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AP Calls GOP Record Gov Win "Limited Results"

From the Associated Press:

GOP sees limited results in governors’ races

By JIM SUHR | Wed November 7, 2012

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Republicans poured tens of millions of dollars into an effort to gain control of more governors’ offices across the country, but the party saw limited results, managing only to wrest North Carolina from Democrats for the first time in two decades.

Democrats fended off GOP challengers in governorship races in Missouri, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Delaware and Vermont.

Votes in Washington and Montana — two states with open races for governor now occupied by outgoing Democrats — were still being tallied early Wednesday.

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory’s victory Tuesday in North Carolina came two years after Republicans snatched six governors’ offices in the midterm elections. Those victories gave the party 29 governorships to 20 for Democrats and one independent going into the latest elections…

When all the ballots are counted, Republicans could have as many as 32 governorships — a number the party has not achieved since the 1990s…

A number that neither party has achieved since the 1990s.

So, to sum up, the Republicans are probably going to end up with 32 governorships, which is a record in modern history. But the AP calls that "limited results" and implies that Republicans just wasted their money and time trying to compete.

And, for the record, this is not academic. since these Republican governors are one of our the country’s remaining lines of defense against Obama’s relentless socialism.

Kate Hansen, a Democratic Governors Association spokeswoman, said 2012 was a difficult year for Democrats, since they have more seats to defend…

Some observers have suggested there isn’t necessarily a national tide lifting Republicans in governor’s races so much as individual circumstances in a small number of competitive states. Democrats in North Carolina, for example, saw a former governor convicted of a felony in 2010 and the current governor sullied by an investigation that led to charges against her former campaign aides…

How unfair it is to hold such petty things against them.

Republicans have also been aided by a cash advantage, with the Republican Governors Association raising about twice as much as its Democratic counterpart this election cycle.

Sure. And the unions don’t help the Democrats at all.

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2 Responses to “AP Calls GOP Record Gov Win "Limited Results"”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    AP’s reporting always produces limited results.

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Say what you want about the liberal media, but they know a few things:

    ~people listen to them.
    ~we are a country of couch potatoes, in which bombarding the t.v. with political ads actually works.
    ~truth, sprinkled with lies is effective.
    ~they know lies stick, and rebuttals are a day late and a dollar short.
    ~they know that if they all agree on the week’s news cycle, it will be impossible for the public to avoid their propaganda.

    Republicans believe they have to be the calm, rational, adult in the room and eventually everyone will come to our side. —that’s impossible. That’s like thinking that if you’re calm and rational, the mob kicking your head in, is going to be sympathetic to you.

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