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Another Canadian Terror Suspect Is Allowed Bail

From Canada’s CNews:

A prisoner gestures to the media through the window of a prisoner transport vehicle at the courthouse in Brampton, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto.

Ontario terror suspect gets bail


July 20, 2006

BRAMPTON, Ont. (CP) – A second terror suspect charged with participating in a plot to carry out attacks in Ontario was granted bail Thursday.

Twenty-one-year-old Ahmad Ghany of Mississauga, Ont., became the first of 12 adult suspects to be released from custody after a justice of the peace granted him bail for $140,000 and put him under house arrest.

Ghany is charged with knowingly participating in a terrorist group and receiving training for activity in a terrorist group.

His parents will post $100,000 while the remaining $40,000 is being posted by two other sureties.

Ghany’s bail conditions require him to stay at his parents’ home unless he is accompanied by either of his parents, or one of his other two sureties.

He is, however, able to attend work, school, court, hospital, and his lawyer’s office unaccompanied.

He is not to communicate with the other accused.

Ghany’s family members embraced each other in court upon hearing the decision.

Ghany was arrested on June 2 along with 11 other adults and five youth for alleged terrorist activities.

A lawyer for one of the accused, 25-year-old Steven Chand, has said his client has been accused of being part of a plot to set off bombs in downtown Toronto and to storm the House of Commons to decapitate Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Due to a sweeping publication ban, evidence brought before the court at the bail hearing cannot be reported.

Justice of the peace Hilda Weiss’s decision to release Ghany comes less than a week after one of his alleged co-conspirators, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was granted bail.

The youth was released last Friday under what his lawyer called "very strict conditions."

Aly Hindy, the controversial imam of the Salahuddin Islamic Centre, was at Ghany’s bail hearing Thursday for "moral support."

Hindy said Ghany’s release gives hope to his alleged co-conspirators and to the five Muslim men who were detained by the federal government under security certificates.

"I’m very happy, I’m hopeful you know," Hindy said. "Actually, not only me but even the people on the security certificates, when they knew about the release of the young guy a few days ago, they (were) also hopeful they will be released."

Neither the Crown nor Ghany’s defence lawyers would comment on the decision outside court.

Ghany left the courthouse with his family and refused to make comments to the media.

Ghany, who will report to police every Monday, is to appear in court next on Aug. 28.

The majority of the other suspects are still awaiting decisions on whether they will be granted bail.

Two of the youth suspects have been denied bail, as has 19-year-old Saad Khalid.

Hey, I’m sure they’re not a flight risk at all.

They’re just mixed up kids.

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