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AP Again Demands $4B For Amnesty Lawyers And Judges

From a tear-soaked Associated Press:

Backlogged US immigration courts face new deluge

By AMY TAXIN July 12, 2014 1:57 PM

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Adolescent girls in braids and pigtails and teenage boys wearing jeans and sneakers sat alongside their parents in the courtroom of Immigration Judge Frank Travieso to hear how long they might be allowed to stay in the United States.

"Adolescent girls in braids" have to appear in court?! The outrage.

Travieso grabbed four thick books and dropped each one on his desk with a thud, warning the families in his Los Angeles courtroom about the thousands of pages of immigration laws and interpretations that could affect their cases and urging them to get a lawyer.

"This is even smaller print," he said of the 1,200-page book containing regulations during the hearing last month. "I am not trying to scare you, but I’m trying to ensure your children get a full and fair hearing."

A taxpayer supplied lawyer. Preferably from La Raza or the ACLU.

He then sent them on their way and told them to report back in February.

Hilarious. So even if an illegal alien is foolish enough to show up for a deportation hearing, they will be told come back again in seven months.

The court system is so overwhelmed that it can currently take three years to get a hearing, and many believe the delays will only get worse in the months ahead… The courts, overseen by the Department of Justice, have more than 375,000 cases being handled by just 243 judges, according to the agency…

A detail that the AP only discovered last week, after previously reporting that the backlog was only 36,000. Anyway, as we have asked before, how can their be such a backlog and so many delays when nobody shows up? How much time can it take to say, ‘next case’?

Obama administration critics say the huge delays only encourage more immigrants to try to come here and turn themselves in at the border, knowing they’ll be allowed to wait years for their cases to be resolved…

"The number of non-detained backlog cases is going to rise from overwhelming to overwhelming times ten," said Bruce Einhorn, a retired immigration judge in Los Angeles. "Until we enlarge the court system, we should brace ourselves for a bloody mess." …

Which is the whole idea. But notice how the AP ignores the fact that the provision that requires that these ‘children’ from non-contiguous countries get a hearing only goes back to 2008. And it could be easily changed with the stroke of a pen. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be changed. Since Dianne Feinstein, who wrote the 2008 provision, claims that it can be waived in the case of emergencies such as this.

But the AP ignores all of those solutions because they want the $4 billion dollars to find its way to the amnesty lawyers and judges and other Democrat operatives.

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