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AP Admits Lying About Bush Levee Remarks

Let's review, shall we?

Before Katrina hit Bush said everything was under control. Then, a couple of days later, Bush said things were worse than anticipated because nobody had anticipated that the levees would be breached.

The AP insisted for how many days that this last was a damnable lie? Because they knew for an absolute fact that Bush had been warned even before Katrina struck that the levees might be breached. They had it on tape.

Er, well it turns out that the AP has been lying their pants off. For it turns out that Bush was only warned that the levees might be over-topped. That is, some waves might go over them. Not that they would be breached — or broken through.

That is quite a different story. A difference a five year old should understand. But apparently it was too subtle for the masters of the universe at the Associated Press:

Fri Mar 03 2006 19:48:29 ET

Clarification: Katrina-Video story

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a March 1 story, The Associated Press reported that federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees in New Orleans, citing confidential video footage of an Aug. 28 briefing among U.S. officials.

The Army Corps of Engineers considers a breach a hole developing in a levee rather than an overrun. The story should have made clear that Bush was warned about floodwaters overrunning the levees, rather than the levees breaking.

The day before the storm hit, Bush was told there were grave concerns that the levees could be overrun. It wasn't until the next morning, as the storm was hitting, that Michael Brown, then head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, said Bush had inquired about reports of breaches. Bush did not participate in that briefing.

How many news cycles did the Associated Press put out of their outrageous lies? How many headlines promoted this lie above the fold? How many TV news broadcasts lead off with this concoction from the AP?

And true to form the AP released this confusing retraction late on a Friday. This has long since been the way bad news is buried by the press and their Democrat masters, like Clinton.

It will be a miracle if this "clarification" is mentioned on page 43 of the least read Saturday editions of your local paper.

But this is how our one party media lies to us each and every day. The only real news here is that they were forced to admit it.

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