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AP: 2M Lose Jobless Checks At Christmas

From a tear soaked Associated Press:

Wayne Pittman, 46, sits in his Lawrenceville, Ga., home looking over unemployment papers as his extended benefits are set to expire unless Congress passes a vote to extend them Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010.

2 million lose jobless benefits as holidays arrive

By Tom Breen, Associated Press
December 1, 2010

Extended unemployment benefits for nearly 2 million Americans begin to run out Wednesday, cutting off a steady stream of income and guaranteeing a dismal holiday season for people already struggling with bills they cannot pay.

Unless Congress changes its mind, benefits that had been extended up to 99 weeks will end this month.

That means Christmas is out of the question for Wayne Pittman, 46, of Lawrenceville, Ga., and his wife and 9-year-old son. The carpenter was working up to 80 hours a week at the beginning of the decade, but saw that gradually drop to 15 hours before it dried up completely. His last $297 check will go to necessities, not presents.

"I have a little boy, and that’s kind of hard to explain to him," Pittman said…

Congressional opponents of extending the benefits beyond this month say fiscal responsibility should come first. Republicans in the House and Senate, along with a handful of conservative Democrats, say they’re open to extending benefits, but not if it means adding to the $13.8 trillion national debt.

Forget Christmas presents. What the so-called "99ers" want most of all is what remains elusive in the worst economy in generations: a job…

Ninety-nine weeks may seem like a long time to find a job. But even as the economy grows, jobs that vanished in the Great Recession have not returned. The private sector added about 159,000 jobs in October — half as many as needed to reduce the unemployment rate of 9.6 percent, which the Federal Reserve expects will hover around 9 percent for all of next year.

And yet the Associated Press and the rest of the news media constantly insist that the economy is improving. And every week they pretend that unemployment has gone down even though the unemployment rate stays at 9.6 percent.

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15 Responses to “AP: 2M Lose Jobless Checks At Christmas”

  1. mr_bill says:

    Even if it were 700 weeks of unemployment benefits, the liberals would still cry foul when they expired. The democrats trumpeted their passing of PayGo and are now complaining that the republicans are forcing them to play by the rules the democrats set for this congress.

    I can’t imagine two years without working, I was out of work for two weeks last year and nearly went mad. I moved 1500 miles to get a new job, its hard for me to feel sorry for folks who can’t find some kind of work in two years’ time. (I’m self-employed, so no benefits for me, I just pay for other peoples’).

  2. Melly says:

    Funny how the word “Christmas” is utilized by the liberals when it is to their benefit (no pun intended). Otherwise is is “Happy Holidays” to all.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Got the guru for economics in North Carolina saying yesterday that “hiring is slow”… When the numbers, published by the same agency he is responsible for, stated clearly that the opposite is true. That is, that there were 900 jobs LOST from September to October of this year. So many idiots and lackeys willing to run cover for this president and this administration are causing significant anger in this nation. One thing that is very clear in the world of humanity is that people are willing to put up with a lot of things but being lied to, blatantly, obviously, right to their faces is one thing that even the most ardent socialist won’t put up with. Why? Because in front of other people, it plays on the most basic of human traits and makes them look stupid if they believe the lie-teller.

    This current trend of the media and the agencies we have entrusted our nation to, all the way down to the state and local levels, lying to us has got to stop. In my mind I often spool forward 20 years or more ahead in time and ask myself, “What will school kids be learning about this time in history?”. Will it be textbooks or iPads filled with empty praise about the first black president, or will it be objectively sane and coherently explained that for the first time in this nation’s history, the socialists attempted a massive takeover of our system? In other words, will the lie win as it did in China? Or will logic and facts get their just attention?

    I probably won’t live long enough to find out…and the way things are going, I don’t want to if I have to live in a socialist state with my end-of-life “care” being relegated to some snot-nosed bureaucrat with a calculator.

  4. AcornsRNutz says:

    “Forget Christmas presents. What the so-called “99ers” want most of all is what remains elusive in the worst economy in generations: a job… ”

    Besides the fact that the government cannot provide them with one and has created an extremely hostile environment in which to find one, I disagree with this statement. That’s not what “most” of them want. A very good friend of mine recently found a job after almost 2 years of unsteady or no employment. Guess why!

  5. artboyusa says:

    “Wayne Pittman, 46, of Lawrenceville, Ga.”, asuming he actually exists, should be able to make money with those carpentry skills that were once so highly prized, since he has a skill that the majority do not possess and that’s always marketable, no matter what. Get off your ass, Wayne! And btw, grown men don’t cry to the media about how they can’t support their families.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Seconded. The friend I referenced in my last comment has multpile ratings for a Class A drivers license. No one was really buying that he couldn’t find work. HE flat told me he could if he wanted a cut in pay from his unemployment. Like I said, the well went dry and he went to work. Wayne will too or his kid will starve and he’ll have no one to blame but himself. Sorry if that’s cold hearted, but I too have no sympathy for a 46 year old “man” essentially whining that the government has slighted him by not giving him a paycheck for nothing.

  6. P. Aaron says:

    Liberals think wealth, like news stories can be conjured up out of thin air and be substiantive as well.

  7. proreason says:

    Congressional gazillionaires should chip in out of their own pockets.

    Or maybe Warren Buffet could cover a few months for the unemployed….or the other 1900 gazionnaires who are insisting that everybody else pay more taxes.

  8. Chinnubie says:

    It’s called a jobless recovery, right? What a joke! God forbid we lower taxes across the board and watch as jobs come back, because it works every time it’s tried. For some reason that is too cruel to people living hand-to-mouth from the government.

    I don’t get any unemployment benefits and I can’t find a job and I know in my heart if rich people were to keep more of their money they would be willing to expand their businesses hence, allowing us to be gainfully employed. It just seems so simple to me, I can’t understand the confusion.

  9. proreason says:

    J.E. Dryer has an important insight we often lose track of……Debt reduction and Government Reduction are drastically differnt strategies. The first is useless posturing; always was, always will be. The second will eliminate our economic problems in no time.


    • tranquil.night says:

      The difference between conservative European austerity and true American Conservatism. The one that fundamentally believes in Capitalism is the one with the capital C.

      It appears we might have some Euro-style conservatives leading the House.

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    Boo frickin’ hoo, Wayne!
    People let me tell you when you get your ass perpendicular and leave the mailbox alone, there is a job if you want it. Believe me, as for I know first hand that the “GOOD” jobs just aren’t there anymore.
    I was denied unemployment in July after my employer cut me 6 bad checks in a row. Not only did my bank account go into a tail spin from NSF checks. It also crippled me when I in turn tried to pay my bills, unannounced. Leaving me……(ahem)……f**ked.
    I filed an appeal with the North Carolina ESC and today I finally had my day in court.
    I proved that they (AbleBody Labor) caused my unemployment with their bad checks and told the ESC that they can keep their money as I now have a job. I only wanted my good name back from unscrupulous bad mouthing from a national employer. All because they didn’t want to pay my unemployment. Needless to say that when shown with strong evidence of wrong doing and malfeasance on their part, the judge saw it my way.
    To make a long story short……you “99ers” need to grow a pair. Real men (Wayne?) take charge and do the impossible. Get off your asses and grab the bull by the horns. Whining and crying and boo hooing is for losers!

    What I learned in the U.S. Marines:
    “When the going gets tough….the tough get going!”
    “Adapt, Improvise, Overcome”
    LD……1%er (no 99 here)

  11. Chuckk says:

    When I drive down the street I see plenty of signs looking for workers. Admittedly it was not for high paying jobs, but you can get a job if you want it. Work hard, show up every day, stay out of trouble on the weekends and you’ll advance.

    My grandfather had a college degree in engineering during the Depression. He pumped gas for several months when he lost his first job. You do what you have to do if you have a bit of gumption.

    Paying people not to work goes against human nature.

  12. wardmama4 says:

    I hate people who by their own behavior are willing to whine about their present condition to a media who is doing nothing more than propaganda to get a corrupt Administration’s agenda through.

    We have not had an income from a job since Jan. We knew it was coming – so when we got big checks last year – we socked them away to tide us through. Granted I should have started earlier pursuing a job for myself (as I was technically ‘free’ to work) earlier this year – but here we are at the end – the last (much reduced since youngest graduated from college) stipend check was deposited and we are facing the holidays with no extra money.

    We have options – two paid for cars – certainly one could be sold – and of course dump the cable, home phone etc – if it comes to that. The sad part is – my hubby (given the circumstances) could not even apply for unemployment. Not that we’d take it. What holds me up – if need be – both of us working fast food – would give us what we need to cover the costs.

    And that is the point – dump the crap and just get a job – Yeah I’d love to step into a nice cushy position as I’m sure that my hubby would too – but right now it is more important for a regular paycheck not a ‘dream job’.

    And yes, either of us would be willing to do a job that Americans won’t do – of course I’m still trying to figure out what they are – having seen Dirty Jobs – there doesn’t seem to be much – Americans aren’t willing to do. Real Americans that is – not the entitlement, whinny class. Or liberals – who just seem good at lying and stealing other people’s hard earned money.

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Nice crib you be habitatin’, Wayne. Did the government give you that?

    One thing that’s lacking is perspective. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. You set out in life and you takes your chances, as they say. Failure is ALWAYS a possibility. Perhaps those who grew up during the great depression were acutely more aware of that. But, as mammals, certain things are inevitable. One, is we will grow in population to the limits of our food supply and the other is that we become comfortable and expect to live at that level of comfort. Doing without is just not in the equation. The real problem comes in when people cannot see that downsizing their lives is necessary and expect something or someone else to pick up the slack.

    I wonder, there Wayne, if you have a 401K…have you cashed that in yet? May seem a horrible possibility but if you have to, you have to. Or, have you even pondered the tough choices? Sell the house, sell other things you don’t need. Cut off the cable, satellite, cell phones? Yes, your credit will take a hit, if you have any. It’s all a very high-risk game to live the way some people do. But that’s the “cost of doing business” if you have all those things and get by simply paycheck to paycheck. But remember…nobody promised you a rose garden. Why are you expecting one?

    As for the argument about taking unemployment, if you work, you pay into unemployment insurance. It’s not an entitlement. I have a small problem with it going into 99 weeks but that dovetails into what the socialists in the government have done to stimey the economy and curtail any hiring for some time.

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