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Third Obama Nominee Tax Cheat Quits

From the Politico:

U.S. President elect Barack Obama appears with Nancy Killefer (R), his appointee as White House Chief Performance Officer to oversee budget and spending reform during a news conference at his transition office in Washington January 7, 2009.

Tax problems fell OMB official


Failure to pay taxes will fell at least one of President Obama’s appointees.

Nancy Killefer, who was slated to be the White House’s first chief performance officer, withdrew her nomination Tuesday, saying in a letter to the president that her tax delinquency would cause political hardships.

Killefer, in a five-sentence letter released by the White House, said she had “come to realize in the current environment that my personal tax issue of D.C. Unemployment tax could be used to create exactly the kind of distraction and delay those duties must avoid.”

The former McKinsey consultant faced a nearly $950 lien in 2005 on her Washington, D.C. home after not paying taxes for a year and a half on household help.

The lien was disclosed when Killefer was appointed in early January to a new OMB position aimed at streamlining government and rooting out waste and inefficiency

“She has nanny tax problems that may not have been insurmountable on their own, but given the Geithner and Daschle cumulative effect, she had to withdraw” said a Senate source informed of the withdrawal.

Obama aides didn’t immediately answer a barrage of questions from reporters about Killefer, the most pressing of which was: how did her appointment go through in the first place and did she disclose her lien upon being tapped?

The questionnaire Obama made all nominees fill out is explicit on the matter, asking them if taxes and Social Security obligations were paid on household help.

The “current environment,’ as Killefer put it in her letter, poses political danger to Obama…

Obama ignored a shouted question Monday morning from CNN’s Ed Henry after a White House ceremony announcing the selection of Sen. Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary as to why so many administration appointees are having tax troubles…

This is craziness.

Aren’t there any Democrats who pay their taxes?

Can we question their patriotism now?

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27 Responses to “Third Obama Nominee Tax Cheat Quits”

  1. proreason says:

    Ho-hum. Another day, another tax cheat. From the suddenly curious Washington Post:

    Obama’s Choice for Chief Performance Officer Withdraws Name

    Nancy Killefer, the management consultant and former Treasury official who had been picked by President Obama to serve as the country’s chief performance officer, has withdrawn from consideration for the post, White House officials confirmed this morning.

    Officials in the White House refused to say why she has withdrawn her name, but they said more details will come later in the day.

    Shortly after her appointment, the Associated Press reported that Killefer had a tax lien placed on her house by the D.C. government because of a failure to pay unemployment taxes on household help. Since then, administration officials refused to answer questions about the tax error, which she resolved five months after the lien was filed, the wire service said.

    Killefer was nominated by Obama in early January to be deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, which requires Senate confirmation, and appointed at the same time to a new White House post, chief performance officer for the entire federal government.

    Obama had said Killefer would work on “identifying where there are areas that we can make big change that lasts beyond the economic recovery plan and save taxpayer money over the long term.” It was not immediately clear who would replace her.


    Well, Nancy certainly seems qualified to save taxpayer’s money, so why should she withdraw?

    Awesome Nohah O’Donnell from the loathsome Moronic Slobbering National Barak Channel is wondering why only the women have to withdraw because of tax problems. I wonder what made that pop into her pretty little head?

  2. Kilmeny says:

    You know, if we just rounded up all these high-ranking Democrats and forced them to pay every cent of their back taxes there wouldn’t be any need for this so-called stimulus package.

    Or at least lately it just seems that way. Sheesh.

    • proreason says:

      You are probably kidding, but here’s an interesting tidbit for you:

      If the 100,000 families who control 25% of the wealth of the country were taxed at 5%, it would about equal the total income tax revenues of he federal government (about 1 trillion dollars).

      It would also force wealthy parasites to invest in businesses which would be an economic stimulus like a super-nova. Today, the obscenely wealthy invest in passive real estate, municle bonds, and illegal offshore accounts.

      And for those of you saying that isn’t fair…….even with the recent stock market crash, average annual returns are well above 5%……so a 5% tax would still allow the parasites’ unearned fortunes to grow.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      PR: we tax income (wages, interest, dividends, capital gains) not wealth. Taxing wealth is a bad idea for myriad reasons. Here’s one: it would be a slippery slope no different than income taxes, which started out for just the wealthy, then moved to most. Pretty soon, they’d want to tax the equity in your home, your car(s), your 401k, your furniture, et cetera. Not a good idea.

      Also, I’m a little surprised at your apparent class-envy…

    • proreason says:

      “PR: we tax income (wages, interest, dividends, capital gains) not wealth. ” Not true, we also tax trade (sales tax), real estate (property tax), foreign trade (excise taxes), social security and pension payments and whatever else the government can get away with. But they don’t tax unearned wealth (and most of the income it generates) because the people who have money have bribed the government to tax YOU and ME instead of them.

      “Taxing wealth is a bad idea for myriad reasons. Here’s one: it would be a slippery slope no different than income taxes, which started out for just the wealthy, then moved to most.” Already on that slope, Colonel. Check out your property tax statement.

      Why is it a bad idea to tax the people who have the most, particularly when they pay vitually nothing. I thought that’s what progressive taxation was all about? Good for me, but not for thee, Colonel??

      “Pretty soon, they’d want to tax the equity in your home, ” already doing it
      “your car(s)” already doing it (many states do this)
      “your 401k” already doing it (distributions are taxed as regular income)
      “your furniture” already doing it (sales tax)

      “Also, I’m a little surprised at your apparent class-envy…” I’m not envious at all. They started Class Warfare. I’m just pointing out the outrageous hypocracy of wealthy liberals.

      As I pointed out numerous times, Theresa Kerry and her ilk pay taxes at a rate of about 1/600th of what working people pay. Nobody knows it because they buy politicians and the politicians never ever mention that working people carry the idle rich on their backs. (but of course, they always point out the a working person making 100,000 is UNDERTAXED).

      But even so, if the libwits weren’t screaming from the rooftops to raise MY taxes when I already pay about 50% counting all sources, I wouldn’t say anything about it.

      Now consider this……the country has apoplexia about the money CEO’s make……but CEO’s are all paying taxes on 35% on their income since most of it is on W-2’s. Yet Theresa Kerry, and many others, pay nothing. And don’t tell me she had no income. The stock market went up 26% the year she declared 1/2 of 1% of income. She’s a tax cheat. The Wall Street exec’s who gave themselves bonuses of $33B last year will pay over $11B in taxes. The idle rich with about $20 Trillion in wealth will pay about $13B in taxes (if they pay as generously as the dear Madame). So why is the country screaming about Wall Street. We should be screaming about the ketchup queens.

      Fortunes above 50 or 100 million should be taxed at 5% per year. That would force the idle rich to invest their wealth instead of sitting on it. The economic crisis would be over the second it was announced. The stock market would jump 25% the first day. Unemployment would go back to 5% in a few months.

      Think about it.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      PR: Your premise, by my reading, was based on the Federal Government – they tax income, period. A 401k disbursement is income. Yes, states tax property, etc. – which is wrong, but that’s another argument…

      ‘Fortunes above 50 or 100 million should be taxed at 5% per year. That would force the idle rich to invest their wealth instead of sitting on it. The economic crisis would be over the second it was announced…’ Again, ‘idle rich’ – pure class envy. And your argument that ‘they’ started it is tu quoque – a fallacy of logic.

      Quite frankly, I know lots of folks – some of them very good friends (‘parasites’ in you parlance) – with net worths in the $50-100M range and more. They are out there investing in companies and technologies, creating jobs and more wealth – hardly idle. Your ‘Robin Hood’ diatribe sounds a lot like Hillary wanting to ‘take’ oil companies’ profits. You think about it… Would you rather have that money in their hands or the Government? Completely rhetorical.

      Not to worry, I pay a load of taxes, too – as do my rich friends and acquaintances. And not to defend Kerry, per se, but you most likely have only seen a limited amount of her tax data – you probably don’t know the complete picture (conjecture on my part).

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    “Corruption Eruption” – a new phrase stemming from the Clinton administration’s numerous Bimbo Eruptions that shall apply to anyone connected to the 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama, which likewise shall be ignored by the media while castigating their old line of “the politics of personal destruction” with abandon.

    • JohnMG says:

      She’s just a small fish and certainly dispensable enough, but it will create the desired illusion that Obama is serious about ethics. It will also create the desired distraction that will allow people like Daschel to slide into position unnoticed and unscathed. These feckless souls have no sense of shame. They are totally, morally bankrupt!

    • Reality Bytes says:

      What’s Obama’s Corruption Eruption Score so far?

      I count Geithner, this broad whoever she is, Daschle. That’s 3. That’s more than 1 a week so far.

    • proreason says:

      oh you gotta throw Blago, Rahn the Impaler, and Rangel in there as well.

      Chris Dodd is also now talking about “re-financing” his ill-gotten mortgage to remove the whiff of impropriety. Isn’t it swell that he his doing it now that mortgage rates have dropped…..no connection of course.

  4. ptat says:

    Hey, I am way behind on my taxes—can I get a job in President Hussein’s cabinet? Call me! Love ya’, babe!

  5. proreason says:

    The Moron lived in high-style even though he averaged much less than 100K p.a. until his handlers bought 4 million of his self-absorbed autobiographies, and Thunder Butt started getting million dollar bonuses for spitting her hate-america campaign speech.

    Wouldn’t it be interesing to see an audit of the Obamy’s taxes?

    Do ya think there might be some unreported income for any of those years?

  6. oldswimcoach says:

    I now understand why the Democrats are always raising taxes – they don’t pay them!

  7. Confucius says:

    I’m torn.

    I don’t care much for Obama or the IRS, but they’ve been terrific as a team this past two weeks. Who knew the two together could be more effective in taking down Democrats than the “vast right-wing conspiracy” or “Republican attack machine”?

    Speaking of which, is it possible for Obama to nominate himself for something?

  8. Dave2882 says:

    My blood pressure’s going to be through the roof this year when I’m taking care to file a complete and accurate tax return…

    …so that tax cheat Geithner can take the money and use it on his planned mother-of-all bailouts.

    Geithner and Daschle knew they owed the money, but didn’t pay until Obama picked them.

  9. canary says:

    Forget the free education to Hartford for every American Obama promised, after his whining of struggling most his elite life to pay it’s tuition. It will cost too much to build and expand Hartford for every American to attend. I hope we get vouchers that can be used for free nannies and butlers, instead of free school. And we won’t even have to pay their health benifits, but I’m beginning to think this Change slogan means No Change in Our Pockets..

  10. canary says:

    ….oh……hmmm….maybe they are all broke from contributing to Obama’s campaign.

  11. Liberals Demise says:

    The “O” Zone is wide open!! Spank that democrapic diaper and dance out the next little shit to take the place of the last dip shit that hiccuped and didn’t pay his taxes too! I’m tired of the excusing and apologizing and looking the other way. These are the “BOOBS” that created the “MONSTER” and they don’t have to obey?

    I listened to Rush today @ the 1 o’clock hour and there was this lady (Reggie) who stated that ALL (everyone) of our elected officials should be IMMEDIATELY AUDITED!! Give them a taste of what we are subjected to every stinking day; at their hands!

    I, second that motion and who”s with me? (and Reggie, of course) It’s time to play for keeps boys and girls. This is W-A-Y outta hand. We the people need to get in the faces of the overboard, better than thou crowd.
    They may think they are better than us….but believe me……. THEY AIN”T!!

    • proreason says:

      hear hear.


      and kick out all the cheats. That should clean out the rat’s nest.

      I’m writing to my congressman right now on this one.

      Here is my letter:

      “Dear xxx,

      Based on the large numbers of tax cheats that the Obama aministration has nominated to cabinet posts, I STRONGLY URGE you to call for Tax Audits of every government official in the congress, in Cabinet level positions, all of the president’s advisors, and one level down in all Cabinet positions.

      Without such an audit, the American people’s faith in the integrity of government officials will be permanently lost.”

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Well siad, my friend!

  12. bobbys says:

    Maybe this is the party of personal…Self destruction????

  13. curvyred says:

    And yet we still have Geithner as the Treasury Secretary – in my honest opinion he should have been the first one to resign. I do not understand how someone who doesn’t know how to file his own taxes is now going to oversee the IRS. Doesn’t really instill confidence in my heart.

  14. VMAN says:

    They owe. They owe. So it’s off to jail they go. To the IRS they must confess. They owe. They owe.

  15. Perdido says:

    Maybe, just maybe, the income tax code, carefully read, does not make them liable for the income tax.

    Fact is, on earnings separate from privileged work for the government of the United States or in it’s possessions no one is liable.

    Let’s at least bark up the right tree.

  16. Odie44 says:

    Chief Performance Officer – can’t pay her taxes…

    As if 10 more titles in the White House are needed to guide Bambi out of the woods each day.

  17. proreason says:

    VDH is brilliant.

    Here he analyzes the distrous first 2 weeks of the Moron’s administration and gives rational advice…….which will be ignored because the Moron figured everything out decades ago in his dorm room.

    Since nobody since then has corrected the nitwit, he still believes his adolescent fantasies.

    And of course, it might have helped if he had ever had to work for a living, or ever managed a single person.


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