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Anti-Amnesty Calls ‘Flood’ Congressional Offices

From the Daily Caller:

Immigration reform critics flood Senate with phone calls

By Neil Munro | June 25, 2013

Critics of the Democrat-led immigration rewrite are bombarding Senate offices with thousands of phone calls, and advocates say those calls are keeping numerous wayward GOP Senators from joining the Democrats’ immigration bill.

“Five hundred [calls] yesterday, and right now, they’re just ringing non-stop,” said an upset staffer at the office of Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, who has voted on both sides of the dispute.

Protestors have sent “hundreds or thousands” of calls to Ohio Republican Sen. Robert Portman’s Republican office, a staff member told The Daily Caller.

“That vast majority of calls today have been on that… [and] we’ve been getting calls on that for a couple of weeks,” said a staffer working for Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. Robert Casey.


The calls have stiffened the spine of GOP Senators who might otherwise bend to pressure from business groups and from influential people in their home state, such as editorial writers and clerics, said Roy Beck, executive director of NumbersUSA, which provides a free phone service for Americans who oppose the massive rewrite.

“Our lines sent in hundreds of thousands of calls in the last month,” said Beck. “The senators spend most of their time with big-time donors, and lobbyists and leaders of special-interest groups, and they don’t have much time to spend with voters in their states… [so] faxes, phone-calls and emails are virtually the only way that voters can have access," Beck said.

He argues that polls show the bill’s details are very unpopular, especially among GOP voters. Forty-nine percent of Republicans and 45 percent of blue-collar white voters say they would be less likely to support a politician who voted for “a pathway to citizenship,” or amnesty, according to a new poll by National Journal. That’s true for only 19 percent of Democrats.

The Senate’s Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, is pushing to pass the bill prior to the July 4 break because the public is learning more about the details of the bill, said William Gheen, head of the ALIPAC, or the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

“The calls [to Congress] are going our way… and if the bill can be delayed another week, it probably won’t pass,” Gheen said.

Without the calls, the Democratic leadership would have gotten up to 85 votes in the critical Monday cloture-vote, leaving only 15 against amnesty and guest-workers, Beck estimated. “The phones calls have bumped it up from 15 to 27 or 31,” he said.

However, Beck’s side did lose the critical cloture vote, 27 to 67, with several Senators absent. In 2007, a similar vote was crushed 53 to 46, ending an immigration bill championed by President George W. Bush.

Since then, the pro-immigration coalition has changed its language and tactics, and has spent a lot of money on advertising, lobbying and  public relations, said Beck. There’s no independent means to measure the volume and direction of calls to Senators’ offices.

But you can be sure that they are being spammed by Organizers For Action and the other ‘grassroots’ hacks that are paid for by the Democrat Party.

TheDC called the offices of 15 Senators, and several Senators’ regional offices to ask the number of protest calls. Most offices gave guarded responses, and no press secretaries offered an estimate of incoming calls.

“Yes, we’ve got quite a few,” said a staffer at Sen. Mark Kirk’s office, a GOP member from Illinois…

Staff at the office of Louisiana’s Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu got “probably a couple of hundred” calls, said one secretary. Landrieu is a possible swing-vote, because she’s up for election in a GOP-leaning state, and voted against a similar immigration rewrite in 2007 when the country was going through an economic boom.

“We’ve been getting hundreds of calls,” said a staffer working for Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, another Senator who supported the Monday cloture vote.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls… We’re getting hundreds of calls,” said a staffer working for Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker, who brokered a border-security deal with the Democrats that ensured a win for the Democrats on Monday.

Washington Democrat Sen. Patty Murray, who isn’t regarded as a swing-voter on the issue despite having many jobs in her high-tech district lost to guest-workers, also received many calls. “We have received a number of calls… We’ve been getting a lot,” said a staffer in her office.

TheDC was unable to get through to some offices because the lines were busy…

“We are experiencing a high volume of calls,” said a woman’s voice on the phone system at West Virginia Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller’s office. Like Manchin, he supported the cloture vote, after voting against a similar measure in 2007…

Well, let’s hope they listen.

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3 Responses to “Anti-Amnesty Calls ‘Flood’ Congressional Offices”

  1. River0 says:

    It’s a very positive sign that dissent is on the rise. The GOP is suicidal, and will disappear at this rate of betrayal.

    We’re in a fight for our national survival. Hispanics generally refuse to integrate themselves into American culture, and actively seek separation from it. We think they’re leaving Mexico because they want to live in a more enlightened culture, but they actually want to recreate Mexico here. We can come to no other reasonable conclusion based on what they do when they get here.

    Sure, they want jobs, mostly, but they don’t learn much English, and they elect bosses who dole out benefits to Hispanic communities. As Pat Buchanan has said, the end effect will be the destruction of the United States.

  2. wirenut says:

    Only in D.C. can you take the word comprehensive, and turn it into convoluted. Anytime I hear “comprehensive”,
    I sense, B.as in B., and S. as in S. I’m not quite the Constitutional scholar that our current feckless leader is, But for GOD SAKE’S, stand for something other then party or position. This Country will work, If we are allowed to.
    If I could tell any member of the government anything, It would be, Get out of the house and mow the damn yard!

  3. Mithrandir says:


    Isn’t it amazing that for every event, people have to run to their phones, emails, give money, protest to make their government do what they are supposed to do without all this drama? Are they not getting paid handsome salaries on top of all this?
    (Because of this latest crisis, won’t you please donate $5, $10, or $25, so your already highly paid candidate can pretend to stop _________ from happening?)

    This is government causing pain, panic, and disarray among the people. It truly is the devil’s work. We are always at the cusp of falling off some cliff at the 11th hour unless the government acts correctly, or the people MAKE them act correctly. We all have “cliff-fatigue.”

    These are really the end times of this nation. I’m not a bit surprised that the terrible things seem to happen with such great ease. Will homosexuals get everything they want? Of course! Will illegal criminals flood this nation and crumble it? Why of course! Will the VASTLY unqualified and personally HORRIBLE candidate, Hillary Clinton win the nomination and be president in 2016? You can count on it! Will some other terrible thing happen, and our ruling class will act like it’s no big deal? Of course silly! –Wow, this country deserves everything it gets, really.

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