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AOL Presents The Top 11 Scandals Of 2007

From AOL News:

Top 11 Scandals of 2007

Posted: 2007-11-29

Sex, drugs, vulgarity, criminality and even diapers. Public figures have served up a smorgasbord of bad behavior this year. Click through the photos to count down the best scandals of 2007, from mildest to wildest.

Sen. David Vitter had the dubious distinction of being the biggest name on a Washington escort service’s phone list. In July, the Louisiana Republican said God and his wife had forgiven him for “a very serious sin.” He remains in office. (Ranked 3rd out of 11. 11 being the “wildest.”)

The rape case against Duke lacrosse players blew up in his face, and Mike Nifong went from prosecutor to prosecuted. He was disbarred, resigned as Durham County’s district attorney and served one day in jail for contempt of court. (Ranked 5th out of 11.)

“Scooter” Libby was convicted in March of lying in the CIA leak case. Vice President Cheney’s former chief of staff was sentenced to 30 months in prison. President Bush commuted the sentence, calling it “excessive.” (Ranked 6th out of 11th.)

“I am not gay.” So said Sen. Larry Craig after he was caught in an airport men’s room sex sting. The Idaho Republican pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. At first, he said he intended to quit. Now he says he’ll finish his term. (Ranked 11th — the top scandal.)

I’ve left out the other seven scandals, since they were about celebrities. (Though they also included the Walter Reed Hospital non-scandal.)

But why does AOL neglect to mention any party affiliation for Mike Nifong? They had no problem identifying that of Messers Vitter and Craig, and explaining Mr. Libby’s role in the Bush White House.

Moreover, Mr. Nifong’s overweening desire to gain re-election was probably the primary reason for the bogus prosecution in the first place.

Also, Mr. Craig was given pride of place as the “wildest” scandal of the year. Why is that, exactly? Were his (alleged) actions more than twice as scandalous as Mr. Nifong’s — who only came in at number 5 of 11?

Note too that Mr. Libby was ranked at 6 of 11. So having a different recollection from reporters is worse than knowingly trying to prosecute someone falsely to advance your political career?

And where oh where is Mr. Hsu — or any other Democrat (besides the unidentified Nifong)? Or Move.org’s “Betray Us” ad?

Or any of a dozen other possible (but Democrat) embarrassments?

These are all rhetorical questions, of course.

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