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AP Applauds Greenwald’s Radical Left Leanings

From the Associated Press:

No mistaking how NSA story reporter feels

By DAVID BAUDER | June 11, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) — The man who claimed to leak state secrets on U.S. government eavesdropping sought to break the story through a columnist for a UK-based publication who has made no secret of his distaste for intrusions on privacy.

Edward Snowden brought his information first to Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian, illustrating the passion an opinion-driven journalist can bring to a breaking news story at the same time it raises questions about fairness.

Greenwald, author of three books in which he argues the government has trampled on personal rights in the name of protecting national security, wrote the original stories exposing the extent of the government’s data collection…

The topic is personal for Greenwald, 46. The former constitutional and civil rights lawyer, educated at the New York University Law School, began the "Unclaimed Territory" blog in 2005 and wrote "How Would a Patriot Act?" a year later. The book criticized the Bush administration for its use of executive power.

Ironically, ‘Unclaimed Territory’ was obsessed with Scooter Libby. Mr. Greenwald practically wanted Scooter Libby hanged for his non-involvement in the non-outing of the non-spy, Valerie Plame.

Greenwald, now based in Brazil, wrote a regular column for Salon for five years until joining The Guardian last year. He said he wanted to reach a more international audience..

"The wall of secrecy behind which they operate is impenetrable and it is a real menace to democracy," said Greenwald, who won a 2010 Online Journalism Association award for his coverage of Bradley Manning, who is charged with giving classified documents to WikiLeaks.

Snowden, however, had not just gone to Greenwald with his information. Barton Gellman of The Washington Post wrote on Sunday that Snowden had contacted him about the story. He said Snowden had asked that the Post publish within 72 hours the full contents of a presentation he had made about the collection of electronic activity from the Silicon Valley companies.

Gellman said the Post would not make any guarantees and sought the government’s views about whether the information would harm national security. The Post eventually agreed to publish a small sample of what Snowden was offering, but Snowden backed away, writing that "I regret that we weren’t able to keep this project unilateral," Gellman wrote.

He then contacted Greenwald, the Post said.

In other words, the Washington Post wasn’t radical enough for Snowden.

Greenwald’s clear point of view doesn’t necessarily weaken the story, said Jay Rosen, journalism professor at New York University and author of the Press Think blog.

"In many ways it strengthens it," he said…

Greenwald’s known feelings on the issue "does leave a little opening for critics," said Ellen Shearer, head of the national security journalism initiative at Northwestern University. There’s always a risk that such passion can work against a journalist; some people would worry that facts contradictory to a predisposed belief could be overlooked.

You see? It’s good for a ‘journalist’ to be biased, if he is a radical leftist. In fact, it makes him a better reporter.

To this point, Shearer said there’s been little pushback on the facts, with the debate primarily about whether the information should be published.

Really? Every specific fact from Greenwald, such as his claim that PRISM involved NSA ‘direct tapping’ into internet servers, has been challenged and subsequently retracted by the Washington Post.

The Guardian took care not to publish material that may help other countries improve their eavesdropping or could put the lives of covert agents at risk, Greenwald said….

He knows this how?

In any case, here is a little more somewhat dated background on Greenwald, via Discover the Networks:

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is an author, an Internet blogger, and a columnist for Salon Magazine…

In 2005 Greenwald began writing a blog titled “Unclaimed Territory,” which at first focused heavily on the Justice Department’s investigation of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Again, Mr. Greenwald wanted Scooter Libby hanged for his non-involvement in the non-outing of the non-spy, Valerie Plame.

But which in 2006 shifted its attention chiefly to the controversy over the National Security Agency’s (NSA) warrant-less surveillance of international telephone calls…

Greenwald’s coverage of this story gained national attention, and he was often cited in news accounts of the controversy…

In addition to his blogging ventures, Greenwald is also a best-selling author. He continued to explore the NSA surveillance controversy in his first book, How Would A Patriot Act? Defending American Values From A President Run Amok (2006). This book was published by Working Assets, a company that gives a percentage of its profits to leftist groups and causes.

Greenwald believes that the U.S. news media is biased in favor of political conservatives, and that it fails to cover those news stories which would portray conservatives and their policies in a negative light…

What could be more obvious?

[In 2007] Greenwald published A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency. In this book, Greenwald depicts George W. Bush as an unintelligent man driven by a warped moral code…


In April 2008, Greenwald released his third book, Great American Hypocrites, which examines “the manipulative electoral tactics used by the GOP and propagated by the establishment press.” …

Yes, the news media is notorious for all the help they gave George Bush and the Republicans in general.

Greenwald has garnered much acclaim from the political left. He was interviewed by Amy Goodman on the program Democracy Now!, and was featured on Air America’s Rachel Maddow Show and Majority Report….

In 2008 Greenwald became an organizer for Blue America, a political action committee dedicated to campaigning against centrist, non-leftist Democrats…

Also in 2008, Greenwald and liberal blogger/film producer Jane Hamsher co-founded the group Accountability Now, which similarly seeks to show centrist Democrats that “there is a real price to pay for continuing to support the prevailing agenda of the rotting Beltway class.”

In other words, Greenwald is such a hardcore radical leftist, he can’t even stand run of the mill leftists.

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