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Another Foreign Reporter Gang-Raped In Tahrir Sq.

From Israel’s YNet News:

Foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Square

By Roi Kais | 07.01.13

Egyptian media reported Sunday that a Dutch journalist was raped by several men in Cairo’s Tahrir Square a few days ago.

Dina Zakaria, a journalist reporting for the "Egypt 25" news channel affiliated with the January 25 revolution, shared the incident on her Facebook page Sunday: "A Dutch journalist in Tahrir was raped by men who dub themselves revolutionists. Her condition is severe and she is hospitalized."

Meanwhile, a state hospital issued a statement that the journalist was admitted after being raped by five men several days ago. She underwent surgery and has been released. It was also reported that Egypt’s Prosecutor General Talaat Abdallah ordered his staff to go to the hospital to hear the woman’s story and reveal the circumstances behind the violent attack.

Under Morsi’s new Sharia regime the Dutch reporter will probably be the only person to face prosecution.

Egyptian women face sexual harassment and assaults on a daily basis. During and after the revolution, there have been a number of case of foreign reporters who were sexually assaulted, such as Sonia Dridi and Lara Logan.

Perhaps this is one of the ways Egyptians protest their government. Who are we to judge?

Sexual harassment is not new within the conservative Egyptian society, yet the extent of this phenomenon has grown and become more violent and visible. The Egyptian law defines assault as a crime, but not sexual assault…

Notice that this is the fault of ‘conservative’ Egyptian society. Apparently, you only go from being a ‘conservative’ to a ‘radical’ when you start to blow things up.

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6 Responses to “Another Foreign Reporter Gang-Raped In Tahrir Sq.”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    Excuse me, but I don’t have any sympathy for these people. How effing naive can you be? Just like that american kid that got killed at one of the protests.

    You have to be pretty damn stupid, in my book, to travel to another country where there is political unrest. I don’t care if you’re a reporter or not. Especially if you’re so naive as to think that your participation is going to somehow “make the world a better place”.

    Reverse Darwinism. Not that I believe in evolution at all, but it is good to cull the their DNA before they reproduce.

  2. canary says:

    The increase of raping Egypt’s slave women has been in the news a lot. Plenty of footage, and men making up teams to try and protect them when ever the woman goes in the street.

    Still, the WH administration top gives Egypt’s money, and won’t publicly even demand the rapes stop before handing them the money. Police do nothing to stop them. So a female reporter would be pretty stupid to go there if their own women have to wear veils and are afraid to go on the streets.

  3. AcornsRNutz says:

    Little off topic, but I Steve’s comment about the use of the word conservative does deserve a little attention in my opinion. While I understand what he is saying as regards the attempted Pavlovian assosciation of American conservatives with this kind of radical behavior by the press (and I agree with his objection), I think it is worth pointing out that by definition, we are in fact, as American conservatives the only true liberals left in the world. Odd I know, but hear me out. Conservative means holding on to the traditional ways assosciated with a given culture for a long period of time, or rejection to change or newer ideas. In America that would make constitutional small-R republicans conservative, but only in the context of America’s short history. Compared to the rest of the world, oppression, despotism, fascism, a ridgid class system based on heredity (particularly in muslim cultures) were the old traditional ways. That was what made us unique at the time of our founding, the true “liberal” idealistic innovators of an unheard of system of representitive government.

    The word liberal has been stolen and assosciated with communism/marxism etc, since that concept as it is presented is much newer than America, but when those systems are put in place to run a country, they break down into the above listed “traditional” systems pretty quickly, and frankly are designed to do so. Communism marxism et al; are always sold by deception, thus the term “liberal” or “progressive” is used. Throw that at your average self identifying American “liberal” and let them chew on it for a while.

    Sorry for the side track.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      You’re right to point out how the left has stolen some of our most innocent words, symbols and phrases and stained them with their political agenda. (Along with a few blue dresses)

      Rainbows – The sign of God’s covenant with Noah

      There are hundreds of examples.

      My Dad used to tell me often that I should get an “All round Liberal Education”. I assure you he wasn’t talking about long haired, maggot infested, FM radio listening types.

    • captstubby says:

      The Spanish Civil War
      The forces on the right were known as Nationalists.
      The forces on the left were known as Republicans.
      The Nationalists received help from Nazi Germany ,”volunteers” from Mussolini’s Italy also helped the Nationalists.
      The Republicans received help from Russia. Stalin sent advisers and technicians. An International Brigade comprising of volunteers from all over the world also helped the Republicans.


      A person who advocates political independence for a country.
      A person with strong patriotic feelings, esp. one who believes in the superiority of their country over others.


      (of a form of government, constitution, etc.) Belonging to or characteristic of a republic.

      A person advocating or supporting republican government.

  4. BillK says:

    You’ll notice that once again all the groups on the left – notably NOW – are completely silent on this.

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