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AP: ‘Beck Rally’ Signals Trouble For Dems

From a suddenly concerned Associated Press:

Beck rally signals election trouble for Dems

By Philip Elliott, Associated Press Writer Sun Aug 29, 2010

WASHINGTON – If Democrats had doubts about the voter unrest that threatens to rob them of their majority in Congress, they needed only look from the Capitol this weekend to the opposite end of the National Mall.

It’s where Ken Ratliff joined tens of thousands of other anti-government activists at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial for conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s "Restoring Honor" rally

“Tens of thousands.” The AP just can’t help themselves, apparently. (Of course, CBS News outdid even the AP with their estimate of 87,000.)

Neither Democrats nor Republicans can afford to ignore the antiestablishment fervor displayed Saturday during Beck’s rally that took on the tone of an evangelical revival.

Apparently, the news media and the rest of the left are antidisestablishmentarianists.

Billed as a nonpolitical event, it nevertheless was a clarifying moment for those curious as to what clout an anti-Washington sentiment could have on midterm congressional elections in November. The gathering was advertised as an opportunity to honor American troops. But it also illustrated voters’ exasperation — and provided additional evidence that Democrats in power — as well as some incumbent Republicans — may pay the price when voters go to the polls.

Notice how our media masters go out of their way to pretend that this is not a conservative uprising against liberalism. No, it is just an anti-incumbency mood. Who knows where it came from?

The tea party is essentially a loosely organized band of anti-tax, libertarian-leaning political newcomers who are fed up with Washington and take some of their cues from Beck.

Yes, the Tea Party are Beck’s ‘mind-numbed robots.’

While the movement drew early skepticism from establishment Republicans, these same GOP powerbrokers now watch it with a wary eye as activists have mounted successful primary campaigns against incumbents.

The Beck rally further demonstrated the tea party activists’ growing political clout.

If the GOP is able to contain and cooperate with the tea party, and recharge its evangelical wing with Beck-style talk of faith, it spells the kind of change Ratliff and others like him are searching for…

The AP and their Democrat masters have nothing to worry about in November.

After all, this rally only attracted a crowd in the “tens of thousands.” If it were a real grassroots movement it would have numbered at least 300,000.

So the political elites have nothing to fear.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, August 29th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

26 Responses to “AP: ‘Beck Rally’ Signals Trouble For Dems”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Is that the diner bell I hear or is that the sound of the left feeding on one another?
    Get ready for a lot bumps in the road due to all the matter that gets tossed under the bus and run over.

    Congress critters will speak with forked tongue.

  2. oldpuppydixie says:

    Apparently the only required course at J school is creative writing.

  3. hushpuppy says:

    If the GOP is able to contain and cooperate with the tea party, and recharge its evangelical wing with Beck-style talk of faith, it spells the kind of change Ratliff and others like him are searching for…

    Pffffft! Good luck with that! LOL!! Is this where Hillary resurrects (pardon the play on words) her southern accent, slaps people on the forehead to make liberals fall backwards?

    Who was that idiot (Kerry) who said his favorite book of the Bible in the New Testament was the book of Job?

    ROTFL!! Pass the popcorn, Mabel…

  4. Petronius says:

    “tens of thousands ….”

    Most of the photos of Beck’s event, such as the one used at top here, were taken early in the day, before the crowd peaked.

    What these photos do not show is that underneath the trees were vast crowds of people jammed elbow to elbow, but who were at least in the shade!

    Later the crowd spilled beyond the WWII Memorial (bottom of photo above) all the way back to the Washington Monument. The crowd also spilled over to the right and left, beyond the line of trees.

    Although most media sources would have you believe the crowd was much less, based on crowds we have seen on the Mall in the past, attendees on the ground estimated the size of the gathering at over 800,000.

    • jobeth says:

      Our very own “Tea Party Million Man March”! ;-D

      Don’t they just hate it?

      I know Sharpton is so jealous he’s seething with jealousy!

  5. Tater Salad says:

    Change is coming and it isn’t for Socialism like what is going on now with Obama. Real change will start to take place in November and continue on until 2012 and then for the next 50 years. Progressives will go back to their holes just like Sadamn Hussein’s hole and accept the fact that their ideology is not wanted in this country. Have a nice day my friend!


  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “The tea party is essentially a loosely organized band of anti-tax, libertarian-leaning political newcomers who are fed up with Washington and take some of their cues from Beck. “

    To Philip Elliot:

    I have always prided myself on being of independent thought. A skill my parents and teachers strongly encouraged and which was reinforced in my military years. So much so that I became unpopular in those circles where “going with the flow” is almost required to get ahead.

    Your statement, Philip, insults the tea party members in general and me in particular. The thoughts I have concerning our government cannot be printed here but rest assured they are my own. The fact, however that millions of Americans share these thoughts does not mean they didn’t arrive at them independently. We need no spokesperson or leader or figurehead or messiah to tell us what to think. We are not automatons. We simply have come to the same conclusion independently. In that regard, we have great strength for we cannot be destroyed with a different message or a change in climate. I grew up hating bureaucracy and I will go to my grave hating bureaucracy. I hate unnecessary government involvement, manipulation, bullying and I especially hate being lied to.

    The people in our government now have enjoyed the soft seats for too long and they must go. I need no government to tell me what to do, how to think, where to go, what to say. And you can go to hell too.

    • confucius says:

      Nicely said, Rusty.

      What concerns me about the tea party movement is that it will identify itself and become synonymous with an individual. The problem is that people always fail.

      I hope the movement remains a principled one. Principles never fail.

      Conservatives believe and defend principles. Liberals worship themselves.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “What concerns me about the tea party movement is that it will identify itself and become synonymous with an individual.

      Well, so far, the principle has been able to stand. The socialists have tried to pin the tea party movement onto Rush and that failed. Now they are trying to identify it with Beck but that will fail too. I am reminded of the good movies about Christianity where the worshippers of pagan gods don’t understand the Christian’s attitude and are amazed at their resilience and discipline; A theme often used in good vs. evil portrayals.

      When socialists get together, they rely on a single central voice to guide and lead them. Perhaps that’s due to the pack nature of mammals. I have often wondered. But when a single strong independent thinker gets together with other single strong thinkers who are all thinking the same thing get together, look out because I believe that’s where the term “synergy” first got its initiation. Those types of people understand that compromise is necessary, but that the ultimate goal is primary. But along with that, they will not sacrifice good sense, strong character or integrity as a means to an end.

      I firmly believe that good always will triumph over evil. The problem comes in where people often forget how evil got there to begin with. And like with so many things, it’s all paved with good intentions, perhaps. But, as is most often the case, the usurpers always show up with their own agendas, their own funding and their own criteria. They take pockets of people and re-shape their message to suit their own. Eventually, they are the “loosely organized band” of which Philip Elliot speaks and are held together by some hope or series of hopes that they will somehow belong to something “glorious” or “spectacular” and that’s where the Chris Matthews’s of the world come in.

      The mechanism is nothing new and has been written about and discussed for millenia. The focus of the “movement” tells the people what they want to hear, then gradually tailors the message to get them to go along. Being as we are mammals and herd animals (mostly), it takes a certain type of individual to reject group-think and strike out on their own, knowing that that path will lead to difficulty and abandonment from the masses. I had the pleasure of living in Germany and talking to many people who were of age during the coming of Hitler in the 1930’s and they were very candid about this. “Adapt or die” was pretty much the line of thinking.

      I am highly skeptical of that which people find most alluring. Call it an instinct or whatever. Maybe it’s just my Scots/Irish heritage, but when so many people were ogling “American Idol”, I could never bring myself to watch it even for a brief minute. The Lying-Stream Media has me conditioned to reject anything they support, as well. Yes, I can be difficult but not obtuse and have often been scolded about “not going along”. I find group behavior that’s sole purpose is to unify and get everyone to “be the same” most repulsive. I think many Americans feel this way and that’s why they choose to band together at such things as Glen Beck’s rally. It’s not groupthink—It’s independent thinkers who are all thinking the same thing and that is an unstoppable force.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “But when a single strong independent thinker gets together with other single strong thinkers who are all thinking the same thing get together, look out because I believe that’s where the term ‘synergy’ first got its initiation.”

      Exactly. The bulk of the collectivists (the true believers, not the deceivers) will always be programable robots at best, so you can never rely on them to analyze or think critically. So the Leftist apparatchiks can get their zombies to do and say whatever they want to be society’s prevailing hip issues, sure, but the moment you send them onto Right Wing talk radio to debate logically, they get eviscerated.

      We of the Amateur Right however have undertaken the tough assignment of living and learning. We may be at different points on that journey, but that willingness to take risks has given us knowledge, courage, and wisdom, which when combined with a clear governing philosophy amount to a ridiculously superior system of human organization.

      But again, that’s the dangerous core of today’s division. There are vast swaths of people out there now who don’t want and don’t believe that their life is their responsibility anymore.

      That’s why this rally was 100% right on the mark and got the purest support it did. Americans wanted and needed this – a deafeningly historic day of peaceful congregation and the respectful celebration of our values in the town that instead of safeguarding them has been trampling them.

      Just getting home from the rally now and I have no doubts now that we’re on the path to victory – a refounding of liberty. Others said this too but this political momentum isn’t going to die after November. From the branches of the Tea Party I’m watching the beginning of several issue-oriented activist groups, the strongest by far being Education Reform. Not bad for amateur community agitators.

      The Left got their shots off before the rally, but inside of the nutroots fringe the State Propaganda Network is eerily quiet. There was no flaw, no radical sign or hurled epithets. Hundreds of thousands of people, a beautiful ceremony. For once, our media masters were completely check-mated by the ‘pawns’ of America.

    • proreason says:

      ““The tea party is essentially a loosely organized band of anti-tax, libertarian-leaning political newcomers who are fed up with Washington and take some of their cues from Beck. “

      Curious isn’t it. Every detail is a lie.

      “tea party”. It isn’t a party. It’s a movement. The participants don’t even want to form a political party.

      “loose organization”. It’s the only political movement in more than a hundred years that isn’t based on a personaity….yet there has been no impact like it in this country since the Republican and Democrat parties were formed. For that alone, it ia many time “tighter” than the unnatural alliances that make up the Democrat party, of which most groups loath each other.

      “anti-tax, libertarian”. Well, that’s the same as saying human beings are meat-eating, bipeds. Not exactly false, but it describes less than 1% of what makes us human. Sure, teapartiers are anti-tax and many are libertarians, but that’s a small fraction of what the movement is about, and not even the dominant themes. If you had to pick one or two things to describe Tea Partiers, it would be fury at the Marxist regime, and anger at generation destroying spending. Then would come disgust with the arrogant self-appointed Ruling Class, opposition to race-based wealth distribution, fury at statist corruption, respect for the Constitution, insistance on individual freedoms, determination to have the people control the government not vice versa, opposition to federal control of health care, States Rights and concerns about the future of Medicare and Social Security.

      “anit-tax” might get in the second 10, although it is a good proxy for many of the top issues.

      Libertarianism is probably about 50th on the list of Tea Party goals.

      “political newcomers”. Not true without major disclaimers. And not relevant..

      “fed up with Washington”. Only true for THIS Washington. Although many of us have contempt for all politicians, Tea Partiers in general only rose up against THIS regime. It’s not an anti-Washington sentiment, it is an ANTI-MARXISM, pro-Constitution sentiment.

      “take some of their cues from Beck”. Yeh, right. Along with about 100 other vocal and brilliant patriots, including a few current and former elected officials like Jim Demint, Imhofe, Palin, Pence, Paul Ryan and many more. Beck isn’t even the most influential on the list. His influence pales vs Sarah Palin’s and Rush Limbaugh’s. Sean Hannity is probably more influential as well. Mark Levin may as well. Not to distract from Beck’s impact….but all of the major figures are different and play different roles. Beck has done a lot. The rally demonstrates his impact, but would the crowd have been as large without Sarah Palin? Only an idiot “journalist” would even suggest it.

    • jobeth says:


      If the Tea Party ever IDs with one person or group, we will watch a wonderful movement die on the vine.

      I MUST stay true to a loose group of people who are fighting for constitutional, common sense, Conservative principles.

      I hope it stays that way. It would be a shame to lose it to a few “power’ hungry people…on either side.

      Once that happens we will see more “phony’ Tea party groups like the one that formed here in Florida that endorsed a particular candidate who proudly put it on his website only to find out that it was a phony Democratic group.

      By the way…I was heartsick to see who we Repubs had to choose from for Gov.

      A nobody…a political veteran whom I wouldn’t trust …and a crook who has defrauded the government and gets his money from porn. Three losers for the state of Florida. Florida is the big loser this time around.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I suppose it can be said that that tea partyers are a “loose group of people” but that’s better than being a “group of loose people” like the socialists.

    • confucius says:


      I’m sorry to hear of Florida’s political landscape. On the bright side, isn’t Marco Rubio doing well? I don’t know much about him except he’s put a few creases on Crist’s forehead. (And isn’t that a good thing?)

      Conservative phonies are everywhere–from Olympia Snowe to local talk radio. And why not? Conservativism is hot. (OMG, did I just say “hot”?)

    • jobeth says:


      Rubio is doing well. But not well enough. . Since Crist is also running he is also doing pretty well…using repub money he refused to return when he left the party…how’s that for upstanding credentials? This is where Rubio is going to find his strongest foe. Not the democrat. Crist and Rubio are very close Crist, as far as I’m concerned is a bit of a snake in the grass and is expected to caucus with the dems if he gets in…altho he just left the republican party.

      The problem is those people who hear a TV soundbite and that’s as far as they go in investigating a candidate.

      I am Shocked that even after it was exposed that so called repub Rick Scott (for governor) not only was involved in a major fraud issue (it included the hospital I worked in…he IS a fraud and we knew it back then) but he gets a large amount of income from porn. Nice huh? This is a wonderful future for us…Plus he is for more gambling boats and if I remember correctly he also finds embryonic stem cell research just fine.

      Christian coalition put out a fact sheet that showed him for what he was.
      Not that McCollum was much better…He is a career politician who puts a finger to the wind and will say anything that he thinks will pacify the group he’s talking to.

      Crist followed Jeb Bush as Govenor….I didn’t like him then…and like him less now.

      When someone like Jeb Bush and George Bush are followed by the dingle berries that followed them…it really shows that, mistakes and all, we at least had sanity when the Bushes were in office.

      Jeb Bush caused Florida to have wonderful gun laws where we can protect ourselves without fear of penalty from the state. I wonder how long that can last with someone like Scott. I am certain this man would sell his mother for a buck. Florida means less than his mother to him.

  7. Mithrandir says:

    It is amazing that Obama and Democrats are always 100% blameless in everything that occurs. Their marketing masters in the media make sure to wipe off all their fingerprints from everything.

    ~Everything that happens, spells doom for Republicans….they better watch out!
    ~Everything that happens, “How is Dick Cheney involved with this?” –Chris Matthews
    ~Everything that happens, a Republican must resign or be fired….to show the American people they are truly sorry for this or that. Democrats NEVER resign, they have one of their tax exempt orgs hand-deliver an award whenever a Democrat is caught doing something wrong.

    No matter what happens, link it to a Republican somehow.

  8. tranquil.night says:

    Associated Propogandists seem on their heels and a little star-struck after this weekend.

    I bet they wish they could inspire such loyalty in their customers.

    • Gil says:

      It is that loyalty to God and country which has made America great.. and will make her great again, someday very soon.

  9. Uncertainty Disciple says:

    “If Democrats had doubts about the voter unrest that threatens to rob them of their majority in Congress…”
    We cannot ‘rob’ them of what we own, and have unfortunately let them abuse. What a delicious example of the conceit and entitlement that pervades their world view.
    The un anointed take cues from you as well, proreason. it’s the un-trumpeted contributions of the many that make this country (and S&L) a worthy place.
    Thank you, one and all.

  10. Tater Salad says:

    …………………and now we have Al Sharpton and his rally with about 200 people in attendance. All records were broke…………for having the least amount of people at a rally…………….really? More people show up at the Dairy Queen on a Friday night than to listen to the “Poverty Pimp” and his BS and entitlement programs that “don’t pay enough”!

    (Pictures): http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/27080

    • jobeth says:

      I just went to that site. Great stuff!

      The man who wrote that story is a black conservative who has a web page with a very interesting video. If you go there it is two side by side videos. Start them both at the same time and sit back and watch.

      Shows the difference in the basic mindset and personal responsibility each group has. We’ve talked about this and those of us who have gone to these gatherings and Tea parties have seen it first hand…anyway have a look.

      “Visual Proof Liberals Are Pigs

      “So much for talk of cleaning up the environment. It turns out time and time again, it’s conservatives who really know how to clean up after themselves.”


  11. proreason says:

    4 grenades exploded in the conservative politics yesterday. No national figure whispered a word about them.

    1. O’Reilly backed Beck 100% on his show last night.
    2. Hannity didn’t even mention the Beck rally. Spent his whole show on the Ground Zero Mosque.

    This is clear evidence of a fracturing of conservatives. There are now 3 clear camps.

    Reagan Conservatives: focused on the constitution and American exceptionalis. Hannity, Levin, Laura are the spokesmen. (Hannity and Levin seem to despise Beck). Rubio is the ideal candidate.

    Social Conservatives: focused on Christian principles above politics. Beck is now the spokesman. Huckabee is the preferred candidate. (Huckabee is the clear winner coming out of Beck’s rally).

    Traditional Republicans: focused on political compromise and maintaining their personal power. Medved and Hewitt are the closest talk radio spokesmen, but print pundits like Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes are the best fits for the philosophy. Romney is the ideal candidate.

    There are many examples of people who appeal to or speak for multiple groups. Coulter: Reaganites and Social Cons. Krauthammer: a compromiser, but moving into the Reaganite camp. Rush: all 3 groups (he remains the best and smartest overall spokesman).

    3. Tom Coburn slammed Newt yesterday. This is evidence that even traditional compromisers are separating from other conservatives and will be willing to play dirty.

    4. The most interesting event was that Palin both attended Beck’s rally, and also did 15 minutes on Hannity during which the event wasn’t even mentioned. Don’t forget that she has also endorsed McCain, the classic RINO. Her appearance on Hannity is very significant, and very very smart. I now think she could walk into the nomination for President if she wants it. But I hope she doesn’t because it will be WWIII. The hard-left media will literally be willing to gen up a global nuclear war to block her. That’s how much they hate her.

    All in all, the divisions in conservatism were clearly revealed yesterday, as reflected in some of the discussion on S&L, ever the leading edge.

    Let’s hope that conservatives remember that the worst people in the camps they aren’t in are infinitely better than any liberal politician in the country.

    Look for the media to start a campaign to try to exploit the differences. It started by slamming Beck. There will soon be many stories about how Reaganites and Social cons are at each others’ throats and how “reasonable” Republicans hate both of them. I think it will become the theme of the 2010 election, because nothing else is working for the desperate media robots.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Good clarifying analysis Pro. I enjoyed reading the Beck debate even if it got predictably heated and obtuse. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a discussion on relevant criticism, but what really needs to be understood about the Conservative Knights is that they all speak a different intonation of the same language of truth, be it legal/philosophical/historical-sociological/political/economic/emotional/spiritual, and a couple of them are polyglots who can understand the big picture and reach whoever they’re talking to in their specific dialect (Rush).

      If there’s one thing I’d add regarding our coalition, it’s that we also picked up most of the Independent/Libertarian camp this past year. This presented an interesting new political conflict which you have high-lighted (so few really get the dynamics of the big tent; understanding this is what really makes a true Conservative leader). The emotional/spiritual Social Conservatives are still a big embarassment to the intellectual/economic & political classes of our group, both for what they’d call “unsophistication” and W’s record of big government Republicanism. Those gun-toting, bible-quoting, country-music loving hicks that can’t speak in politically correct ways and are made to look bad on the nightly news. Can’t tell you how many California Conservatives still don’t want to talk about Sarah Palin even though they love every political and policy act she’s made.

      Yeah, the Libertarians would love to supplant the popular stereotype of the right from being ‘nazi’s’ on social matters to one that is still rational on economic matters but is rather more hip on cultural ones. The Reagan&Neo-cons seem more inclined to agree with this narrative switch, as that truly is where the political message and momentum needs to be focussed with today’s crises.

      The Tea Party brought that unity but the real test is still to come. Once the Left is defeated, is this new foundation going to be able to govern responsibly and with respect to their greatly varying views on social philosophy? That depends on if the Social-Cons are willing to learn that they have to employ their social reform movement outside of the immediate realm of national politics and more in one of popular cultural activism as the Left has. It also depends on if the Intel-Cons remember that they can’t be their own narrow-minded & insulated elite either unless we want to lose our country to tyrants.

      I know, I know. That’s like asking Kirk and Dr. Spock to co-captain the Enterprise.

  12. hushpuppy says:

    The British press wrote a nice piece:

    Restoring Honor : Tea Party rally in Washington


    There’s a nice photo gallery on that page taken at the rally. Love the pictures!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Nice, to be sure but….”tens of thousands”? Bzzzzzzzzt! Wrong!

    • confucius says:

      There you are.

      I thought you ran away like a liberal. (Now you see, that was petty.)

      I’m still waiting for your list of accomplishments, sir.

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