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AP: 244K Jobs Added! (But ‘Rate Ticks Up’)

From a dancing as fast as they can Associated Press:

Economy adds 244k jobs, rate ticks up to 9 pct.

By Jeannine Aversa, Associated Press
May 6, 2011

WASHINGTON — Employers added more than 200,000 jobs in April for the third straight month, the biggest hiring spree in five years.

Perhaps we are growing cynical, we highly doubt that this would have been the lead sentence if George Bush were still President. (And what casual reader will immediately decipher: "rate ticks up to 9 pct."?)

But the unemployment rate rose to 9% in part because some people resumed looking for work.

Notice that people looking for work are to blame.

The Labor Department said Friday that the economy added 244,000 jobs last month. Private employers shrugged off high gas prices and created 268,000 jobs — the most since February 2006.

Nobody cares about high gas prices under Mr. Obama. Least of all businesses. And yet the numbers of people actually employed went down. Go figure.

The gains were widespread. Retailers, factories, financial companies, education and health care and even construction companies all added jobs.

Have you ever wondered why the weekly and monthly unemployment numbers stopped making sense once Mr. Obama moved into the White House?

Federal, state and local governments cut jobs.

That must be it. All the cut backs in government jobs. Republican governors and the Tea Party are to blame.

The data suggest businesses are confidence in the economy despite weak growth earlier this year.

Higher unemployment numbers just shout business "confidence."

Still, the unemployment rate increased slightly from the 8.8% in March. It was the first increase since November.

Still, unemployment went up. A detail the AP dutifully notes in passing — in the last paragraph.

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8 Responses to “AP: 244K Jobs Added! (But ‘Rate Ticks Up’)”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Junior-High petty nit-picking when (R) is in power, rock-star treatment for (D) in power.

    Liberal media timeline of craziness:

    ~Years of ‘big 3’ news. Liberals are more careful b/c many people are watching.

    ~Clinton’s midterm landslide defeat.—Liberal media slap themselves to crank up the juice, their guy lost BIG.

    ~Clinton impeached. Liberals lose 1/2 their minds. —How could this happen? We told people it was no big deal!?

    ~Bush elected, and re-elected. –Liberals lose another 25% of their minds. This is not supposed to be happening.

    ~Obama not popular.–Liberals lose the remaining portion of their minds. All their energy getting a super-liberal elected, doesn’t have staying power.

    ::::: The pettiness, the hysterics, the lies, focusing on a target until they destroy it–strategery….they have no more credibility than Goebbles, Tokyo Rose, Baghdad Bob.

  2. Astravogel says:

    An article on The Drudge Report say
    62,000 of those jobs were at McDonalds.
    Work IS work, even if it’s the kiddies
    getting out of school for the Summer.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      But when BushHitler was president, the papers dismissed any bump in jobs as “burger-flipper” jobs. And UE was around 5%, which was considered impeachment worthy by the copy-writing-hacks.

  3. retire05 says:

    Let’s take a look at the un/employment numbers that this administration works so hard to twist to keep the unemployment rate down:

    The civilian (not government) work force increased by 15,000.
    Even with the creation of 244,000 jobs, there was 190,000 fewer people employed than last month.
    131,000 Americans were removed from the labor force (which means they have run out of unemployment benefits) since last month.

    The bottom line: there were not enough jobs created to keep up with the people becoming unemployed. So the actual number of people who became unemployed last month was 434,000 since those 244K jobs would have gone to those who were looking for a job. Think about that for a minute; 1/4 million found jobs, but almost 440K lost jobs. This is negative job growth no matter how the AP wants to spin it.

    If you take the number of unemployed, 13,747,000, and add in the 131,000 dropped from the labor force, we have in the last month, 13,878,000 people unemployed and that doesn’t include the people that have been dropped from the labor force in the last year which comes to 2,916,000 Americans.

    The number of unemployed in April, 2010 was 15,138,000 for a rate of 9.8%. The number today is 13,747,000 but if you add in the 2,916,000 dropped from the work force, we have 16,663,000 unemployed since that almost 3 million have not found jobs but were simply dropped from the work force rolls due to running out of unemployment benefits. That means there are 1.5 million more people unemployed today than a year ago.

    Our true unemployment rate, using just the last year’s data (and not figuring in those that were removed from the labor force in 2009, is almost 11%.

    The unemployment rate for black Americans is now at 16.1%. 24.9% for teenagers (which would include those who graduated last year and still have not been able to find a job. Americans, who have a high school diploma, and usually work in trades, are at 9.7% unemployment.

  4. proreason says:

    I spun MY dial this morning and it said 175K jobs.

  5. Right of the People says:

    What you all fail to understand is these figures were calculated using the the “new” math they teach in the schools now where 1 apple plus three oranges equals 14 bananas.

    Once you put it in the proper perspective, their figures make perfect sense. Take another sip of the Kool-aid and it will all become clear.

  6. canary says:

    Jobs rate always increases before school term is out. Early worms before school let’ out.
    More people eating fast food and shopping during the day.
    More vacationing puts a demand on businesses. Unless you avoid Florida like the Mrs.
    Tax returns leads to a lot of people spending, companies offering products now based on your return deals.

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