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Anti-Capitalist G-20 Protesters Storm Bank

From the BBC and the UK’s Times:

G20 protesters storm RBS branch as Brown-Obama meeting upstaged

April 1, 2009

Anti-capitalist protesters stormed a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland today as police struggled to keep a lid on increasingly violent G20 demonstrations in the City of London…

In bright spring sunshine, the demonstrations were initially good-natured but police soon had to retreat behind barriers as scuffles broke out and protesters from four separate marches converged on the scene.

A small group, many wearing scarves and bandanas to mask their faces, smashed windows in an apparently empty RBS building off Threadneedle Street. The RBS received billions of pounds of taxpayer funds last year to prevent its collapse but has been widely criticised for awarding its former chief executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, a £700,000 pension for life at the age of 50.

Many City workers had turned up for work "dressed down" – on police advice – to avoid becoming a target for the protesters. Yet the antagonism was clear as City staff waved £10 notes from their office windows and bellowed insults at the marchers below.

The number of arrests was unclear, although the Metropolitan Police said that 11 people were held after they drove a blue-painted armoured personnel carrier – marked with the words "Riot Police" – towards Bishopgate this morning. All 11 were arrested for being in possession of police uniforms…

Mr Obama and his wife Michelle received a rare round of applause from staff as they arrived for a breakfast meeting at 10 Downing Street…

The Times is a little confused.

Mr. Obama is not being upstaged by these thugs demonstrators.

They are his posse entourage.

As the article notes, bankers were warned to wear jeans and generally scruffy clothes — to blend in with these bravos — so they would not be attacked.

Thank you, Mr. Obama. Thank you, Democrat Party and “liberals” the world over.

This is quite a testimony to your splendid work.

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17 Responses to “Anti-Capitalist G-20 Protesters Storm Bank”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Anti-Capitalist……….you would think Oblabla could schmooze this crowd but I guess his chickens have turned into falcons and they will feast on just about anyone. Even a boney Halfrican American!! (ick)

  2. catie says:

    Wow, love their little sign. Guess like our Dear Leader they must watch a lot of “Bob the Builder” as well.

  3. dulcimergrl says:

    I recently started reading a blog written by a Texas gal who’s relocated to London with her hubby. Here’s her take on the shenanigans:


    • That was interesting.

      I couldn’t care less for the anarchists, but I do snicker a little at how relentless they are when the big “G’s” come together.

      She was right however, “Show your face” and let people know who you are.. Anonymity will likely not draw others into agreement with you, and behavioral issues DO matter.

    • dulcimergrl says:

      She (and folks who comment on her article and other she’s posted on this) has noted that it would be really interesting to see how these idiots would fare in a true anarchy, say if they all got deported to a desert island.

      I love her snarky articles; she really makes me laugh when I’ve felt like crying lately.

  4. beautyofreason says:

    I had a special laugh when the Daily Mail referred to the violent G20 protesters as “anti-capitalists,” and “global warming activists.” Says a lot about environmentalism on the left.

  5. TDoc says:

    As much as I hate capitalism, I think what we need to put into consideration is how efficient these protests could be and how far they would go… What could we get out of it, should the rallies turned violent and out of hand? Physical presence and exhibition is important, but what’s more crucial is how we could actually put forward the demands. Personally, I’d rather go for something more tangible and practical, like joining petitions that could really do something.

    Here’s how people are putting their thoughts into actions in different ways: http://www.newsy.com/videos/g20_protesters_take_to_the_streets/

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Che….is that you?

    • proreason says:

      Cuba, Venezuala, Iran and Pakistan might be more to your liking, TDoc, than the horrors of the capitalist west.

      You should look into moving to one of them.

      That way you would actually be doing something instead of flapping your jaws.

      Or is it that you like the best of both worlds…….the adolescent pleasure of safely lashing out against daddy when he isn’t around, but the sweet pleasures of eating at his table at his expense.

    • Colonel1961 says:

      ‘As much as I hate capitalism…’

      Ha ha! You got us! Happy April Fool’s Day! With the emphasis on fool…

    • jobeth says:

      Take it easy on TDoc. He made a right when he actually meant to make a far, far left!

      (And we all know the far far lefties are not too bright and have no direction in their life that makes a bit of sense…LOL)

  6. Colonel1961 says:

    Would wishing for a low-yield neutron bomb be considered ‘violent language’ under the S&L covenants?

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      No Colonel but graphically describing the much desired aftereffects would be tasteless!

  7. jrmcdonald says:

    If you cut their welfare, they would be at work instead.

  8. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Mr Obama and his wife Michelle received a rare round of applause from staff as they arrived for a breakfast meeting at 10 Downing Street…”

    They just had to get o-blah-blah in there somehow, now didn’t they.

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