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AP Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Iraq Invasion

From the Associated Press:

Wave of Iraq blasts kill 56 decade after invasion

By ADAM SCHRECK | March 19, 2013

BAGHDAD (AP) — A wave of bombings tore through Baghdad on Tuesday morning, killing at least 56 people and wounding more than 200, highlighting increasing sectarian tensions in Iraq on the eve of the anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion.

This article makes it sound as if the Iraqi terrorists are sentimental, and these killings were tied to the tenth anniversary of the invasion. When, in fact, the Muslim terrorists over there have been killing each other at this rate since we left.

Just like they were killing each other at this same rate when we were there. But, of course, the news media blamed these killings on our presence all during the time we were in Iraq.

The attacks, mostly by car bombs, targeted small restaurants, day laborers and bus stops in the Iraqi capital and nearby towns over a span of more than two hours.

The bombings came 10 years to the day that Washington announced the start of the invasion on March 19, 2003…

While violence has ebbed since its peak in 2006 and 2007, the latest attacks show that insurgents remain a potent threat to Iraq’s security forces and long-term stability…

Naturally, the AP and the rest of our one party media want to stress that nothing has changed in the Middle East. And never mind that Iraq and Afghanistan are now, for better or worse, representative democracies.

And never mind that the concept is supposedly spreading, via the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring was brought about by Obama.

Tuesday’s attacks came a day after insurgents killed nine people, including a bombing by a suicide attacker who killed five when he drove an explosives-laden car into a checkpoint in the central Iraqi town of Balad Ruz.

Al-Qaida’s Iraq arm, which operates under the name the Islamic State of Iraq, has sought to re-assert its presence in recent weeks.

Last week, the group claimed responsibility for a highly coordinated attack earlier this month in far western Iraq that killed nine Iraqis and 51 Syrian soldiers who had sought temporary refuge in the country.

And on Sunday, al-Qaida’s Iraq branch took responsibility for a brazen and again highly coordinated raid on the Justice Ministry in downtown Baghdad last week. The attack, involving car bombs and gunmen disguised as police, killed at least 24 people.

Again, this slaughter is ongoing. It has nothing to do with the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. They are just determined to wipe each other out.

Meanwhile, we have this bizarre piece from the Associated Press:

AP: Costs of US wars linger for over 100 years

By MIKE BAKER | March 19, 2013

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — If history is any judge, the U.S. government will be paying for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the next century as service members and their families grapple with the sacrifices of combat.

An Associated Press analysis of federal payment records found that the government is still making monthly payments to relatives of Civil War veterans — 148 years after the conflict ended.

Maybe wars are not the problem here. Maybe there is something wrong with government programs.

At the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, more than $40 billion a year are going to compensate veterans and survivors from the Spanish-American War from 1898, World War I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the two Iraq campaigns and the Afghanistan conflict. And those costs are rising rapidly.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray said such expenses should remind the nation about war’s long-lasting financial toll.

"When we decide to go to war, we have to consciously be also thinking about the cost," said Murray, D-Wash., adding that her WWII-veteran father’s disability benefits helped feed their family…

How long do welfare benefits continue?

The AP identified the disability and survivor benefits during an analysis of millions of federal payment records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act…

—Vietnam War

It’s been 40 years since the U.S. ended its involvement in the Vietnam War, and yet payments for the conflict are still rising.

Now above $22 billion annually, Vietnam compensation costs are roughly twice the size of the FBI’s annual budget. And while many disabled Vietnam vets have been compensated for post-traumatic stress disorder, hearing loss or general wounds, other ailments are positioning the war to have large costs even after veterans die…

—World War I, World War II and the Korean War

World War I, which ended 94 years ago, continues to cost taxpayers about $20 million every year. World War II? $5 billion…

Some of the other recipients are curious: Forty-seven of the spouses are under the age of 80, meaning they weren’t born until years after the war ended. Many of those women were in their 20s and 30s when their aging spouses died in the 1960s and 1970s, and they’ve been drawing the monthly payments since…

Could there possibly be fraud?

—Civil War and Spanish-American War

There are 10 living recipients of benefits tied to the 1898 Spanish-American War at a total cost of about $50,000 per year. The Civil War payments are going to two children of veterans — one in North Carolina and one in Tennessee— each for $876 per year…

Their ages suggest the one in Tennessee was born around 1920 and the North Carolina survivor was born around 1930. A veteran who was young during the Civil War would likely have been roughly 70 or 80 years old when the two people were born…

Again, could there possibly be fraud involved?

But we would never want to check into that. Just pay the ‘benefits’ forever.

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