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AP: Abortion Foes Capitalize On HCR Law

From an outraged Associated Press:

Abortion foes capitalize on health care law

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press Writer

May 16, 2010

WASHINGTON – Abortion opponents fought passage of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul to the bitter end, and now that it’s the law, they’re using it to limit coverage by private insurers.

An obscure part of the law allows states to restrict abortion coverage by private plans operating in new insurance markets. Capitalizing on that language, abortion foes have succeeded in passing bans that, in some cases, go beyond federal statutes.

Why is this part of the law any more or less “obscure” than any other part? Was abortion not discussed enough in the run up to the bill’s passage?

"We don’t consider elective abortion to be health care, so we don’t think it’s a bad thing for fewer private insurance companies to cover it," said Mary Harned, attorney for Americans United for Life, a national organization that wrote a model law for the states.

Abortion rights supporters are dismayed.

"Implementation of this reform should be about increasing access to health care and increasing choices, not taking them away," said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., a member of the Senate leadership. "Health care reform is not an excuse to take rights away from women."

So there you have it. ‘Healthcare reform’ was supposed to increase abortion access after all. Funny, how we were told just the opposite.

Since Obama signed the legislation law March 23, Arizona and Tennessee have enacted laws restricting abortion coverage by health plans in new insurance markets, called exchanges. About 30 million people will get their coverage through exchanges, which open in 2014 to serve individuals and small businesses.

In Florida, Mississippi and Missouri, lawmakers have passed bans and sent them to their governors. Most of the states allow exceptions in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Insurers still could offer separate policies to specifically cover abortion.

Three other states may act this year — Louisiana, Ohio and Oklahoma. Overall, there are 29 states where lawmakers or public policy groups expressed serious interest, Harned said…

It sounds to us that the states are doing exactly what the ‘healthcare reform’ law allows them to do. 

Murray had joined in voting down a federal abortion coverage ban when the Senate debated health care last year. Now she and other abortion rights supporters worry the same sorts of restrictions could spread from state to state.

"It’s really going to be a patchwork of state laws by the time these exchanges are set up," said Jessica Arons, director of women’s health at the Center for American Progress, a liberal public policy institute…

Anti-abortion Democrats in the House cast critical votes for the legislation after Obama also agreed to an executive order affirming long-standing federal policy against the use of taxpayer funds for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother — known as the Hyde amendment…

Surely, these allegedly “anti-abortion” Democrats knew that the Mr. Obama’s executive order was not to be taken seriously.

Surely, they realize that the rest of their Democrat brethren and the abortion industry in general will never rest until Obama-care makes taxpayers pay for any and all abortions.

Why do they think NARAL and Planned Parenthood supported it so ferociously?

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4 Responses to “AP: Abortion Foes Capitalize On HCR Law”

  1. canary says:

    Anti-abortionists should fall under religion exemptions. Obama has American taxes going to African genocide, in African abortions with no regulations. After all they mutilate the private parts of baby girls.

  2. U NO HOO says:

    Aint abortion rights intended for hypocritical ugly women to have sex and not get caught?

    I mean, Patty Murray is for abortion rights, ya know.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Sometimes I can see abortion as being a good thing like for Obama’s mum, Pelosi’s mum in fact any liberal’s mother should have had an abortion instead of giving birth to those worthless wastes of oxygen.

    Unfortunately they chose not to much to our dismay.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Does not the Hyde Amendment forbid (i.e. make it illegal) to Federally Fund Abortion? Thus a Federal mandate requiring insurance carriers to provide abortion coverage – which then will put them out of business (either through increased rates due to all the new ‘mandated requirements’ and/or all those who will leave said insurance co because of personal beliefs) – which will then lead to a ‘public option’ (when all private insurance companies are forced out by these new healthcare reform ‘laws’) – which will end in Federal Funding of abortion?

    These people are nothing but duplicitous and will stop at nothing to get their way – and don’t buy Ms Murray’s cry – their final solution is to force those ‘undesirables’ (as determined by them) to be eradicated from the World – they are no better than the Nazis – they want to rule the World and control everything and everyone – and will implement whatever it takes – whether it will nudge America to socialist extinction or shove it headlong down the toilet of historical obscurity.

    They should be shot at sunrise. Treason – clear and without question. [Damn, why did I not think of this earlier – maybe abortion will be their control of the radical terrorists who happen to be islamic who are invading America and telling us what our Constitution requires of us] Be afraid.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

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