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AP Calls GOP ‘Pledge’ Familiar And Vague

From a bemused Associated Press:

GOP ‘Pledge’ makes closing argument to voters

By Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Associated Press Writer
September 23, 2010

WASHINGTON – Republicans are making their final argument to voters six weeks before the midterm congressional elections with a campaign manifesto designed to show they’re listening to an angry public and focused on creating jobs.

“Final argument”? We thought the election season only began after Labor Day? Why isn’t this the ‘opening argument’?

GOP lawmakers on Thursday were to roll out their "Pledge to America" — a 21-page document filled with familiar proposals to slash taxes and spending and cut down on government regulation, as well as repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law and end his stimulus program…

“Familiar proposals”? They sound awfully new and fresh to us. Also, note that there are no proposals to “slash taxes.” Instead, the Republicans promise to not raise taxes by doing away with the Bush tax cuts. 

The plan steers clear of specifics on important issues, such as how it will "put government on a path to a balanced budget."

Unlike, say, Mr. Obama’s pledges of ‘fiscal responsibility.’ Or, come to think of it, any Obama ‘pledge.’

It omits altogether the question of how to address looming shortfalls in Social Security and Medicare, which account for a huge portion of the nation’s soaring deficit, instead including a vague promise: "We will make the decisions that are necessary to protect our entitlement programs." …

Such skepticism, and from the same news media that pretends that Obama-care will save Medicare and reduce the deficit. And the same news media that blissfully ignores the cuts to Medicare that are already happening under Mr. Obama.

Their new agenda is rife with the kind of grass-roots rhetoric that could appeal both to tea party activists and to independent voters the GOP is courting in its quest for control…

“Rife” with “grass-roots rhetoric.” Ever notice how Republicans are all about “rhetoric” while Democrats are all about ‘ideas’ – at least according to our media masters?

It’s much the same way conservative thinking is always branded as ‘ideology,’ whereas liberal cant is always called ‘principles’ and ‘ideals.’

GOP lawmakers planned to go public with their plan at a hardware store in a Virginia suburb of Washington, choosing a location outside the nation’s capital that’s in keeping with the plan’s grass-roots emphasis.

Similarly, we always hear everything from the Republicans described in terms of stagecraft and tactics. They are always portrayed as cynically calculating.

And speaking of calculating, notice that the AP did not bother to actually publish the Republican ‘pledge,’ or provide a link to it.

It’s almost as if they don’t want you to see it. Why is that?

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  1. proreason says:

    AP: an intravenous tube to Obamy’s brain

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