow coalition. It would be joining a group whose purpose is antithetical to everything he believes. And even if, let’s say, they are dedicated to non-violence (cough… choke… gag) why would they choose the one violent person in the organization to sign the lease?

    The FBI should “show up” at this warehouse with a truckload of bomb sniffing dogs and a carload of zip ties. If an accused terrorist’s name is on the lease, wouldn’t that constitute probable cause? Oh, and by the way, how does a wife beating, B&E, robber, on probation afford to lease a warehouse? For that matter, how did he qualify for the lease in the first place? Did he walk in with a suitcase full of money, or did he just have a kind face?

  2. GetBackJack says:

    For pity’s sake

    The guy is named Zitt?

    He’s a Zitt???

  3. yadayada says:

    “These people participated in aspects of the movement, but once we discovered what was going on we decided they could not be part of it,” Zitt said.
    apparently this was after the arrest.

    “so, you’re a wannabe terrorist? come join our gang. an dplease sign this lease. oh you’ve been arrested for terrorist acts? and connected to us? now you can’t be in our group.

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