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AP: Amnesty Could Exclude Criminals, Jobless!

From an outraged Associated Press:

AP source: Immigration bill could exclude many

By ERICA WERNER | April 12, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan immigration bill soon to be introduced in the Senate could exclude hundreds of thousands of immigrants here illegally from ever becoming U.S. citizens, according to a Senate aide with knowledge of the proposals.

The bill would bar anyone who arrived in the U.S. after Dec. 31, 2011, from applying for legal status and ultimately citizenship, according to the aide, who spoke on condition because the proposals have not been made public.

It also would require applicants to document that they were in the country before Dec. 31, 2011, have a clean criminal record and show enough employment or financial stability that they’re likely to stay off welfare.

And never mind that we have been told for years that the pro-amnesty crowd just want to provide citizenship to the hardworking people who have been living in this country for years, and contributing to it, so they can come out of the shadows.

Putting aside the fact that it would be a piece of cake to fake the documents necessary to prove most of these things. Does anyone believe any of these requirements will be allowed to stand?

The Democrat want these illegal aliens to go on welfare, so they can be sure to get their votes. They are not going to be turning anyone away for any reason.

Those requirements could exclude hundreds of thousands of the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally from the path to citizenship envisioned by the bill, the aide said.

So the AP is saying that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens in this country are newly arrived, or criminals, or unemployed, or likely to go on welfare. Well, at least they aren’t calling them ‘illegal immigrants.’ That would be disrespectful.

Although illegal immigration to the U.S. has been dropping, many tens of thousands still arrive each year, so the cutoff date alone could exclude a large number of people. That may come as a disappointment to immigrant rights groups that had been hoping that anyone here as of the date of enactment of the bill could be able to become eligible for citizenship…

And never mind that the argument for amnesty is that it will allow people who have been living in this country for years, and contributing to it, to come out of the shadows.

But Republicans in the immigration negotiating group had sought strict criteria on legal enforcement and border security as the price for their support for a path to citizenship, which is still opposed by some as amnesty…

What a laugh.

"All issues that rise to the member level have been dealt with," Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said in a statement Thursday. "All that is left is the drafting."

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois said the bill probably would be introduced on Tuesday…

In other words, the bill still has not been written. And it will not even be available until Tuesday. But there is only going to be one hearing on it, on Wednesday. And to think the Senate likes to call itself ‘the world’s foremost deliberative body.’ ]

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., complained that the bill would ensure that millions get amnesty but border enforcement never happens…

That is a very safe prediction. Especially, since that is exactly what happened with the 1986 amnesty.

"This is also why it is so troubling that (Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.) has rejected the GOP request for multiple hearings and that members of the Gang of Eight have publicly announced their intention to oppose any amendments," Sessions said in a statement Thursday. "To proceed along these lines is tantamount to an admission that the bill is not workable and will not withstand public scrutiny."…

Which happens to be true of most Democrat bills. Which is why they always try to ram them through in the dead of night in a fit of public hysteria.

"I think it’s a pretty remarkable breakthrough that eight ideologically diverse senators are working so well together on such a challenging issue," said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a group advocating for an overhaul of U.S. immigration policy.

Really? All eight of these Senators have long since been in favor of some form of amnesty. There was no diversity.

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2 Responses to “AP: Amnesty Could Exclude Criminals, Jobless!”

  1. Petronius says:

    It won’t be necessary for these new model Americans to fake any documents.

    Because nobody in the government will ever inspect their documents.

    If there is one thing we have learned about Nerobama’s regime, it is that they do not enforce laws they don’t like.

    There will be plenty of background checks for you, me, and other lawful gun owners and taxpayers, but none for these undocumented Democrats.

  2. Right of the People says:

    If they’re here, they’re already criminals. The first time they cross illegally is a misdemeanor the second and subsequent times a felony. If they truly want to exclude criminals they’ll have to exclude all of them because as soon as they cross that border they’re criminals.

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