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AP Can Only Find Gov Walker Opponents

From the tireless union flacks at the Associated Press:

Wis. Schools face deep cuts under gov.’s budget

By Scott Bauer, Associated Press
March 2, 2011

MADISON, Wis. – Gov. Scott Walker is plowing ahead with his full plan for balancing Wisconsin’s budget, proposing massive cuts to public schools even as he faces a stalemate over his proposal to strip public workers of collective bargaining rights.

With Senate Democrats still missing, Walker presented the second part of his two-year spending plan to the Legislature on Tuesday. It relies on getting concessions from government employees to help pay for about $1 billion cuts in aid to schools, counties and cities while avoiding any tax or fee increases, furloughs or widespread layoffs as lawmakers grapple with a projected $3.6 billion shortfall.

Notice how the AP claims that Gov. Walker wants concessions to help pay for "cuts in aid to schools." In fact the opposite is true. Gov. Walker is asking for concessions from the public sector unions so that he does not have to cut aid to schools as much.

Meanwhile, as you peruse the rest of this article, note how many times the AP mentions how taxes are not being raised. Also note how only opponents to these budget reforms are quoted.

We never hear from any budget reform supporters. Apparently the AP could not find any Wisconsin taxpayers.

Jamie Domini, a project coordinator at Badger Rock Middle School in Madison, said Walker’s proposal — which includes a 9 percent cut in aid to schools amounting to about $900 million — would "completely gut the public education system in Wisconsin."

"It’s just so frustrating," Domini said…

Yes, anytime you cut 9% of anything you "completely gut it."

Although he isn’t calling for immediate layoffs, Walker’s budget would put tremendous pressure on schools and local governments, which would be asked to shoulder huge cuts without raising property taxes to make up the difference

Why is Gov. Walker so blind? Why can’t he see how all of Wisconsin’s problems would be solved by just raising taxes?

"It feels like we’re announcing a going out of business sale," state Rep. Cory Mason, a Democrat from Racine who criticized Walker for proposing cuts to education when trying to rebound from the recession. Assembly Democrats refused to stand and greet the governor.

Still more of the new era of civility.

Walker’s budget places "the entire burden of Wisconsin’s budget shortfall on our children, our most vulnerable citizens in need of health care and long-term care, and our dedicated public employees," said Robert Kraig, director of the consumer advocacy group Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Kelly McMahon, who teaches kindergarten in Milwaukee, said her school was already so underfunded that she spent $3,000 of her own money this year on supplies such as books, construction paper and paint.

And, of course, we believe her.

"I’m terrified that I’d have even more coming out of my own pocket (if the budget passes) because the supplies aren’t going to be there," said McMahon, 32. "This would be extremely devastating to our schools."

Local leaders also expressed concerns about how they would deal with cuts. Cities would get nearly $60 million less in aid, an 8.8 percent cut, under Walker’s plan, while counties would lose more than $36 million, a 24 percent reduction. They would not be allowed to increase property taxes except to account for new construction.

"There aren’t enough paper clips to save you a million dollars," said [Democrat] Racine Mayor John Dickert. "We’ve trimmed out all the fat."

Less than two years ago, this same Mayor Dickert insisted Racine include a vast expansion its ‘sister cities’ program in its budget. Has that been cut?

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat Walker defeated in the governor’s race, said the cuts would put libraries, public health care services and others at risk

Walker asked for $82 million in tax cuts, including an expanded exclusion for capital gains realized on investments made in Wisconsin-based businesses. The Legislature previously approved more than $117 million in Walker-backed tax cuts that take effect later this year…

What media bias?

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8 Responses to “AP Can Only Find Gov Walker Opponents”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    What was the score in the last Wisconsin election? 52%? That’s a mighty big number of backers the AP “can’t find

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”Kelly McMahon, who teaches kindergarten in Milwaukee, said her school was already so underfunded that she spent $3,000 of her own money this year on supplies such as books, construction paper and paint……”

    Aside from being an outrageous liar, Kelly is a moron. Are we supposed to believe that she’s required under the terms of her contract to provider her own classroom supplies? With the teachers’ union rules they’ve been laboring(?) under?

    I won’t dispute that she may have spent money out of pocket for her students. I taught for nine+ years in Missouri and I routinely did this–not because I HAD to, but because I CHOSE to do so. But I can assure you, the amount was nowhere near the sum she claims. But if she did spend that much, she’s too stupid to be in charge of a classroom full of primary-aged kids. Apparently she hasn’t grown her own brain yet. She’s too young to be familiar with duplicating fluid, so what’s her excuse?

    My wife of 42 years is originally from Wisconsin. She says it’s a good place to be from. Veeeeerrrrrry far from!

    • untrainable says:

      Awww. Give poor Kelly a break. She’s buying from government contractors. Left handed paint, and left handed construction paper ain’t cheap. The school doesn’t supply left handed supplies, so she has to buy them herself. That’s Left Handed Paint Suppliers United 4273, and Left Handed Construction Paper Makers Untied 6204. Call Vinny… he gets the job done.

      She’s buying books? Were these books approved by the school board, or dare I say, the parents? Personally, I don’t remember having a lot of books in kindergarden. Doesn’t the school have books left over from last year? Is she buying books for every student? Exactly what kind of Books is she buying? “Johnny has 3 Mommies and a pervert uncle named Vinny” (Yes that is Vinny from the left handed paint suppliers union)… “Your Mommy and Daddy are Bad”… Or maybe something of the entertainment genre like… “A Marxists Guide to Ratting out your Family to the State for Their Own Good” for ages 4 and over???

      If she spent her own money, of her own accord, she should just shut her cake-hole.

  3. proreason says:

    “We’ve trimmed out all the fat.”

    and they say comedy is dead

  4. TerryAnne says:

    Walker’s budget places “the entire burden of Wisconsin’s budget shortfall on our children, our most vulnerable citizens in need of health care and long-term care, and our dedicated public employees,”

    Definitely. All children worry about such things and, not to mention, are totally aware of such things. Why doesn’t he just come out and say that there’s no better time to fully cradle-to-grave a generation into socialism than now?

    • proreason says:

      How did humans even survive before Socialists invented Health Care. Somehow, our species survived for millions of years before we realized it is a “right”, and that we must spend $20,000 per year to get it.

      Except, of course, for the 8th generation descendents of slaves, or anybody not white, who get it for free.

  5. retire05 says:

    Oh, this is rich: Think Progress, the internet arm of the Soros funded, John Podesta run Center for American Progress, is reporting that there is a large movement now to recall ALL the Wisconsin GOP Congressmen and Senators, including Governor Walker.

    Why do I think that all this was planned by the commie bastards a long time ago. Oh, it was great as long as Obama could tell the Republicans that elections have consequences and “I won” meaning that Republicans needed to just shut up and go away and let him and Botox Nan do their evil deeds unopposed. But Americans had a different opinion, and in November, we won. And we won all across the nation. Blue states, like Wisconsin, turned RED.

    But don’t think the Socialists will go silently into the night. They were emboldened with the election of the first Socialist President, and they have not been kicked hard enough yet to make them shut up. So we will see more and more protests, perhaps some riots ala the ’60’s, more and more hatred coming from the left. They are desparate now. If the trend continues, and Obama continues to show that he is just an inept community organizer who has no clue how to make the nation healthier, he will be “one and done”.

    So be prepared to see them ramp it up. They have much to lose.

  6. BillK says:

    My favorite quotes are by the left claiming that Walker is ignoring the “will of the people.”

    Like the majority that voted for him and the even larger all polls but the ones the MSM likes to cite say they support Walker?

    Just to be clear, the best way to assure no Republican ever again wins office in Wisconsin is for them to cave on this.

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