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Anti-AZ Immigration Law Protest – Photos

From The Dustin Inman Society:

Protest pictures at Phoenix Capital

Photos from the May 29, 2010 Phoenix protest against the Arizona immigration enforcement law…


The racism and sheer ignorance on display is simply staggering. (Hint: the Western Hemisphere is not a continent.)

And someone should tell Mrs. Pelosi that there is a lot of Nazi talk and swastikaas [sic] being bandied about.

But, as usually happens, their real agenda slips out.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, May 31st, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

24 Responses to “Anti-AZ Immigration Law Protest – Photos”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    They say a picture can be worth a thousand words.

    I’m speechless.

    • JohnMG says:

      Back in the day, when PC hadn’t polluted rational thinking, and when I was in Marine Corps, (pronounced ‘core’, not corpse, Obama) boot camp,, the Mexicans among us were routinely called ‘wetbacks’ by the drill instructors, and they laughed about it.

      Once during mail call, as we neared graduation, one member of our platoon was boasting of his Mexican heritage, and the #2 ‘Hat’, who happened to be from Boston and sarcastic as hell said; “What do you Mexicans have for a history? All a Mexican is, is a descendent of an indian that got knocked up by a Spanish invader!”

      This was in 1967, and I’ve thought of it a lot in recent months, for he distilled into two sentences the entire claim these jerk-wads have to being indigenous to this country. In other words….NONE!

    • mr_bill says:

      JohnMG, thank you for pointing that out. The mexicans are not indigenous to anywhere. Their “race” did not exist when europeans came to the western hemisphere. Furthermore, the indians that were here came from elsewhere as well so there really is no such thing as a “native” on any of the continents in the western hemisphere.

      For a group of people who can’t stop blathering about their “ancestors” and “heritage”, the mexicans seem quite ignorant of where the “raza” came from and the fact that they are mutts and half-breeds.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Native” is a term that is often used to say “who was here first”. In my very pedestrian study of ancient Rome, the Estruscans were there first. However, there is little, if any record and certainly no attempts at apology from the Romans for overwhelming a civilization and most likely absorbing it into its own culture.

      No, what we’re seeing here is pretty much a first for nations, where liberal lefties are so at odds with the free life they live but as yet unwilling to throw themselves off the precipice in order that a hyphenated American have “their land” back.

      Aside from all “who came first” arguments, from the 1600’s to the 1800’s, the North American continent was fought over, won, lost, won again and there was a lot going on which resulted in the current US of A. For the “native” peoples who were conquered, I say “tough darts”. Assimilate or leave, or die. And that’s not a cruel point of view. For in the US, unlike other nations they can still be hyphenated if they want, they have places of their own to live and seem to have been able to capitalize on the white man’s vices to take advantage of the profits available to them. They also taught the white man to smoke, thus killing many more of him than the white man has of them.

      But on the face of it, I make no apology for living here, operating under laws that were decided upon centuries ago which usurped their way of life. Were they a stronger “nation” and kicked the Europeans’ collective behind out, then that would be the way history would tell it, no? They weren’t and they didn’t. The Europeans had technology and numbers superior to theirs.

      To wind back the clock for a “do-over” is ridiculous. If anything, the hyphenated peoples can function quite well in the “white man’s world”, provided they avoid drugs, alcohol and several other things that they allow to hold them back, along with inferior schools, which the proceeds from casinos was supposed to solve. But then again, we see human nature doing what it does best. It sees money…and those who have power (tribal elders)keep it. Nothing new there since the Etruscans, either, eh?

      Again, NEVER underestimate the ability of the human to game any/all systems.

    • Steve says:

      No Mexican ancestors ever lived in the American Southwest. The Spanish living in the Southwest in 1846 stayed there, and became Americans by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

      No Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest were marched to the border and driven into Mexico. So no current inhabitants of Mexico have a claim on even one single inch of the American Southwest.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Indeed. The only “indigenous” people (for lack of a better term) were the Pima and Papago Indians, who, as explained in this excerpt from http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/tribes/pima/pimaindianhist.htm, were not entirely without wars and “land grabs”.

      The Pima attribute their decline to the rapacity of foreign tribes from the east, who came in three bands, destroying their pueblos, devastating their fields, and killing or enslaving many of their inhabitants. Prior to this, however, a part of the tribe seceded from the main body and moved south, settling in the valleys of Altar, Magdalena, and Sonora Rivers, as well as of adjacent streams, where they became known as Pimas Bajos or Nevome, and Opata. The others descended from the mountains whence they had fled, resettled the valley of the Salt, and again tilled the soil. They never rebuilt the substantial adobe dwellings, even though needed for defense against the always aggressive Apache; but, humbled by defeat, constructed dome-shaped lodges of pliable poles covered with thatch and mud, and in such habitations have since dwelt. The names applied to the Pima by the Apache and some other tribes furnish evidence that they formerly dwelt in adobe houses. Early in the 19th century the Pima were joined by the Maricopa, of Yuman stock, who left their former home at the mouth of the Gila and on the Colorado owing to constant oppression by the Yuma and Mohave. Although speaking distinct languages the Maricopa and Pima have since dwelt together in harmony.

      So the question of “whose land is it, really?” is suspect on the face of it and one cannot keep going back into the past to make the determination. For now, it’s the United States and I hope it stays that way for many decades to come. But signs don’t look good.

  2. MartyCohn says:

    Socialists, swastika-bearers (even though they are pointing fingers with the signs), and apologists. You can tell a lot about yourself by your friends.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    I see ‘PERFECT’ English on the protest signs.
    So does this mean we can go back to not hitting “1” on our phones for English?

  4. proreason says:

    Actually, it’s not at all clear who the first settlers of the Americas were.

    There is a growing body of evidence that some ancient people from Europe got here first, probably by boats during the latter part of the most recent ice age, when the glaciers were solid from Canada to northern Europe. Some of the earliest skeletal remains are more European than Asian. And the ancient toolkits are uncannily similar to the tools that were developed by the people in Europe around 15,000 years ago.

    The people we call Indians today might have exterminated those early Europeans.


    But whatever the final answer to that puzzle is, one thing is for sure……the ancient Americans were no more peaceful than people ever were on any continent in any era. Histroy is essentially one long series of violent conquests.

    • JohnMG says:

      The Navajo peoples and their language have an eerie similarity to the Athabascans from the far north who may have crossed from Asia on the suspected land bridge and then migrated south to their present region. Their history as an indigeneous people is fairly recent by most standards.

      Be that as it may, you are correct when you say that history is a succession of violent encounters, most frequently centered around the aquisition of territory. The whole issue of colonialism bears witness to this, but it gives lie to the claim that the US was/is no different than our forbearers.

      This country was established after colonization had taken place. For every war we’ve been in since the Spanish-American war going forward, the only property we have claimed for our own from our vanquished foes, was enough to bury our dead.

      On this sacred Memorial Day, may God bless the USA and all her veterans, past, present, and future.

      Semper Fi.

    • proreason says:

      Most observors agree that early Europeans, if there were any, are long since gone from the Americas and that the people who populated the Americas by 1400’s were overwhelmingly descendents of Asians who reached to the continents either by the land bridge or by boats.

      Boats seem ridiculous, on the face of it, until you realize that they wouldn’t have had to navigate open waters. Coastal routes from Asia or Europe were possible and didn’t require boats that could survive ocean storms. Ice connected those three continents for thousands of years after modern humans reached north Asia and north Europe. Also, the ice extended the coastlines into the oceans by large amounts. For example, the English channel was dry and inhabited during the last Ice Age. There could have been long stretches of coastline in the north that were not iced over during that period as well.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “This country was established after colonization had taken place. For every war we’ve been in since the Spanish-American war going forward, the only property we have claimed for our own from our vanquished foes, was enough to bury our dead.”

      Thank so much for your service John; you’re exactly right and I’ve really appreciated your input on this thread. When we weren’t going to war to champion the dream of renewed peace, then it was in the defense of liberty for all. Americanism is a collective selflessness that has conquered unstoppably destructive forces and paved the foundation for the greatest advances in the lifestyles of everyday individuals around the globe. It is the shining city on the hill overlooking the valleys of strife of man’s past.

      While we hold the front in the arena of ideas, may God indeed keep safe those who are on the real battlelines today and all those who paid such a heavy price for such a fantastic future (that’s not sarcasm; even with all the danger, lies and division, this is still one of the most unique and amazing times in history, paid in full with courage and blood).

  5. jobeth says:

    Not one person is telling anyone who was born on these shores to “go back” to their ancestral home. Not blacks, not hispanics, not irish, not brittish, italians or chinese.

    I matters not one wit where your parents and grandparents were from. Were you born here?. Ok…you stay. No? Get in line. Its that dang simple.

    Using their own rule…that would mean that the Indians would be going to Siberia on the next boat.

    This is all so stupid.

    • wardmama4 says:

      All good points, in addition to this – My family comprises English, German, Swedish, Irish, Scottish, and probably some slavic (and perhaps a touch of Native American Indian) – so exactly where would someone like I go? Which country is ‘my homeland’ – simple it’s America.

      And this whole merging Native American Indian, First Nation and Mexicans is just such a hoot – study the history – the Native Americans were very brutal and thought nothing of enslaving the Mexicans where ever, when ever possible.

      As pointed out – The Indians of Mexico & America could have united to fight back – but as in all things historical – this wasn’t their ‘native’ land any more than the hated ‘white’ conquerers (excuse me but aren’t the Spanish part of the Latino experience now?) – which just goes to show – all people have been conquered at some time and all people conquer others at some point.

      It is a shame that in the name of some artificial attribute – Nationality, religion, language – brothers and sisters rise up against each other – over and over again throughout history. And don’t get me started on the ‘race’ issue – it’s simply a matter of pigmentation – used by the li(e)brals to once again divide and pit one against another. All people are descendants of the two original humans – be you a big bang theorist or a biblical believer. And like petulant children – we continue to spit upon, beat up and lie about our brothers & sisters and how much Mom & Dad loved them best (and gave them everything while giving us nothing).

      And oh btw, Illegals talk about ‘stealing’ something – you want to ‘steal’ America and turn it into another 3rd world cesspool (just like your own country(ies)) which you’ve done not a damn thing about to make a better place at all. Stay home and fix your own home up first – then we’ll talk.

      Illegals (no matter what country you are from) Go home, get in line, and oh yeah, work at a job or at least planting a garden to keep your own family fed – then come here legally, if you still want to. America is probably the most heterogeneous country/society/culture on Earth and until the 1960s was doing a damn fine job of it.

      I blame the hippies for the ‘change’ in America.

    • jobeth says:

      Wardmama…Amen and Amen.

      Your comment about them wanting to make this a 3rd world nation is on the mark.
      Everyone wants to come here from their 3rd world country because of all the wonderful things, and rights etc we have here. Good roads…good police protection…not on the take. A school system, while losing ground steadily is much better than anything they had at home. Health care is worlds above what most get at home…at least until Obalmy care is in place.

      Once they would get in and get their way….They demand we accommodate their customs. Have you seen the average Mexican house? I don’t want to live in one…yet go to certain areas here in America…and close your eyes and you’d think you were south of the border. No attempt to assimilate at all. This goes for most groups from Mexican to Muslim.

      Way back when Italians, Irish and others came over via the right way…they also set up in neighborhoods of their expat countrymen…ie Little Italy the Greek quarters, the Polish areas etc. But these people were proud to be here and insisted their children learn English and become Americanized. Some even Americanized their names…not in shame for their origins but in pride for now being American. I grew up just outside a city that had all kinds of neighborhoods…but never did I get the feeling that they demanded American change to suit them…It was just the opposite…They wanted to adopt American values.

      What has happened to the current bunch of immigrants?

      If we accommodate their demands in the name of “kindness” how long before this country would be the same as the one they are leaving.

      You know what really bugs me? If you are British (not the country of Ireland) from England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland…you can NOT come to this country via the lottery like some uneducated sand flea who will later try to bomb us.

      Unless you have enough money to start your own business, have a specialty skill, or marry someone you can’t get in. If you already have a family member..and they must be a close relative…as in son daughter mother father…you have the privilege of waiting for years to come in. But that’s the only way a Brit can get here….and it was the UK who provided the smart men and women who created our country…but alas no more.

  6. canary says:

    Some bad Mexicans use to come over and kill, rape, and steal from the Indians. Now some bad Mexicans come over kill, rape, & steal from Americans. Now they want everything.

  7. Petronius says:

    “White racists go back to Europe.”

    Apparently then these guys don’t fully subscribe to the melting pot theory.

    Anyway thanks for the photos of the Democrat Party base.

    And for the proof that there is no bottom to stupidity.

  8. canary says:

    I guess we should send the illegal Mexicans back to the Middle-East to save in the long run, when they claim we let them in, and we should pay to send them back to their native homes.

  9. Dunk says:

    It’s become quite clear to me that cavemen and women were the truly indigenous ones. Therefore, I hereby annoint the Geico tribe as rulers of the United States. And earth. If you are a caveman descendant, you are now entitled to claim the earth as yours….and drive without a license or insurance.

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