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Anti (Black) Abortion Ad Pulled In NYC

From an irony proof Associated Press:

Ad company pulls NYC anti-abortion billboard

By Cristian [sic] Salazar, Associated Press – Fri Feb 25, 2011

NEW YORK – An outdoor advertising company has taken down a New York City anti-abortion billboard that showed a black girl along with the tagline, "The most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb."

A manager for Louisiana-based Lamar Advertising confirmed Thursday the company had decided to take down the billboard. Some black residents said they found it offensive.

The Rev. Al Sharpton praised the decision and canceled plans to protest the billboard.

The billboard was placed in a busy Manhattan neighborhood by the group Life Always as part of a national campaign tied to Black History Month. The group says its message highlights Planned Parenthood’s "targeting of minority neighborhoods."

Planned Parenthood called the advertisement a "condescending effort to stigmatize and shame African-American women."

Still, just imagine if a branch of the Ku Klux Klan put up abortion clinics in black neighbors, the way Planned Parenthood does. Just imagine if Neo-Nazis aborted as many black babies as Planned Parenthood does. Try to imagine the outrage.

So what exactly is the difference?

By the way, this billboard was actually situated in New York City’s trendy and uber expensive SoHo district.

And, according to the Gothamist, the advertising company actually took the sign down "because they were worried about the waiters and waitresses in the building’s restaurant."

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3 Responses to “Anti (Black) Abortion Ad Pulled In NYC”

  1. SLFan says:

    “Apparently the good Reverend (since the age of nine) believes that having half of NYC pregnancies end in abortion is a wonderful thing for the ‘black community’ there.”

    In the NY black community it’s worse than half, try almost 60%. Here is a press release by Liufe Always, the group that put up the billboard. I also read that same statistic in the news about 2 months ago.


  2. wardmama4 says:

    Heck – just the statistic that 97% of Planned Parenthoods are in minority neighborhoods and ‘provide’ the majority of abortions – should be enough to realize that their agenda is to kill off minorities – whether by ‘providing’ birth control to minimize the minority population growth or by aborting (i.e. killing) the minority population – I don’t understand the concept at all – how these people can be so accepting of such a thought process.

    Are they really so lazy and self-absorbed that abortion at the cost of several hundred dollars is just seen as the best way to live? I would have to assume (since the ‘claim’ is that these are the very impoverished of the poor) that public ‘social’ program A is handing them money so that PP can then receive it for the abortion – and exactly how is that not illegal in terms of either 1) money laundering and/or 2) Taxpayer funded abortion which is still illegal under the Hyde Amendment??

    But then the concept of slavery – selling one’s freedom and lively hood (and independence) – for a Union Thug to control/manipulate and/or the Democrat Party to control/manipulate – is also foreign to me – And now these stellar slaves/serfs sell-outs are wanting to force Gov controlled healthcare upon us all.

    No, NO, HELL NO.

    Sell your soul and life to the devil for 30 pieces of silver – killing aborting your future while doing it – it’s no skin off my nose (actually leaves more for me) – but I will be damned before I LET you FORCE me into slavery/serfdom for whatever reason you are so damned stupid as to believe in it and encourage it.

    Slavery didn’t die in America – The Democrat Party resurrected it – of course they have always been for it – the more people under their ‘thumb’ – the more ‘power’ and ‘control’ they think they have.

    This is America, though – we aren’t a bunch of lazy cultists/slaves – used to centuries of being told what to do and what to believe – that schtick is beginning to lose it’s luster big time here.

    Here’s hoping to some more real hope and change in America – back to the ‘good old days’ of Individual Freedom and Less Nanny State Government.

    WI is the forefront of FREEING America from modern day slavery – Talk about real civil rights!!!!!

  3. canary says:

    The poster was to help minority black children. Aside the fact that more black babies are aborted, the sign let’s you know that so many mothers are on crack & drugs due to their culture environment they are forced to live with. Dangerous neighborhoods that makes children at risk of drive by (s) for that matter.

    I’m guessing this Rev. Al Sharpton is one of many that got a membership card with a license number by answering a few questions and paying $25 dollars to earn the title “Rev” He’s never probably read the bible.

    Years ago, we had a young black woman die from an abortion on the table. Left for hours. The news nor media would carry this preventable death and her family didn’t care, though help offered. And the ACLU didn’t care.

    The sign should be replaced with a sonograms of live unborn baby’s at different developments per week gestation.
    No one could be offended by that. Because that is what is not getting to these mothers. It would be impersonal and only Obama would say it’s punishment to look at.

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