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Another Photo Of Obama In ‘Muslim Garb’?

And, once again it is a photo from the Associated Press:


Or course we are no African wardrobe experts, but Mr. Obama seems to be wearing either a dashiki or a boubou, with what would appear to be kufi hat.

Dashikis and kufi are worn by Christians and Muslims, as well as followers of African traditional religions.

From Wikipedia:


African and African-American Usage

In West Africa, a kufi cap is the traditional hat for men. The kufi has no religious significance. It is worn equally by Christians, Muslims, and followers of African traditional religion. Many grandfathers and other older men wear a kufi everyday to symbolize their status as wise elders, religious people, or family patriarchs.

Among Africa’s Muslims, white kufis are worn for Friday prayers, by very religious men, and those who have performed the Muslim pilgrimage, see Hajj…

Muslim Usage

Muslims also wear kufis. The companions of Muhammad were never seen without their heads being covered. In order to emulate their actions, Muslims throughout the world wear a variety of kufis, caps, and other headgear. Another goal of wearing a kufi is to be more like Muhammad and therefore obey and follow his tradition…

But also according to Wikipedia Boubous, as opposed to dashikis, are worn almost exclusively by Muslims. There are supposedly subtle differences between the two, but alas they are beyond our ken.

But given that Obama’s father and his other African relatives are indeed Muslims, this ensemble is probably more Islamic than not.

Moreover, it does not seemed to have been donned as a courtesy to Mr. Obama’s hosts or for a ‘photo op.’

Once again, however, please note that nobody here is suggesting this makes Mr. Obama a Muslim.

It is just a curious thing that we should have so rarely seen such photos before, if they are in indeed the possession of the Associated Press.

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