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AP: Alaska Investigates Gap In Palin Emails!

First, we have this stunning evidence for Palin’s latest crime against humanity, from her undying fans at the Anchorage Daily News:

Palin emails missing from releases


Emails sent during the first weeks of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s term in office are missing from documents released to media organizations. The records released last week include no emails between Dec. 8, 2006 and Dec. 29, 2006.

No emails from that time period are listed on the state’s log of emails that it withheld from public release. The Anchorage Daily News says the state has no explanation for the gap.

Linda Perez, administrative director for Gov. Sean Parnell, says she has asked the state’s technology services personnel to review their search criteria and see if they can come up with an explanation.

(For the record, the Anchorage Daily News endorsed Obama for President. Moreover, they pronounced that "putting [Sarah Palin] one 72-year-old heartbeat from the leadership of the free world is just too risky at this time.")

Needless to say, the ADN’s earth-shattering ‘scoop’ was immediately seized upon by the tireless gumshoes at the Associated Press:

Alaska investigates apparent gap in Palin emails

By Mark Thiessen, Associated Press Tue Jun 14, 2011

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Alaska officials are investigating an apparent gap in the release last week of more than 24,199 pages of emails sent and received by former Alaska. Gov. Sarah Palin during her first 21 months in office.

The emails released covered Dec. 4, 2006, when Palin took office, until September 2008, or a few weeks after Republican presidential candidate John McCain tapped her to be his running mate. The state has yet to begin reviewing emails from that point until she quit as governor 10 months later.

The emails were released Friday to media organizations, including The Associated Press, who sought them under an open records request shortly after Palin was named the vice presidential candidate.

In the same way the news media sought all of Joe Biden’s emails.

However, there are very few emails from her first — and very busy — month in office, as first reported by the Anchorage Daily News.

Only five emails from December were provided in the release, and the first email generated from Palin’s Yahoo account appears Jan. 2, 2007. Another from an unidentified account just days earlier was included in an email chain between aides.

This might be one instance where the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party would favor the use of ‘waterboarding.’

Linda Perez, the administrative office for Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, said Tuesday she has asked information technology services to check their search criteria for the emails and come back with suggestions. She did not have a timetable for when they might be able to provide further information.

Palin and her staff were known to use private email accounts to conduct state business.

The fiends. Luckily, a young Democrat operative was able to hack her private accounts and post many of her emails.

Perez said Palin gave the state a CD with emails from her Yahoo account so they could be included as part of the state’s archive, and other employees were asked to review their private accounts for emails related to state business and to send those to their state accounts…

Or the state could just get them from the Democrat operative.

It would be unlikely Palin didn’t write emails the first 29 days she was in office given the high profile nature of a new governor and the work load she faced.

Among the high profile issues she tackled early on were assembling a negotiating team to plan for a natural gas pipeline, making several cabinet appointments, making plans to sell a controversial state jet, canceling a road project in Juneau, releasing a preliminary budget and vetoing a bill that sought to block the state from giving public employee benefits to same-sex partners

Not to mention all the other pregnancies she might have been faking at the time.

In the state’s release of emails, officials withheld 2,275 pages for reasons including attorney-client, work product or executive privilege; an additional 140 pages were deemed to be "non-records," or unrelated to state business.

Once again the AP thoughtfully reminds us that some of Palin emails were held back. And they, along with the missing emails, are surely where all the real dirt is. These emails are now well on their way to becoming the new ‘Nixon Tapes’ — complete with an ’18 minute gap.’

All in all, we would like to be able to say that such behavior from the press is unbelievable. But it is so believable that we more or less predicted it.

The sad fact is, when it comes to Sarah Palin, the American news media make John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald look like rank amateurs.

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7 Responses to “AP: Alaska Investigates Gap In Palin Emails!”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Has the Lame Stream Media planned her burning at the stake yet? Will it be a free TV event or pay per view?

    On another note, why hasn’t someone on our side demanded to see Barry the Bungler and Joey the Moron’s emails? Might as well include the Hildabeast too while we’re at it. I bet those would make some interesting reading.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    We’ve always known the Mama Grizzlies have been the tip of the spear, at least in the ground game, of the Tea Party’s ascendency. But between a self-made governor who gave birth to and is raising a special needs child while managing her public career, and a self-made congresswoman who is a tax lawyer, owns a successful business, and has raised 25+ kids – the Republican Party should be on its knees right now in thanks to Blessed Mary that their Good Old Boy network isn’t wandering in the desert of political irrelevancy right now, content as honorable losers to a regime that’s dismantling law and order.

    They may not end up as our candidate, but that isn’tthe point. We are not going to let the media destroy people that live and fight for what we believe anymore simply because it threatens their control over people’s thinking. Nor are we going to let the media define what their appropriate role in all this. Seeing our candidates united on CNN’s turf under the basic understanding that our biggest problem currently are the sole result of Liberal Policy – that was a significant and under-reported (even in the grassroots) moment for the Party.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Good post!

    • tranquil.night says:

      Thanks LD. Touching on Rush’s point about RINOs and the continued divide with the establishment however, Mittoast says he lines up with the Tea. Keep dreaming goofball, although we appreciate that it isn’t politically fashionable to distance yourself from us right now, last time I checked the Tea isn’t being warmed by the hot air fraud of MGW.

      We’ll cross the bridge of throwing our full support behind you when and if we have to. Until then, we’re ready to rationally, without spin, debate our differences in the arena of ideas. But it’s BS pandering like that which just makes us ornery.

  3. Chinnubie says:

    Of course there is no real surprise here. I think we all know ther real reason the media is attempting to derail Sara Palin any way they can because they are aware of the crowds she was able to get to come out to hear McCain at rally stops during the 2008 election. They know she’s idealogically in tune with the majority of this country and if she were to decide to run she would be the possible front runner next to Romney. I think they hear Ronald Reagan speaking from a beautiful point of view and that drives them crazy knowing the economic mess this country has gorren itself into from the failed policies of Barack Obama and the Democrat party.

  4. canary says:

    So, Palin takes office on Dec 4th while living and holding offices in Juneau, 565 miles away from Anchorage. She must move family, offices, homes, staff, to her new office and set it up. If not just people moving homes that far… arrangements, etc.

    Can the news imagine computers being packed, unpacked, setting them up, phones, hiring staff, such a move, might explain the media’s unethical spin on their harmless victim.

    Maybe a version of the Clinton computer hacking farewell gift
    was left. Letters S&P removed from keyboards, viruses, X-rated messes?.

    Dec 9th ,10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd & 24th, 30th & 31st were Sat and Sun weekend days.
    On top of that add the Christmas 25th and New Year Holidays 31st-1 Jan. landing next to the weekend, in which they would be compensated the day following the holiday. And then there is the usual Thurs. & Friday prior to the holiday that most federal workers take off, leaving newspapers as described time on their hands to do articles such as these.

    What was this Alaska newspaper focusing on at the time, with time on their hands. A giant snowman someone built named Snowzilla. The public weren’t too happy about it. And a true live photo of a fox on top of a hen house.
    And then there was their interesting “odds” of chances of things happening article to entertain. How likely would be in a airplane crash. What are your chances.

    The Daily missed one.

    How likely is the media or news to spend weeks & money going through boxes and boxes of e-mails
    and giving you a public lynching when you created no crime.

    How likely are you to have a neighbor move in next store to spy on you. Did the media expose this dangerous stocker in their community?

    How likely are you the entire world will make fun of your hair and eyeglasses.
    How likely are you to bring tourism to Alaska and be treated by their media as a criminal.

  5. Mithrandir says:


    She could have….

    ~drunk-drove her car over a bridge on her suspended license, and killed her mistress! Then call police hours later, after trying to get a friend to take the blame!

    ~had a lesbian affair with a staffer, then divorced her husband after resigning from the governorship!

    ~had a child out of wedlock with one of her staffers while her husband was dying from cancer!

    ~stuck a cigar in an interns ****** that was her children’s age!

    ~sent lewd photos of herself to followers of her Twitter account!

    Yeah, those were are DEMOCRAT CRIMES…..not many of the media rushed the microphones to denounce them either.

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