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Shocker: Hillary Faked Her ‘Teacher Reunion’

From the Associated Press:

Clinton gets surprise visit from Sunday school teacher

December 18, 2007

DONNELLSON, Iowa (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got a surprise visit from her past today.

At a stop in Donnellson, someone asked about her faith. Clinton said she’s a practicing Methodist.

Someone then pointed out that Clinton’s childhood Sunday school teacher was in the audience.

Clinton rushed over to hug her teacher, Rosalie Bentzinger.

Bentzinger gave Clinton a picture of the New York senator’s confirmation class from 1959.

Campaign aides say they were unaware that Bentzinger, who was with a friend of Clinton’s, was in the crowd.

It’s a miracle, no?

Well, no.

It was undoubtedly all worked out long ago.

From WireImage:

Presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., right, greets Keith Fraise, left, and Rosalie Bentzinger during a campaign stop at the rural Fort Madison, Iowa home of Eugene Fraisse on Monday, April 2, 2007. Bentzinger was Senator Clinton’s Sunday School teacher when she lived in Park Ridge Il.

Senator Hillary Clinton at a BBQ Fundraiser in Fort Madison, Iowa

Fort Madison

Fort Madison, Iowa United States

April 3, 2007 

Or maybe the smartest woman in the world is just forgetful.

Hillary Clinton at a barbecue in Fort Madison, Iowa, April 3, 2007.

And lest we forget, the BBQ at Ft. Madison back in April was the same venue where Hillary tried to plant a question.

NY Times caption: In 1959, Hillary Rodham, third from left in the third row from the bottom, in a confirmation class photo provided by the Clinton campaign.

Dan Riehl reminds us that the Hillary camp has provided her holy relic confirmation photo to the New York Times as positive proof of her Christian bona fides in the past — indeed, in an article we posted at the time.

The photos at the top are lifted from a video clip of what the endlessly gullible AP calls the political play of the day. Or maybe they misspelled “ploy.”

In any case, knowing that this was all arranged and that Hillary is “acting,” makes viewing the video quite a hoot.

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