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Anarchists Plan To Disrupt GOP Convention

Some actual news buried in a "column" in the back of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune:

Legal challenge is in line with plans to disrupt GOP convention


June 24, 2008

Elaborate plans are underway to encircle and "shut down" the Republican National Convention at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center in September. The strategies and tactics involved could come straight from a guerrilla warfare manual.

Anarchist groups with ominous names — the RNC Welcoming Committee, Unconventional Action — have announced a "three-tier strategy" to cut off the Xcel Center. The steps include "blockading" streets and freeways, "immobilizing" delegates’ transportation and "blocking" bridges to impede delegates’ access to the center.

The plan also features a "swarm, seize, stay" strategy. After dividing the city into "sectors," protesters propose to "seize space" through both "hard technical blockades" and "softer, more mobile blockades" such as congestion, according to anarchist websites.

Some demonstrators may chain themselves together in public thoroughfares, while others operate in "waves" designed to "spread out police both geographically and tactically."

Last week, St. Paul city attorneys described these threats in documents filed in a federal lawsuit involving a permit for a march planned for Sept. 1, the convention’s first day. Between 50,000 and 100,000 demonstrators are expected to participate.

St. Paul officials have issued a permit that they say would allow protesters to march "within the very shadows of the glassed front" of the Xcel Center.

But that’s not enough for the Coalition to March on the RNC and Stop the War, an umbrella organization of protest groups. The coalition is demanding a route that would encircle the center. The city’s proposed route, it maintains, would impermissibly interfere with protesters’ ability to convey their message to delegates and the media, and so violates their First Amendment rights.

Of course in a few years several of these bravos will be on the Democrat ticket for national office. (For, lest we forget, John Kerry’s compatriots attempted a very similar thing in Miami in 1972.)

But surely this will be big news as our watchdog media exhibits its outrage against any attempt to sabotage our sacred political process.

Any minute now.

(Thanks to Cigarskunk for the heads up.)

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